COOL EVENT: The History of Muslims in North America...

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COOL EVENT: The History of Muslims in North America...

Hey everyone,

 My buddy is presenting this event on Thursday. It's supposed to be huge, with a couple of hundred people, and its free with free food!

 Its at a Mosque too, which is cool, especially if you've never been to one.

 Here are the details he e-mailed me:

"Just wanted to let you know that you are all invited this Thursday, February 26th to this presentation i'm doing on the History of Muslims in North America.

Basically, over 2 years, I have conducted research, from the Arctic tip of Inuvik, just miles from Russia, right down to the Muslims on the southern tip of Mexico, on the Guatemala border. I've got funny stories and inspirational tales...especially for women in our communuity as we see the contribution they have made as LEADERS.

It'll be very humorous...I promise it won't be boring;)
Of course, this stuff means nothing unless I share it. So I invite you all to bring your family, friends, and anyone who has any doubts that Islam's roots in North America are as deep as any other faith.

 Church groups, humanist, and the Ahavat Olam Synagogue will also be there.
It's at 7 PM at Al-Salaam Mosque on 5060 Canada Way (at Sperling), Burnaby. Check it out"