Creating The Largest Annual Fundraising Effort for Environmental Organizations in Canada (and the World).

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Creating The Largest Annual Fundraising Effort for Environmental Organizations in Canada (and the World).

In January, one of Canada's largest chartered banks (80,000+ employees) is going to decide as to whether they will adopt an idea of mine, that has likely now raised in the area of $2 billion for charities, since 1988.

If the Mountain Equipment Co-op, adopted the concept that I presented to their CEO a year ago, as I presented it, the result would have been the largest annual fundraising effort for environmental organizations in Canada.

Instead, the CEO decided that he could not employ my concept as laid out, as he did "not wish to eusurp the events of others"! At that point I told him that we should have a video call so that I could explain why MEC would not be eusurping anything!

Unfortunately, the suggestion was rejected and now the environment has not been helped, MEC has not helped itself by improving their public perception  and I am really Frown

What is the concept? The suggestion was simply that MEC create "The MEC Environmental Charity Challenge" and invite Canadians to run, cycle, x-c ski, participate in a triathlon, a roller blading event, climb a mountain, canoe a river, etc., etc. and raise $$$ for the environmental organization of their choice, just as if the event had been organizaed by the charity itself.

The cost of piggybacking on such events costs the charities nothing in $$ or time.  $$$ cannot be raised any more efficiently than that.

All that MEC has to do is create a website for the challenge, spread the word about the site to MEC's 3.4 million members. Environmental organizations would link to it and then everyone who cared about the environment would know that they could raise $$ for their favourite environmental organization in a simple and highly efficient manner, wherever they chose and whenever convenient for them to do so.

How can we make this happen? Easily!

Send this notice to MEC at [email protected] and encourage MEC to implement Murray's idea for the MEC Environmental Charity Challenge, without any further delay!


Thank you and have a great 2013!




Please note that there are in the area of 15,000 events of the type mentioned above in Canada and the USA, so there is no shortage of events. If MEC sponsors even 25 such events, that would likely amount to 2% of the total events available in Canada. So instead of "$10 million/yr." being raised, the potential would well be only "$200,000"! What a waste of potential that would be! :o(

Please feel free to sign and pass on the petition: