Climate Actions around Copenhagen conference, November 30, 2009

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Climate Actions around Copenhagen conference, November 30, 2009

[url=]A Call to Climate Action[/url]
August 31, 2009


The following call to climate action was developed last Fall during a meeting of nearly 100 activists from organizations around the world who came together in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss a mobilization on climate change to coincide with the 2009 UN climate conference that begins in Copenhagen on November 30, 2009.


We stand at a crossroads. The facts are clear. Global climate change, caused by human activities, is happening, threatening the lives and livelihoods of billions of people and the existence of millions of species. Social movements, environmental groups, and scientists from all over the world are calling for urgent and radical action on climate change.

On the 30th of November, 2009 the governments of the world will come to Copenhagen for the fifteenth UN Climate Conference (COP-15). This will be the biggest summit on climate change ever to have taken place. Yet, previous meetings have produced nothing more than business as usual.

There are alternatives to the current course that is emphasizing false solutions such as market-based approaches and agrofuels. If we put humanity before profit and solidarity above competition we can live amazing lives without destroying our planet. We need to leave fossil fuels in the ground. Instead we must invest in community-controlled renewable energy. We must stop over-production for over-consumption. All should have equal access to the global commons through community control and sovereignty over energy, forests, land and water. And of course we must acknowledge the historical responsibility of the global elite and rich Global North for causing this crisis. Equity between North and South is essential.

Climate change is already impacting people, particularly women, indigenous and forest-dependent peoples, small farmers, marginalized communities and impoverished neighborhoods who are also calling for action on climate- and social justice. This call was taken up by activists and organizations from 21 countries that came together in Copenhagen over the weekend of 13-14 September, 2008 to begin discussions for a mobilization in Copenhagen during the UN's 2009 climate conference.

The 30th of November, 2009 is also the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) shutdown in Seattle, which shows the power of globally coordinated social movements.

We call on all peoples around the planet to mobilize and take action against the root causes of climate change and the key agents responsible both in Copenhagen and around the world. This mobilization begins now, until the COP-15 summit, and beyond. The mobilizations in Copenhagen and around the world are still in the planning stages. We have time to collectively decide what these mobilizations will look like, and to begin to visualize what our future can be. Get involved!

We encourage everyone to start mobilizing today in your own neighborhoods and communities. It is time to take the power back. The power is in our hands. Hope is not just a feeling, it is also about taking action.

To get involved in this ongoing and open process, sign up to this email list: climateaction[at] 

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Socialist Resistance [U.K.] will be supporting the demonstrations in Copenhagen. However even if you are not able to get there to be part of what will probably be one of the most important mobilizations to prevent climate change, there is still much that you can do. You could organise a local meeting of the Campaign Against Climate Change to discuss the issues, put motions through your union branch or conference, anything which poses alternatives to capitalist production.

Climate change too is class war. There are only two real options on the table. The first is that proposed by the oil companies and their tame politicians. The second is what can be forced on them by the pressure of the organised working class and the strong, broad movement which offers solutions that favour the majority of humanity. Copenhagen is the next battle.

- [url=]Source[/url]

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[url=]TCK TCK TCK - It's Time to Act on Climate Change[/url] (YouTube, 1 minute)

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Eventually, global warming will become irreversible if action is not taken. Greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere are measured in "parts per million" (PPM). Environmentalist Bill McKibben says that a sustainable level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 PPM. He has named his organization to reinforce the point. We are currently at 387 PPM and climbing. McKibben and are calling for a global day of action, on Oct. 24, to pressure governments before the Copenhagen summit.

- [url=


[url=]October 24 Actions Map[/url] - see what's happening in your area!



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Climate Action Network Canada is proud to support the campaign as they organize actions around the world on the 21st of September. At 12:18 pm (the date of the Copenhagen negotiations), people around the world will mobilize, forming giant human 'alarm clocks' to remind leaders that time is running out and we must wake up and take action on climate change.

Check out actions going on in your area HERE OR organize your own and register HERE.

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Copenhagen Climate Demo, December 12, 2009 

On Saturday 12th December, midway through the UNFCCC Climate Talks 2009, we invite you and your organisation to join us in bringing to the negotiators in Copenhagen a massive, loud and visible demonstration of the world's will to act.

The core of our demands is as follows:

"We demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate, so that the entire world can move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty which is both equitable and effective in minimising dangerous climate change.

"We demand that the long-industrialised countries that have emitted most greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere take responsibility for climate change mitigation by immediately reducing their own emissions as well as investing in a clean energy revolution in the developing world. Developed countries must take their fair share of the responsibility to pay for the adaptive measures that have to be taken, especially by low-emitting countries with limited economic resources.

Climate change will hit the poorest first and hardest. All who have the economic means to act, must therefore urgently and decisively do so."

We are: Climate and green organisations and networks, trade unions, peace, solidarity and human relief organisations and movements, political and other civil society organisations and individuals.

What and when: We are preparing a broad based, popular and family friendly demonstration going from central Copenhagen at 13.00 to the summit venue at the Bella Center.

Join us: We urge you and your organisation to support us. Send email of your support to info[AT] .

Mail list: Join our mail list and make sure you are updated about the demonstration. We have a Danish language as well as an international (English) maillist. Go to to join the mail list.

On our website: - you will find the basic information, the most vital also in English, French and Dutch.

Support:  So far this demonstration has support from major Danish green and climate organisations, NGOs, a few trade unions, political organisations and others. See list of supporters:

However, we want the demonstration to be a truly international event, so we really urge you to get organisations in your country to support the demo. Major NGOs, trade unions and student unions are especially important - but anyone is very welcome. Send email of your support to info[AT] - and please also inform us, if you are organising to bring people to Copenhagen for the demonstration.

The demonstration is part of the Global Day of Action - see - and of course we want to see as many manifestations, and as large and lively as possible, all over the world, whether you are organising to go to Copenhagen or not.

Help spread the word: Please circulate this email to anyone.

On our links page - - you will find links to the Facebook event. Join and invite friends to join.

In our "download section" you will find simple flyers to print in Danish, English, French and Dutch - but you'll probably be able to make better ones yourselves.

International coordination meeting in October:  We are preparing an international coordination meeting about the demo, probably in the weekend 17-18 October in Copenhagen. This meeting is organised together with the Climate Forum - the alternative "Peoples climate summit" ( - and others.

Do contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the demonstration.

Hope to see many of you in Copenhagen in December.

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Grassroots action heats up in lead-up to Copenhagen climate summit

[url=]NOW[/url] [excerpts]

An impressive global grassroots mobilization, possibly unparalleled in creativity and diversity, is rising up in the next few weeks, aiming for maximum citizen pressure on the final Copenhagen climate change negotiations....

Here in Canada, credit for the most audacious actions so far must go to Greenpeace, which has staged no fewer than three stunning direct actions in the last three weeks.

On September 15, more than 20 protesters entered Shell's Albian Sands Muskeg River mine north of Fort McMurray and occupied a giant dump truck, forcing operations to shut down for several hours. On September 30, another group of international Greenpeacers were arrested and charged with mischief after they unfurled banners at Suncor's bitumen conveyor belts in the Fort McMurray area.

And just this week, other daring dissidents scaled three smokestacks at Shell's Scotsford upgrader plant to make their point that the tar sands are a climate crime....

It's unlikely that this is the last we'll hear from Greenpeace before and during Copenhagen. One sign is that they are organizing a series of Climate Camps for those inspired to bone up on their civil disobedience skills ([url=][/url] has more info)....

Since the pen is said to be a mighty weapon in the right hands, next week's Blog Action Day is a potentially arresting innovation of another kind. The intent is to unite the world's bloggers around a common climate theme for one day on October 15. If writers and readers unite, the combined audience of the blogosphere's outpourings could be mammoth.

The following week, October 24 is International Day of Climate Action, and the big push is for a large "fill the hill" action on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Check out [url=][/url] for info on Ottawa, and [url=][/url] for Toronto plans.

Trying to engage the South Asian community, the Climate Action Network is touring Bollywood actor Rahul Bose in the pre-October 24 buildup. The Ottawa Climate Day Action will take place as Powershift, a three-day youth climate crisis summit, also converges on our capital. On the last day, the expected 1,000 delegates are scheduled to engage in a massive MP lobbying effort. Info at [url=


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International Demonstrations on Climate Change December 12.


In Denmark:

To carry out a peaceful demonstration with tens of thousands of participants representing a broad spectrum of people from Denmark and around the world. To call on world leaders to take urgent actions on climate change and show that climate issues have broad public interest.


We intend to stage synchronized peaceful demonstrations around the world in as many places as possible, calling on world leaders to take urgent action on climate change. In order to make the demonstrations as strong as possible, our principal aim is to secure a diversity of participants, including people from NGOs, labour unions, and private individuals.


The Copenhagen Climate Talks are the world's last chance to secure an emission reductions agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol before it expires. There is a growing consensus among scientists that we have as little as five years to stop and reverse the global growth in greenhouse gas emissions before 'runaway' climate change becomes uncontrollable. That means the international talks being held in Copenhagen in December 2009 could be our last chance to avert a global catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, making it perhaps the most important international meeting ever held. Therefore we feel there is an overwhelming need to demonstrate a global will for urgent and effective action at this time.

The 'Call to Action' for the demonstrations is as follows: "We demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilization of the global climate, so that the entire world can move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty that will be effective in minimizing dangerous climate change while maintaining principles of social and global justice.

We demand that those industrialized countries that have emitted most greenhouse gases take responsibility for climate change mitigation by immediately reducing their own emissions while investing in a clean energy revolution in the developing world. Developed countries must take their fair share of the responsibility in paying for the adaptive measures that have to be taken, especially by low-emitting countries with limited economic resources.

Climate change will hit the poorest first, and hit them hardest. All those who have the economic means to act therefore must do so urgently and decisively."


The overall slogan of the demonstration is: Planet first - People first / Kloden først - Mennesker først. Any organization, group or individual attending the demonstration is allowed to carry whatever slogan they like during the demonstration.

The demonstration website should make it clear that the demonstration is family friendly, and that civil disobedience will not be accepted when taking part in the demonstration.

Time: Saturday December 12, 2009 starting at 1.00pm.

Route: The route planned for the march is from Christiansborg Slotsplads (Parliament Square) to the Bella Centre, where the Conference is taking place. See route map.

After the demonstration, transport to the central part of Copenhagen should be arranged.

Organization of the demonstration:

The organization is structured in two levels, with a coordination group and a broad assembly of supporting groups, organizations, individuals etc.

The coordination group has the right to make principle decisions relating to the overall framework for the demonstration as outlined by the assembly of supporting groups that met on September 23, 2009.

The coordination group needs to be small and efficient. Time is short, ambitions are high, and we want a broad range of representation at the demonstration.

The coordination group consists of representatives from 5 organizations from the various networks behind the demonstration, and one coordinator representing each of the three working groups: one from the Mobilization Group, one from the Logistics Group, and one from the Communication Group (see the enclosure). The spokesperson/spokespersons (if not already part of the coordination group) and two individuals from the secretariat who are responsible for finances will participate in the coordination group meetings, where they will have the right to speak.

Once every three weeks a meeting between the coordination group and the assembly of supporting groups will be arranged. Here information can be shared, suggestions and advice given etc.

In the coordination group, decisions are to be made in the following manner: as far as possible decisions should be based on a consensus. If a consensus cannot be achieved, a majority of those present have the right to make a decision. It should be stressed that the effort is a cooperative one, and that as far as possible, the interests of all parties should be incorporated into any decision made. Once they have been accepted by the assembly of September 23, the principles in this paper cannot be altered.

A number of working groups will also be established, with a co-coordinator from each working group appointed at the September 23 meeting. Any one can join the working groups. The working groups carry out their work with a mandate from the coordination group, and are obliged to report back to them. Each of the working groups refers to representatives from the coordination group.

A secretariat will be formed to assist the coordination group and working groups in carrying out their tasks. An important task for the secretariat is to manage the economy and forthcoming finances. The practical arrangements concerning the secretariat will be settled in a dialogue between the coordination group and the donor funding the secretariat.


The coordination group will work out a detailed budget as soon as possible, and will start fundraising immediately.


Mobilization is another high priority, and should take place nationally and internationally. The broader our profile, the broader our mobilization is likely to be, and the coordination group is responsible for facilitating mobilization and contacting relevant organizations both in Denmark and abroad.


Communication is a central key to mobilizing people and making the demonstration a success. Clear professional communication is needed, together with strict guidelines for spokespersons. Two people representing the coordination group are to be chosen by the coordination group as spokespersons for the demonstration. As with the coordination group, these two are bound to act according to any agreement reached on September 23.


Arranging a demonstration with tens of thousands of people in December requires a huge logistical setup. Good communication with the police, the local municipality and other relevant actors is of great significance. The coordination group is responsible for all logistical aspects of the demonstration, and for establishing and maintaining good contact with relevant actors.

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M. Spector wrote:

[url=]October 24 Actions Map[/url] - see what's happening in your area! has a call for a rally at Queen's Park this coming Saturday, October 24, at 2 p.m.

[url= you can help[/url]


Speakers and Music

Carolyn Egan will MC
Sara Stratton
Sandy Hudson
Kim Fry
Sara Marlowe (music)

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[url= movement for a stable climate goes global this weekend[/url]
by Bill McKibben

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From Asia to the Americas via Europe and the Middle East, activists around the planet have protested in an effort to mobilize public opinion against global warming 50 days ahead of a crucial UN climate summit.

Many of the thousands that gathered on the steps of Sydney's iconic Opera House to kick off the event waved placards bearing the logo 350, a figure scientists believe is the maximum parts per million of CO2 that the atmosphere can bear to avoid runaway global warming.

In New York's Times Square, a crowd of demonstrators gathered as giant screens beamed in images from around the world. Organizers told the activists that events had taken place in "more than 180 countries" at 5,200 events.

In France, politicians received a "wake up" call from several hundred Parisians who chose clocks as their symbol. Protesters who met in a central square in Paris had set their alarm clocks and mobile phones set to ring at 12:18 pm (1018 GMT) in reference to the closing date of the UN summit in Copenhagen, which lasts from December 7-18....

In Berlin, some 350 protesters wearing masks with the face of German Chancellor Angela Merkel came together in front of the Brandenburg Gate in the city center.

In London, more than 600 people gathered beneath the London Eye Ferris wheel by the River Thames to arrange themselves into the shape of the number five, according to organisers Campaign against Climate Change.

An aerial photograph of the event will be added to pictures of a giant "three" and "zero" from around the world.

"Hundreds of thousands of people are taking part (globally) and for us that's so important, to have people out on the streets," campaign activist Abi Edgar told AFP. "We want serious action on climate change and we want it now."

- [url=


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Thanks. I did!

Chris Hedges is right.

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[url=]Danish government is passing harsh laws to allow crackdown on climate demonstrations.[/url]


[url= the letter-writing campaign to oppose Denmark's criminalization of protest[/url]



Climate Change: 'We Only Have Months Not Years':

"In setting the goals we did not ask what would be politically popular,  but rather what it would take to have a decent shot at saving the Greenland ice sheet and at least the larger glaciers in the mountains of Asia. By default, this is a question of food security for us all.."


Any news on activities in Toronto and rest of the country on December 12? I understand there's supposed to be a teach-in in Toronto but still haven't heard any details.