Canadian Mining Firm Financed Violence in Ecuador: Lawsuit

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Canadian Mining Firm Financed Violence in Ecuador: Lawsuit

To make a simple gold wedding band, at least 2.8 tons of earth are excavated.

crikey ... that's a really astounding factoid and brings it right home.

Hmm ... think about wearing that on your finger! yikes

Imagine if we had to drag around all the dirt and death and destructrion that went into our little gold bands, or earings, or necklaces ... hmm ... that's a huge 'ball-and-chain'!

Maybe we could send all our gold jewellry back to the Indigenous Peoples in Canada and world-wide, who have been displaced, dispossessed and devastated by CANADIAN metal mining operations ...


Now to the news ... 


[url=">][u]Canadian Mining Firm Financed Violence in Ecuador: Lawsuit[/url]
Ecuador, December of 2006: Armed security guards fire guns and tear gas as they confront villagers opposed to a Canadian-financed mine. Photo by Elizabeth Weydt. 

TMX Group ...

[Copper Mesa Mining Corporation (TSX:CUX) and the Toronto Stock Exchange]

... denies claim. Win could affect thousands of other projects by Canadian companies.

By Jennifer Moore
Published: March 3, 2009

"Financing being raised in Canada is travelling across borders to do harm," said lawyer Murray Klippenstein by phone from his office in Toronto. "We want to find out if our legal system can respond to this."

Klippenstein is perhaps best known for his representation of the estate and family of native activist Dudley George, who was shot and killed by police in Ipperwash Provincial Park in Ontario in 1995. This lawsuit revealed deep political involvement from the premier's office and resulted in a landmark public inquiry.

In another ambitious and possibly precedent-setting case, Klippenstein is representing three villagers from the valley of Intag in northwestern Ecuador who are suing Copper Mesa Mining Corporation (TSX:CUX) and the Toronto Stock Exchange. They allege that company directors and the TMX Group have not done enough to reduce the risk of harm being faced by farmers and community leaders in Intag who have faced violent threats and attacks for opposition to a large open-pit copper mine in their pristine cloud forests.

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 [url= Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has awarded $82,250[/u][/url] to four groups to help them participate in a high-level panel review of the proposed $800-million Prosperity gold and copper mine project.

The groups which received federal funding include Share Cariboo-Chilcotin Resources Society, Friends of the Nemaiah Valley, Williams Lake and District Chamber of Commerce and MiningWatch Canada.

The funding can be used to help the recipients review and comment on the environmental impact statement prepared by Taseko Mines. The funding may also be used to prepare for, and participate in, the public hearing that will be announced by the review panel at a later date.