Dec 10th UN Declaration turns 60 and needs your support...

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Dec 10th UN Declaration turns 60 and needs your support...

Dear Every Human Has Rights supporter,

Every Human Has Rights
partner organizations have worked over 2008 to encouraged millions of people to
make commitments to the goals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
through schools, trade unions, community organizations and other groups. Now,
the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration is just weeks away – on
December 10th. You’ve already made your personal commitment to human rights and
the Universal Declaration. Now we’re asking for your help to gain more
individual signatures to the Every Human Has Rights pledge.

to encouraging 20 people to sign the pledge. Whether it's by, email, or even
Facebook, we need you to ask 20 people to visit, to
read the Universal Declaration, and to make a personal pledge to stand up for
the rights and freedoms enshrined in it.

To make it easier for you,
send an e-postcard through our website.

Over 30,000 of you have signed
the online Every Human Has Rights pledge. The Elders, human rights defenders,
journalists supporting human rights and others will join together this December
to mark the Universal Declaration’s 60th and call on governments around the
world to make human rights count in legislation, education and in practice. You
can help make the message more powerful by getting 20 friends, classmates or
colleagues to go online to sign the pledge. We need to gather as many assenting
voices as we can in a short time. We’re asking you to reach out to 20 others in
your circle of contacts. Please help us spread the word.

The world
has made great strides in the past 60 years – but it’s not enough. Right now
genocide is still taking place. Billions are trapped in lives of poverty and
despair. If we are going to meet global challenges like financial and food
crises, climate change, the Millennium Development Goals, the rights of women,
health rights and the rights of children, we need to work together, and demand
our leaders adhere to the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal

Thank you for continued support,

The Every Human
Has Rights Campaign


For more information about
how your organization can participate in the Every Human Has Rights campaign and
the December 2008 call to action, please email [email protected].

Learn more about Every Human Has Rights campaign activity in 2008 so
far and what's happening now at

Find out
more about The Elders and their work in conflict situations around the world at

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