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Decolonizing Our Minds, U OF T

***Please Forward Widely***
Decolonizing Our Minds: Creating a Space for Critical Thought Saturday February 21, 10am -5pmWilson Hall Lounge, New College (40 Willcocks Street, 2nd Floor)
Education should be a practice of freedom; a practice that  teaches us about the truths of society; a practice that enables us to think critically about societal structures and functions; a practice that enables us to creatively think of solutions to dismantle systemic inequities, eliminate all forms of oppression and to collectively build alternative frameworks that focus on uniting the masses and taking political action.  
Join the Equity Studies Students Union and the Caribbean Studies Students Union as we construct a unique forum where all can confront systemic discrimination within the institution, challenge the racist, sexist, and ableist policies built to regulate  marginalized identities, and invent new ways of representing social justice initiatives. We, ESSU and CARSSU, call on the community to resist neocolonialism and the  suppression of dissent in our attempts to decolonize our minds! 
***Program  10-10:30amSign in and Light Refreshments
10:30- 10:40amIntro
10:40-10:50amPerformance by Isabel Lay
10:50-11:50amPanel Discussion I:Confronting Systemic DiscriminationRod MichalkoLee Maracle Kabir Joshi-Vijayan (NOCOPS)Stan Doyle -Wood
11:50- 12:20pmQ&A
12:20- 12:45Performance by Dub Poet D'bi Young
12:45- 1:15Lunch
1:15- 2:00pmPanel Discussion II:Challenging Racist Policies and the Regulation of Marginalized IdentitiesSherene Razack Fariah Chowdhury (NOII)Arnold Itwaru
2:00- 2:30pmQ&A
2:30- 2:45pmBreak
2:45- 3:00pmPerformance by Wasun and Unsung from Basics / Hood-2-Hood
3:00-4:15pmPanel Discussion III:Resisting Neo-Colonialism and the Suppression of DissentSaron Ghebressellassie (UBSR)Hammam Farah (SAIA at York)Golta Shahidi (Fight Fees 14) Rafeef Ziadah (3rd generation Palestinian, CAIA)Sid Ryan (CUPE Ontario)
4:15- 4:45pmQ&A
4:45- 5:00pmClosing remarks and performances by Stolen from Africa
***The Equity Studies Students Union (ESSU) is a student run organization that aims to support students in their academic endeavors within the Equity Studies program and to apply Equity related theories towards anti-oppression work in both the U of T community and in society at large. ESSU works to form coalitions with other equity-minded student groups and community organizations with the intent to promote equity for all  peoples at the University of Toronto and in the greater community. 
The Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU) is the academic student group representing all full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a Caribbean Studies course or program at the University of Toronto. CARSSU's intent is to work with its student constituency to improve the Caribbean Studies program as well as continue the struggle against Eurocentrism and lack of interdisciplinarity in mainstream subject matter at UofT. 
For more informationContact: Semra Eylul Sevi
Email: [email protected] Phone: 647.808.1937Visit:

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