Canadian Peace Congress: 2018 Convention, Toronto - November 24-25

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Canadian Peace Congress: 2018 Convention, Toronto - November 24-25

The Trudeau Government Promotes the Drive to Militarism, Aggression and War

The Canadian Peace Congress will convene its 2018 Convention on November 24-25 in Toronto, and invites all those concerned with war, peace and the fate of our planet to join us. While aggression and war are nothing new, the rapid deterioration in international relations, increasing tensions, and the intention of the Trump Administration to launch a whole new round of the arms race are alarming developments indeed.

Imperialist wars of aggression on Syria and Yemen continue to rage. Despite international condemnation, Israel is tightening its siege of Gaza and is advancing its annexationist plans for the whole of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

'Regime change' operations against Venezuela, Nicaragua and other progressive governments are intensifying.

The hopeful signs of a peaceful resolution to the conflict on the Korean Peninsula are being threatened by ultra-right hawks in Washington and the forces of the military-industrial complex.

At the international level, the active cultivation of Russo-phobia and Sino-phobia is creating a chilling 'cold war' atmosphere which the world has not experienced for decades.

Add to this the US decision to cancel the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), the INF Treaty, and its threat to cancel new START treaty talks to reduce nuclear arsenals.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Government in Ottawa has become one of the most bellicose voices promoting the drive to militarism, aggression  and war. The Peace Congress will bring together delegates from across Canada, including from several recently-formed local chapters.

For more information, readers can email the Congress:  [email protected]