Critical Security Information - All should read

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Critical Security Information - All should read

Salut babblers, just stating to push through important activist information for those attenting the People's Summit (June 18 -20) and the Community Mobilize Network facilitated protests (June 25-27).

the Community Mobilization Network:
the People's Summit:
Facebook where i'm posting a lot of information about the upcoming G8/G20 Summit:
peace and carrots,
Critical Security Information - All should read

Memo from a downtown property management group on the upcoming G20 summit.

Details on downtown security preparations including road and PATH  closures, fences, check-points, police tactics, etc.

[Original file attached]

To: Tenants
From: Rostie Group Management
SUBJECT: G20 Summit
Date: April 16th, 2010

As many of you are aware, the G20 Summit will be taking place from Friday, June 25th until Sunday, June 27th at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which is located at 220 Front Street. This Summit is likely to attract many, potentially violent, protesters to the area surrounding our 20 Bay Street offices. Due to our close proximity to the MTCC, Island Airport, and The Westin Harbour Castle (which will be hosting delegates), we are expecting heightened security measures and possible work disruptions June 21st thru June 28th.

To ensure the safety of tenants and employees, our 20 Bay St. offices will be CLOSED on Friday, June 25th. Tenants will still have access to their offices via security card and all calls will be answered from our off-site location. For your convenience, we will be offering temporary office space at our Airport Executive Offices during the week of the summit.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the possible impact of the G20 Summit in June, please attend our lunch time Information Session on Monday, May 3rd at 12:00pm.
Attached is a memo from Oxford Properties (WaterPark Place Management) outlining some of the key issues surrounding the summit.

Important G8 & G20 Summit Information

G8 Summit will take place on Friday June 25, and Saturday June 26th at Deerhurst in Muskoka. Although the location is north of Toronto - most leaders will be flying into Pearson Airport and many may arrive earlier or stay later to see the city sites.

 G20 Summit will be in Toronto on Saturday June 26, and Sunday June 27 at the Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street.

It will not be business as usual from June 21-June 28th or longer

10,000 Delegates will be attending and the estimated cost is $280,000,000.

There will be 2 fenced off areas - the outer will encompass from Queen Street south to the Lakeshore and from Spadina east to Yonge Street. 3 kilometer, jersey barriers (cement dividers used on highways) and 10 feet chain link fence three weeks before the event. (INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

There will also be an interior fenced area - but the exact whereabouts will remain confidential until the last moment. 4 meter high chain link fence .

All Hotels have been pre-booked. The Royal York and the Westin Harbour Castle will have very high security during the entire week beginning June 21st, 2010. Tenants with Westin Harbour Castle health club memberships will be unable to access the gym facilities from June 21st until June 28th.

The PATH will be closed for a large portion of that time.

Expect major traffic disruptions due to the number of IPP (Internationally Protected People) attending the event.

There will be approx. 83 motorcades (from 10-50 cars each) - including some several decoy motorcades.

Expect major demonstrations peaceful and otherwise. While most will not be harmful or dangerous, even peaceful lawful protestors are disruptive to traffic and business at the best of times. The first scheduled protest is planned for June 21st. Police are looking at most recent summits in Pittsburg and London where property was damaged- and expecting the same here. There will likely be damage to building and properties which is a risk to public safety.

Tenants should ensure they have appropriate individual insurance protection for their businesses and personal property. It is your responsibility to arrange insurance for your own property, which you bring into the Centre and for your own liability to your employees and to third parties.

Police expect to use tear gas and even rubber bullets at some point. Anyone wearing a gas mask or disguise of any kind will be arrested.

15,000 Police and Military Officers will be in Toronto during that time period- all vacations and days off have been cancelled during the month of June for security staff. Toronto is arranging for additional security resources. The RCMP alone has booked over 7,500 rooms

50,000 Global Accredited Media will be situated at the Exhibition.

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be affected before, during and after the summit. Pre-screen accreditation for people driving/working within the fenced zone will be required.

Public transit will be running, but not on its typical schedule. Union Station will be open - with limited access

From Bay Street and West - PATH to Royal York will be closed.

Some subway stations will be closed at certain times

Go Trains will experience some interruptions- but there is no way of knowing when they will be or how long they will last.

The Gardiner Expressway will be affected.

USMC - Marine will have planes at the Island airport. Banks are planning for no in/out traffic for their staff that entire week.


There will be difficulty accessing or exiting buildings in the downtown core. Access Cards will be essential for limited access to building.

Police may lock down buildings from time to time. Some companies are providing cots for their staff.

Underground parking will likely only be accessible to monthly pass/transponder holders. Random searches will take place. Cars may be damaged by protestors, as they have been in other cities.

This a great opportunity for every business to make a response and recovery plan, to ensure continuity in case of disruption.

Make a list - consider facts and what can be expected?

Arrange for advance delivery of office and operational supplies - loading docks open but not smooth.

Early office closures, Limited hours, restrictive hours, flex hours, work from home

Delay Construction projects if at all possible

Cancellation of meetings, external parties will not be able to get to meetings.

Employee communications- make sure that your staff understand that police and emergency response teams are ready - planning for the worst and expecting the best!

There will be times when buildings are completely locked down, police will advise tenants to stay in building for their own safety. They will not be forcing you to stay but highly recommending that you stay inside.

Toronto Police will be on Facebook & Twitter sites giving real time information regarding the protests, so that you can expect delays for your staff coming and going. Critical information will be provided to us even at 3:00 AM

PLAN for the WORST & HOPE for the BEST



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Protest the coalition to make a few superrich people richer at the expense of everything else that matters.

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All G20 protests will be directed to Trinity Bellwoods Park
Published On Wed Apr 28 2010
Jennifer Yang

With the upcoming G20 summit looming over downtown Toronto, the event is casting an increasingly larger shadow, one that now stretches as far west as Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Summit officials have chosen the park as the designated protesting area for the G20 summit on June 26 and 27. That means demonstrators - at least, the rule-abiding ones - will be wielding placards and shouting through megaphones from inside a 37-acre residential park, located some two kilometres west of the summit's outer boundary, or so-called "yellow zone."

Susan Atkinson was shocked to hear that summit organizers have decided to send hoards of protestors to her neighbourhood park.

"I think that's a really bad decision," said Atkinson, who lives on Gore Vale Ave. along the eastern edge of the park.

"I want to know what kind of factors they considered when they made the decision. This is really shocking."

Along the groups that have already begun mobilizing, the Ontario Federation of Labour is planning a march to Trinity Bellwoods from Queen's Park. The march will take place on the Saturday of the summit weekend and includes groups like Greenpeace, Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Labour Congress.

But there will certainly be several demonstrators who choose to steer clear of the designated protesting area, which is three kilometres west of the Metro Convention Centre where world leaders and dignitaries will actually be congregating.

Councillor Adam Vaughan said he is more concerned with demonstrators causing havoc around the edges of the outer yellow zone, which he says will be bordered by Queen St., Yonge St., Lake Shore Blvd. and Spadina Ave.

"That will mean consequences for businesses on Queen," Vaughan surmised Wednesday. "Also, consequences for businesses inside the yellow zone."

Pedestrians will still be allowed inside the yellow zone, Vaughan said, but vehicles will face restrictions.


This means, for example, that theatregoers won't be able to drive to the Mirvish theatres but can likely walk or take public transit there.

Vaughan said baseball fans taking the TTC to the Rogers Centre during the G20 will also have to walk south on Bay St. from Union Station and west along Lake Shore Blvd., ultimately accessing the stadium from Rees St. Vaughan added that some sidewalks will have to be constructed along certain portions of this route.

Vaughan still has no information about the high-security zone that will encircle the convention centre, or "red zone," which will likely be established with a three-metre-high fence. He doubts this information will be released until shortly before the summit but hopes to learn more about other security measures at a town-hall meeting scheduled for Thursday at Metro Hall.

Almost two months before the event, the G20 is also causing ripples outside the designated security zones.


Kensington Market recently learned it will not be able to get a permit this June for Pedestrian Sunday, a monthly summer event now in its seventh year. And to the east of the summit site, Toronto police have rented an old movie studio at Eastern and Pape Aves. that will likely serve as a prisoner processing area.



At this point, Vaughan says he'd like to get as much information as possible to his ward constituents so they can make the necessary preparations for the G20. Right now, summit officials are sharing information with him every two weeks or so, he says.

"It's very much a case where this boat is being built as it's being sailed," he said. "I just hope it reaches the dock."