Crown Attourney's Offices-- time for accountability and public oversight.

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Crown Attourney's Offices-- time for accountability and public oversight.

I appreciate that we at Babble might not be talking about the on going Pickton Inquiry, as it is flawed and pointedly exclusive of groups representing the demographic of the victims.  And for us, it's a forgone conclusion that racism and sexism lead to the needless and entirely preventable deaths of scores of women in that case.

But as flawed as the process is, this week's revelations that B.C. Crown Attourney Rani Conner dropped aggravated assault charges against Pickton for reasons that are at best arguable, and in my view inexplicable.  Adding further dismay, the file-- which is supposed to be archived for 75 years, was mysteriously destroyed.

Does this not highlight the need for greater public scrutiny of the Crown Attourney's office?

I think this impacts a lot of different issues.  Here in Ontario, we can remember both Rahim Jaffer and Micheal Bryant being given a "get out of jail free card" by the imperious decisons of Crown Attourneys and "Special Prosecutor". 

We have instances of Crown Attourney's knowingly using testimony from a Crown Witness that was lying. (Manitoba)

And ultimately, it is the Crown Attourney's office that aides and abets Police abuses of power by declining to persue charges.

I believe, taken alltogether, it paints a picture of one of the power vectors which excersizes racist, sexist and classist control over the citizenry.

This impacts more than one issue, and I am putting forward the idea that this should be a campaign for activists, to bring the Crown Attrourney's office under control and make it a force for justice instead of injustice.