Dana Larsen speaking at Queen's, Laurier and University of Toronto

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Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen speaking at Queen's, Laurier and University of Toronto

Next week I am speaking at three Ontario Universities. Two of my talks are sponsored by the campus Young NDP clubs.

My talk is called "The War on Drugs is really a War on Plants."

I will be speaking about how the so-called "war on drugs" is actually a war against all of the world's most useful and culturally relevant medicinal plants.

I will outline the history and many benefits of marijuana, coca leaf, opium poppy and psilocybe mushrooms. I explain how these are the world's greatest plants, with a history of beneficial use which predates recorded history.

November 27, 7-8:30pm.
Grad Club, Second Floor

November 28, 6-8pm.
Bahen Centre, Room 1170

December 2, 7-9pm.
Bricker Academic Building - Room #110


All these talks are free and any Babblers in the area are of course welcome to attend.

I don't have any engagements planned for Nov 29-Dec 1. If there's any students who want to organize a talk at another Toronto-area campus, please send me an email.


Dana Larsen

It looks like I might also be giving a talk at Carlton in Ottawa as well.

If anyone here is a student at any of these Universities I hope to see you there.

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Excellent dana, could you put up a copy of your speeches, after your done giving them?

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Dana Larsen

The time for Laurier has been moved to 4-6pm.

I don't use notes or pre-written speeches, and so I don't actually have a copy of the speeches to post.

But I am thinking of putting these ideas together into a book at some point. I suppose I should finish writing the Hairy Pothead trilogy first.

I try to outline the cultural and medicinal benefits of these forbidden plants, and how we should be using these plants more, not seeking to drive them to extinction.

I explain how coca leaf is highly nutritious and an excellent food source, as are poppy seeds. For instance, there is no contradiction between Afghan farmers growing poppies for both food and opium latex.

Papal Bull

Aw, I can't believe that I missed this! I hope you come back to Toronto soon!

Dana Larsen

I do plan on returning and doing a similar kind of University speaking tour in the Spring. If you want to stay informed the best way right now is to become my friend and/or supporter on Facebook.

I am also working to rally up NDPers who support some of my ideas and also want to attend the next convention in August 2009, Halifax. I am going to be doing everything I can to get lots of people there for this convention, so that we can pass some resolutions and help shape the party policy, perhaps even elect a few people to positions on the council. 

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 Oh, sorry to hear that Dana,  and I simply am refusinfg to use facebook these days, with dial up I want to rip my hair out before the page opens. Even refused my garnddaughters invitation to join.

"watching the tide roll away"


 It would be great to see video of these presentations, and to have it

available on the Internet. 

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Dana Larsen

I appreciate your desire to see and hear my speech. I am thinking of delivering it on camera and putting that on YouTube.

It's been a fun time in Toronto. I was on a panel for a TV show today. It's a new show called Switch which will air on TVtropolis next April. I was the panel expert on pot and drug references in kids shows (like HR Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Teletubbies, Smurfs, etc...)