Canada's Dirty Little Secret

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Canada's Dirty Little Secret

From my website:

Canada is pretty much 'recognized as a beacon of 'Human Rights &  Democracy.  It's been touted as the country that 'successfully' embraces multiculturalism like none other. It's known as the 'Land Of The Strong And Free'.   And like most Canadians, I grew up proudly believing it was, with all my heart and soul. 

Thirty years ago Canada changed - big time!  Canada's Charter of Rights was amended to exclude over 3 million Canadians people from its Charter of Rights.

Thirty years ago, with the stroke of self serving political pens,  human rights, equality and freedom were illegally erased for the 3 MILLION English speaking Canadians living in Canada's Province of Quebec.  Poof - just like that!  The  English language was erased as an official language in Quebeck!  Does this sound confusing to you?  Well, trust me - there's more to come. 

This is Canada's Dirty Little Secret and it's been kept very, very quiet.  It's something that's NOT discussed.  You know - like something that makes people uncomfortable, (especially our politicians who've become famous for spouting our 'Strong and Free' - Humam Rights mantra all over the globe).    and the Canadian Media has made certain that it gets NO publicity whatsoever.  I say, Thank God for the Internet.

Here's an edited version of a piece I wrote a year ago on Public Voice. 

Please help end the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Quebec. Canada.

Did you know that more than  600,000 English speaking Canadians have felt FORCED to FLEE their homes - because of Quebec's & Canada's racist language laws!  Did you know that Canada's, Province of Quebec has had the biggest Mass Migration of a of a population in 'Modern History'  and yet no one knows about it!! 

Due to the enactment of mind numbing, discriminatory "Language Laws"  (Imagine - a freaking language law - banning English as an official language in Canada !!!);  The English language and thereby its culture, institutions, schools, hospitals, media etc... have been systematically erased for the last 30 years.  It has crushed our lives and broken our hearts beyond measure.

This, they claim,  is being done, to 'supposedly' help save the French language and culture in Quebeck. (Note: Quebeck is the English spelling for Quebec.. but people are no longer allowed to spell it that way) It's been espoused that the French language is in danger of being assimilated by the 'sea of English' that surrounds Quebeck etc.. The truth is... the French language has NEVER been in danger! As a matter of fact it is quite the contrary! The French language and culture have done nothing but 'flourish' 'prosper' and thrive across Canada.  Not to mention, that every other freaking French language area surrounded by seas of English or whatever other language - have not been in danger of assimilation have they.  And not one of them have language laws or language cops!!

And yet... by using this mythical - bigoted - 'excuse', the Government of Canada & Government of Quebec have proclaimed English illegal and no longer an official language of Quebec. Mind you, the rest of Canada is officially bilingual - even though the tiny French population in the rest of Canada certainly doesn't warrant bilingual status!!

Over 600,000 English speaking Quebecers have felt 'forced' to flee the province - to date; because they've been deliberately starved out of the workforce - and are still discriminated against on a daily basis. The 'truth' about Canada's 'dirty little secret', of removing the rights and erasing the English language and culture - and thereby 'condoning - even promoting the 'ethnic cleansing' in Quebec, must be told!

Contrary to media and political hype,  there are over 2 MILLION English speaking Quebecers left - (with most living in the greater Montreal area) who are hanging on, by the skin of their teeth - to stay in their homes in the province and not be forced to 'assimilate into the French language and culture'.   That by the way, does NOT mean they haven't embraced the French language.  Most are at the very least - bilingual - if not multilingual.   What is does mean is that it doesn't matter here in Quebec - how many freaking languages you speak!   If, you are of English heritage - you are starved out of the workforce!!    Do you know we have freaking 'LANGUAGE POLICE' here - who boot stomp around making sure there are no dirty English signs in the greater Montreal area?  The area, where the majority language AND population  is English speaking? 

But because they rightly express their horror over having their Language and Rights taken away:  They are almost always accused of being "anti-French'!   And are dismissed, negated and belittled as being anglo extremists etc... when they dare to speak up to protest the nonstop discrimination they are forced to endure!

An irony here is, what is being done to English speaking Quebeckers is EXACTLY - what the 'Quebec nationalists' claim they are supposedly fighting against having happen to them!  In other words, even though the French language & culture has NEVER been in danger of being 'assimilated' - they with OUR Federal Government's blessing have no problem 'erasing Quebeck's English language and culture' off the map!  By the way, when the ethnic cleansing began, we're talking about over 3,000,000 Canadian citizens!!!   3 million people - can you believe that?

Imagine it. Being English in Quebeck - living in our cities, our  homes ... and being told to MOVE - GET OUT - if we don't like it!   And instead of PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS, Canada's politicians HAVE DONE and SAID NOTHING.  They have instead chosen to deny our existence - chosen to allow our English Quebeck to be ERASED - ethically CLEANSED.  Why is that?   Because they believe they'll lose the, fence sitting - sometimes Federalist - sometimes Separatist votes!!  They have deliberately chosen to look the other way!   And allow for the continued annihilation of the English language and culture in Quebeck, Canada!   They've instead, opted to make deals with  the very people who are clamoring to Separate from our Country!  They pal around and hob nob with Separatist politicians who  vigorously promote the ethnic cleansing of - the English - les autres, the others out of the province!!  They behave as thought we don't really exist!!   They pretend by calling us a small minority!    They refer to over  2 MILLION people as  'les autres'  (The Others)   Imagine - being a part of a community referred to as 'The Others' ?  

Do your part please.  Every voice counts.  Do your part and demand the RETURN of the same RIGHTS and LANGUAGE the rest of Canada enjoys. Unfortunately this BLOG is an example of the ridiculous lengths we are FORCED to go to. Then again, I thank God for the web - because we finally have access to a forum that won't muzzle the truth.

The Charter of Rights in Canada includes all Canadians EXCEPT English speaking Quebeckers. Imagine that!

So, please help us! Ethnic cleansing - soft - as they describe what is being foisted on us -- or HARD - is an international crime!   Help us. Let the world know Canada's Secret - that over 600,000 Canadians were forced out of their homes - were forced to split up their families - were forced out of their jobs - and over 2 million are still denied the right and freedom to earn a freaking living and keep their culture alive in Quebec in Canada!!   There is much more to tell of course, many more examples to give.  But this I imagine is enough to absorb for today.


"incorrect and proud of it " indeed. What nonsense give me a break...

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