Celebrate the victories! OCAP Wins Fight for 24 Hour Women and Trans* Drop-In Spaces

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Celebrate the victories! OCAP Wins Fight for 24 Hour Women and Trans* Drop-In Spaces

Today we are happy to announce two important updates on the fight for 24 hour women and trans* drop-ins in Toronto:

1) Most importantly, we have WON 24 hour drop-ins in Toronto! Funds for the women & trans* drop-ins were passed during this year’s budget process. The 2015 Operating Budget for shelter, housing and support, as approved by City Council last week, includes new funding of $2,250,000 in 2015 for new 24 hour drop-in services for women and trans* people, increasing to $3,000,000 in 2016 and beyond. Spaces are confirmed and it is only a matter of weeks before we will see the drop-ins opened (more info on specific opening dates and locations to be sent out soon). We are proud of the work we have done and what we accomplished together with our allies during this collective struggle. We have drawn attention to the violence that street involved women face and the need for increased services for people who are homeless in Toronto. This is an important victory - services like these save lives.

2) This morning all charges were withdrawn against all 5 OCAP women who took part in the [url=http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/johnbon/2014/11/ocap-members-occupy-city... on November 25th[/url]. In return the women agreed to provide 30 hours of community service.


The fight for safety and shelter is not over. In a city where wealth is abundant, it is unacceptable that we must fight for bare minimum necessities like 24 hour drop-ins, Warming Centres and Emergency Shelters. While the city is quick to approve millions of dollars to host the Pan Am Games, including $3.8 million just to light up the Bloor Viaduct, we must fight tooth and nail for essential services. Once again the lives of poor people, especially women and trans folks, are not seen as important. We must continue our fight to ensure that the drop-ins remain adequately funded, sex-work positive, harm reduction focused, trans*-inclusive and welcoming to all.

Poverty, homelessness and the chronic lack of safe, affordable and accessible housing is at a state of crisis and, in many ways, perpetuates violence against women. Sex-workers and women of colour are facing major attacks under the Harper government and systemic violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirits is on-going. We must continue to fight back as feminists and allies.


Mr. Magoo

I've seen it suggested -- and I don't even disagree -- that when it comes to "ground level" advocacy, OCAP does great things.


This is wonderful news but it is sad that in this day and age, and in this country, people are still fighting for shelter and are in need of a 24 hour drop-in.