Corporate Tactic - Spam - does it work?

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Corporate Tactic - Spam - does it work?

Maybe you have gotten these?

 Dont click on it just yet - it is an ad from T-Mobile for cell phones and apps.

It was sent in an email that appeared to be from someone I know:

   "you should definitely check this thing out "

 T-Mobile must have sent it, or at least condoned it andpaid for it to be done, and therefore I could never trust them. Certainly not enough to sign a contract for a cell phone!!

 But then I am big on "fighting the beast" - do other people actually buy products from companies that do such things? Are people so lonely that they are just happy to be spammed, and hacked, and then patronise the company that sent it?

I cannot believe that these tactics actually attract customers.

 And has something illegal occured - as in hacking my friend's, and my, computer's address book?

 Fight the beast!! Boycott T-mobile, for one. List yours in replies eh