Canadian Cheerleaders For Israel?

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Canadian Cheerleaders For Israel?

Israel Truth Week (and vid)

Sun TV's Michael Coren interviews 2 pro-Zionist advocates about their organizations: ITW and 'Never Again Group' (NAG). Also mentioned is Gary McHale, anti-Indigenous activist in Caledonia, CANACE

It should come as no surprise that pro- Zionist organizations are linking to anti-Indigenous groups, since the common denominator of both Canada and Israel is illegal occupation of the land and the suppression and genocide of the Indigenous nations ..


israel truth week, that's an oxymoron if i've ever heard one.  

the whole point is to lie about israel and avoid telling the truth because let's be honest, when the truth is told israel looks pretty bad.


Dion Questions Canadian Appointment as UN Human Rights Advisor

"Canada's foreign affairs minister is questioning the appointment of a Canadian law professor Michael Lynk as UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine. Dion made his call in a tweet on Friday.

The message follows criticism by Jewish groups and the opposition who accused Lynk of having a long-held and public bias against Israel. Lynk said he was delighted to be chosen for the role and would carry out his responsibilities impartially and in keeping with international law.

MP Tony Clement called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to apply pressure against Lynk's selection by the President of the Human Rights Council. He said in a statement that Lynk has called for the prosecution of Israel for war crimes."

Zionist lackey Dion - how embarrassing...

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Have just spent some time reading links provided by he campaign against Lynk. I have rarely seen a more vicious and dishonest campaign of vilification. For instance, they say he is blaming the West for 9/11 because he condemned the attacks and then said we must be tough on both the crime and the causes of the crime (a recycled Tony Blair reference and something that Justin Trudeau could easily have said).  

I know nothing of Lynk. Maybe he's a terrible choice. But reading the campaign against him has convinced me that everyone associated with it is acting disgracefully, including our foreign minister (someone I hoped to see become PM, back when he was the Liberal leader). 

For anyone else looking for info on the Canadian anti-UN paranoiac brigade's latest campaign: 

[url= attack from "UN Watch," an NGO dedicated to the defence of Israel's government and ongoing smear campaigns agains the UN[/url]

[url= longer version of the group's attack on the entire process of a special UN rapporteur on human rights in occupied Palestinian territories, which reserves its strongest bile for the former holde rof thios office, noted US law professor Richard Falk[url]

[url=]This is one of the statements the "UN Watch" anti-human rights lobby group points to as Lynk being anti-Israel. He apepars as one signatory on a letter calling universities not to " limit advocacy of Palestinian rights on Canadian universities." (UN Watch wishes to see pro-Palestinian advocacy banned, apparently.) 

[url= news report that cites Dion's words.[/url] There are many Canadians in UN and other international roles. Is this the first time the Canadian government has actively campaigned against a citizen taking an (unpaid, important) job for the UN? 

Those of us who support human rights need to be just as loud as the pro-Israel lobby -- in fact, much louder. The invective now being directed against Michael Lynk is only a symptom of a deeper political malaise. A person of his accomplishments needs no defence, but there is much more at stake here. The old McCarthyism flourished because people were afraid they would be targeted if they spoke out. Can we find the courage to put an end to the new one?

[url= Baglow on[/url]


Here's what Canada and Mr Dion, Supports and Protects...


Sephardic Chief Rabbi Argues Ethnic Cleansing Justified By Jewish Law

"Here are his translated remarks:

'According to halacha, it's forbidden for goyim [Palestinians] to live in Israel. A foreigner residing here who accepts the seven Naahide Laws may live here. Who will make this happen? Who will be our servants? They will serve us. That's why we permit them to remain here in the land.'

The problem is that Israeli Jews have at least tacitly endorsed these hateful views. Why else would he be the State's official chief rabbi? Why else would he control one of the larger political parties in the Knesset?"



Brazil Forces Israel To Withdraw Settler Extremist Ambassador

"Israel bowed to Brazilian pressure and reassigned Monday its pick for ambassador to Brazil Dani Dajan to a US position, months after Brasilians rejected the nomination over its leadership role in Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank..."

Brazilians aren't cheerleaders. By contrast, Canadians were presented with an  Israeli Defence Attache who had actively participated in the bombing of Gaza and the attack on the Mavi Marmara and yet no calls for his withdrawal.


And they send him to the New York consulate where he promptly calls J Street "un-Jewish." Typical of Netanyahu government diplomacy.