Coming Out Against Apartheid: 20 Years of Queer Resistance from South Africa to Palestine: Toronto: May 23

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Coming Out Against Apartheid: 20 Years of Queer Resistance from South Africa to Palestine: Toronto: May 23

I hope to attend this event.

If anyone hasn't heard Rafeef perform her spoken word/poetry, please try to come. She is incredible and powerful. When I hear her speak, I believe another way is possible.

Coming Out Against Apartheid
20 Years of Queer Resistance from South Africa to Palestine

May 23rd 2009
Buddies in Bad Times Theater
12 Alexander Street
Admission is Free. Everyone is welcome.


1986: Queer people in Toronto united in the Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee (SNAAC) to fight for justice in South Africa.

2009: Another struggle against apartheid is building throughout the world. Queer people are joining the international call to name Israel's occupation of Palestine apartheid.

Israel has now begun to frame itself as a tolerant, queer-positive democracy.
This can never be reality under Occupation.

Join Queers Against Israeli Apartheid on May 23 for an evening to reignite Toronto's queer community in the fight against apartheid.

This event will feature:

Tim McCaskell was a member of the Simon Nkoli Anti-apartheid Committee, which did queer solidarity with anti-apartheid struggles in the 1980s. He was also a member of the Body Politic Collective, the ground-breaking Toronto radical queer newspaper; an organizer of the 1981 bath raids protest; co-founder of AIDS Action Now; and has been an anti-racist activist for several decades. Tim is also one of the subjects of John Greyson's new documentary opera, Fig Trees.

Rafeef Ziadah is a leading member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, as well as a spoken word poet and performer, and a union activist.

Natalie Kouri-Towe (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid)

Opening Remarks by El-Farouk Khaki (cofounder of Salaam and 2009 Pride Grand Marshall)

This event is co-sponsored by Salaam: Queer Muslim Communities and OPIRG-Toronto
This event is endorsed by: No One is Illegal Toronto, Not In Our Name (NION): Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the Centre for Women and Trans People at the University of Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices, Toronto Women's Bookstore. 

Food and refreshments will be provided.
This event is located in a wheelchair accessible venue.

Free. Everyone Welcome.