Day of Action against the Ontario Liberal austerity agenda - April 21

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Day of Action against the Ontario Liberal austerity agenda - April 21

Join protest against Budget cuts and take demand for tax fairness to the heart of Canada’s financial district

The April 21 Day of Action Against Cuts is only one week away and thousands are already planning to attend, but your help is needed to build on the momentum and take our demand for corporate tax fairness directly to Queen’s Park … and Canada’s Financial District.

To date, [b]over 80 labour unions and community organizations have endorsed the action and nearly 90 buses are expected to travel to Toronto from every corner of the province.[/b] Under the banner, “WE ARE ONTARIO,” the rally at the Ontario Legislature will be followed by a march to the heart of Canada’s financial district. [b]The mass protest will draw public and private sector unions together with thousands of community members representing the diversity of Ontario to serve as a reminder to Premier McGuinty that he should put people before profits.[/b]

The Day of Action will take aim at budget cuts that will hurt every family by:

· Freezing Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) payments, resulting in a real dollar cut to the poorest Ontarians;

· Postponing of Child Benefit increases that will deprive struggling families of $100 per year;

· Denying a lifeline to Ontario’s child care centres, resulting in closures, longer waiting lists and layoffs;

· Cutting hospital budgets across the board by six percent cancelling inflationary funding increases;

· Delivering $500 in cuts to public education over three years, despite promises to protect the sector;

· Slashing jobs and imposing wage freezes on public sector workers.

The budget also follows Stephen Harper’s attack on labour rights by threatening to impose contracts on public sector workers when the collective bargaining process takes more than 12 months. With measures like these, it is no wonder that 58 percent of Ontarians support taking the issue of fair taxation to a provincial election.

Scheduled for only days before the final budget vote will be taken, the rally will put pressure on the government to reverse billions in corporate tax cuts and add a new income tax surcharge of two percent on the richest Ontarians.

DATE: Sat., April. 21, at 3 p.m. at Queen’s Park, Toronto

ENDORSE THE ACTION: Duncan Mac Donald, [email protected]

BOOK BUSES: Carrol Anne Sceviour, 416-443-7670, [email protected]




For a sneak preview of the Radio Ads promoting the rally:

Listen to Radio Ad #1:
Listen to Radio Ad #2:

Flyers can be downloaded from the OFL website in English, French Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Other languages will follow. Be sure to distribute them in your neighbourhood.

We are counting on your help in mobilizing your workplaces and your communities to shut these budget cuts down.

In solidarity,

Sid Ryan, OFL President

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[url= descend on Queen’s Park to protest McGuinty budget[/url], Toronto Star


More than 15,000 protesters from labour unions and community organizations across the province rallied outside Ontario’s Legislature Saturday afternoon to vent their fury over the minority Liberal government’s austerity-focused budget. “We’re sending a signal to Dalton McGuinty that the budget he’s introduced is grossly unfair,” said Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, the group responsible for organizing the “Day of Action” event.

A sea of flag-toting protesters arrived by the busload early in the afternoon to demonstrate against the proposed budget, a belt-tightening fiscal blueprint that calls for wage freezes for more than a million public servants and pension plan changes as a way to rein in the province’s multi-billion-dollar deficit.

Gathered on the grassy stretch facing the Legislature, the group of public servants and other labour supporters jived to a Bob Marley cover band as union and community group leaders prepared to take the stage for speeches, sporadic cries of “Shame, shame on McGuinty!” filling the air.

“McGuinty has gone too far. We need to support the public sector,” said Don Guest, a Brantford-based millwright and United Steel Workers member. “They need to step back. Touching pensions, it’s just not the right way to go,” added Cephas Kotei, a Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board employee and president of CUPE Local 1483.

The rally then shifted from the Legislature to the streets as the throng of protesters marched toward Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. A handful of cement trucks, parked near a construction site on Bay St., honked their horns as protesters marched by, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

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