Come to the Toronto Humane Society Protest

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Come to the Toronto Humane Society Protest

SATURDAY  JUNE 20, 2009  2:00 pm  11 River Street  in Front of Toronto Humane Society

(corner of Queen Street East and River Street)


For updates on this protest go to either:

or the Facebook group Toronto Humane Society Protest Group at:


Resons to protest:


1. Animals are actually dying in their cages because of Toronto Humane Society policies.

(In order to make euthanasia rates appear low so as to increase fundraising)


2. $10 million a year in charitable donations to this non profit registered Canadian charity are being mismanaged.

(lots of money spent on fundraising, almost none on staff training, cash donations not accounted for)


3. Professional veterinarians are being overruled by untrained managers on medical decisions.

(The background of the Manager of Operations is that he was a door to door salesman)


4. The 1800 members of the THS have their voting rights taken away by President Tim Trow

and the board he handpicks. Annual voting meetings are scheduled for weekdays, so only about

80 people show up and Tim Trow holds 742 proxies.


5. President Tim Trow stopped the pet food bank for low income people because he did not

want 'those kind of people' on the premises.


6. Because of micro management by President Tim Trow, volunteers and staff are routinely fired for

bringing up concerns about animal care.


7. The entire board is in hiding and any contact is screened by President Tim Trow.

They refuse to be held accountable)


8. Despite all the money they have, pain medications are routinely held back from animal to save money.


... I probably missed some issues, but you can go to the site cited for more information.


There will be a petition and list of demands released very soon.

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Anybody going?

Or is it easier to get excited about the middle east?

Is local activism dead?

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guess so.... only 200 people showed up, nobody from rabble as far as I could tell