Common Causes, an assembly of social movements

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Common Causes, an assembly of social movements

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Here's the deal:

Common Causes prepares to launch in communities across Canada January 28 

People in communities across Canada will come together under a banner of “Common Causes” on January 28 as MPs head back to the Hill and Parliament resumes. 

Common Causes/Causes Communes is an assembly of social movements dedicated to defending democracy, the environment and human rights. 

It brings together groups and individuals across the country to act together for a better society in the face of the current Conservative government’s agenda that is weakening environmental protections, cutting public services and jobs, ignoring workers’ rights, attacking civil liberties and eroding democracy. 

The assembly believes that coordinated action is needed to take a strong stand against the current federal government agenda that is changing society in critical areas such as the economy, the environment, labour rights, health care, food safety, education, social programs, culture, civil liberties, peace and poverty. 

Common Causes will launch its website on January 28. In the meantime, you can find out more and join the discussion on Facebook (don’t forget to “like” us!) and on Twitter using #commoncauses 

We invite you to join in this demonstration of support and commitment for progressive change. If you are interested in taking part in an action on January 28, please e-mail [email protected] 

There will be many spontaneous events in Canada and around the world in support of #CommonCauses and #IdleNoMore as both are working together on the January 28 th organizing, but here are some key events for the Common Causes launch.

We have confirmation on the following events for Monday January 28th: 


Place and Time: Victoria Island – 11:10am – gather at #CommonCauses banner and march together in solidarity to Parliament Hill for Speeches. Maude Barlow delivers a message on behalf of Common Causes at 2:15pm. 


Place and Time – Gather at the corners of Wharf Street and the Sunshine Coast Highway, 4:00 to 5:30pm – Action along Sunshine Coast Highway 

Place and Time: 12:30 at the Sandman Inn, 2130 Harvey Street Kelowna - in common opposition to Enbridge, the Joint Review Panel and supporting INM 


Place and Time - Multi-purpose room at Station 20 West 1120 20th Street West - 11:00 a.m. 

Prince Albert 

Place and Time; Video and press release on January 28 th of weekend action. 


Place and Time - Banner Drops along DVP Expressway, exact overpass TBC 8-9am – message – Don’t Sell Out Canada’s Future 


Place and Time – 7pm - Room 103 – University Centre, University of Guelph – Toxic Trespass screening with Q &A 

Possible mid-afternoon march – TBC – 


Place and Time - Bridge walk between Halifax and Dartmouth with Idle No More –time TBC 

Place and Time - 119 Kent Street in front of National Revenue Minister Gail Shea’s Regional Office–11am 

Saint John  

Place and Time – Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Avenue – 7pm 

Town Hall with Rob Moir, Pat Riley and Stephanie Merrill 
Events on January 30 th ... 


Date: Wednesday, January 30 , 

Place - George St. United Church 

Time - 7:00 - 9:30 pm 

Other Events in Process and To Be Confirmed... 

Le 28 janvier, Causes communes démarre partout au pays dans vos communautés 

Dans différentes communautés partout au Canada, des gens se réuniront le 28 janvier sous la bannière de Causes communes alors que les députés font leur rentrée sur la colline du Parlement à Ottawa. 

Causes Communes est un assemblage de mouvements sociaux dédiés à la défense de la démocratie, l'environnement et les droits de l'homme. 

Il rassemble des groupes et des individus à travers le pays prêts à agir ensemble pour une société meilleure face au programme du gouvernement conservateur actuel qui affaiblit la protection de l'environnement, les services publics et les emplois, les droits des travailleurs, les libertés civiles et la démocratie. 

L'assemblée estime qu'une action coordonnée est nécessaire pour prendre une position ferme contre le programme du gouvernement fédéral actuel qui est de changer la société dans des domaines essentiels tels que l'économie, l'environnement, les droits du travail, la santé, la sécurité alimentaire, l'éducation, les programmes sociaux, la culture, les libertés civiles, la paix et la pauvreté. 

Causes communes va lancer son site web le 28 janvier. En attendant, vous pouvez en savoir plus et participer à la discussion sur Facebook (n'oubliez pas de dire que « J’aime »!) et sur ​​Twitter en utilisant #CommonCauses. 

Nous vous invitons à participer à cette manifestation de soutien et d'engagement pour un changement progressiste. Si vous êtes intéressés à prendre part à une action le 28 janvier, s'il vous plaît envoyer un courriel à [email protected]

Il y aura de nombreuses manifestations spontanées au Canada et dans le monde en faveur de #IdleNoMore et de #CommonCauses alors que les deux travaillent ensemble, mais voici quelques faits marquants pour le lancement des Causes communes le 28 janvier. 

Information on events will be updated as it comes in.

Issues Pages: 
MegB has also published an article about Common Causes/Causes communes here.



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(is that a thing?  anyway, good to hear of this.)

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..a pdf file.

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, has just completed a new paper entitled 'Common Causes: Progressive Forces Acting Together To Build A Better Society' for the Council of Canadians.


Here is just the PDF link for the non FB crowd.


Isn't Tria Donaldson an activist for the NDP as well?


We now have a Common Causes issues page - check it out!


It's a rather unfortunate name. Brings to mind "Common Cause", a rather tepid USian "liberal" lobby group.

Will definitely check out the page.


I'm curious what kind of assembly structure they have. Also, which social movements are involved? There doesn't seem to be any info to this effect on the web site. Looks interesting though!

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Hi Dru -- one of the organizers, a lapsed babbler you may know in 3D, Corvin Russell, is going to be on babble on Friday to answer any questions folks have about Common Causes/People's Social Forum. I'll direct him to your question, but if you want any follow-ups, or to lay out what you want to know in more detail, you may want to drop by.


We have a confirmed time for Corvin tomorrow - 2pm EST. We'll open a new thread for the discussion tomorrow.