Climate Justice Now! Toronto, Nov 19 @ 7 pm

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Climate Justice Now! Toronto, Nov 19 @ 7 pm

----------CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW---------
7:00 pm 
William Doo Auditorium, New College, University of Toronto
45 Willcocks Street
Speakers, film screening, communal art, discussion
FREE Event. FOOD provided (bring your own dishes). ACCESSIBLE space.
In a few weeks, international negotiations on climate change will begin in Copenhagen, Denmark. An international treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol is being hammered out by leaders and negotiators from both the Global South and Global North.
No treaty without justice will do.
Neither the causes nor the effects of climate change are distributed fairly. Small Island Developing States, coastal states, marginalized populations in countries across the world, are facing serious consequences of a world too-dependent on fossil fuels. Ensuring the survival of all nations must be prioritized, no matter what agreement comes out of Copenhagen. Ensuring a future means taking action - something that Canada is sorely lacking. Canada will go to Copenhagen with no domestic plan of action. To date, Canada has performed badly on the international stage, obstructing the negotiations.
We demand action!
Join youth and community members on Thursday, November 19th to discuss climate justice, to talk about responding to the climate crisis, to hear from individuals and organizations working on social justice concerns that are intimately connected to climate justice. Stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities who are engaged in the climate justice fight in the context of the Tar Sands Development; hear migrant justice activists talk about climate refugees in the context of the systemic dismantling of the refugee system and the increasingly exclusionary Canadian immigration systems; watch a short film and hear from speakers about the serious concerns climate change brings to the Caribbean.
Come, hear, watch, speak, engage, make art, take action.
Presented by the Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU).
Supported by UTERN, among other organizations.
Speakers include No One Is Illegal Toronto.
For more info or to suppport: [email protected]

George Victor

Can't go, nanu.

Could you provide a report on tonight's gathering, who was represented, the size of turnout,  and the main arguments?