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Loads of Tea Party protests that are much, much smaller get much, much more attention. So do pro-Israeli protests. Not that I fully, completely endorse this action but I cannot stand how utterly dishonest this jab of yours was. Others should have already slapped you for this Faux News-like lie.

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From the Show

Will Bunch, author of 'The Backlash,' on mainstream media's failure to cover Wall Street protests

Why are so few people paying attention to this protest?  Well, it might just have something to do with the low level of participation in the event.

From what I've heard, there have been, at most, about a thousand protesters - but usually only "a few hundred" - at any given time (they call themselves "The 99.0%" - but, as a percentage of NYC's population, they might be more appropriately called "The 0.01%").

The numbers are insignificant.

By way of contrast, in Wisconsin earlier this year, there were protests (in the relatively tiny Madison) of up to 100,000 people at a time.  That got a fair amount of coverage (here in the neighboring state of Minnesota, it was in the news constantly).


I saw something on CNN on Saturday night with TJ Holmes speaking  to some female journalist on the phone; they focused on the idea that there did not appear to be a main focus to the demo and they mentioned Adbusters as being the prime organizer.

I also saw a clip on WPIX early Monday morning and they have video of mostly two neo-hippies dancing.

The organizers should have insisted that everyone dress in business attire to confuse everyone else.

And they should have had a no smoking rule.

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So far, ala Wisconsin, the MSM is not covering this. 

But they will give wall to wall coverage of an obscure pastor with a handfull of followers who burns the Qur'an.