Demonstrations and protests against war on Iran

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Demonstrations and protests against war on Iran

Manifestation le 25 janvier 2020: Journée d’action mondiale d’opposition à une guerre contre l’Iran

Le Collectif Échec à la guerre, le Mouvement québécois pour la paix et plusieurs autres groupes invitent la population à se joindre à la “Journée d’action mondiale d’opposition à une guerre contre l’Iran”.

Groups here calling for a World Day against a war on Iran. (I add that it goes without saying that in no way is this supporting the theocratic regime in Iran, nor the Trumpist regime in the US for that matter).

À l’appel de nombreuses organisations étasuniennes à une journée d’action mondiale d’opposition à une guerre contre l’Iran, une manifestation aura lieu à Montréal :

Many US organisations have called for a world day of opposition to a war on Iran. Here is the Montréal protest:

QUAND :  Samedi le 25 janvier
DÉPART : Carré Norman Bethune (métro Guy), à 13 h

Saturday 25 January

Norman Bethune Square, (Guy métro, 1 pm)

And in your town or city? Please add  your time, place etc.


Yes, one in Toronto too. Also Saturday, January 25,  1 PM across from the US Consulate. (University and Dundas)


Any more? Lots of victims in Edmonton.


This took place on Jan. 11:

Anti-war demonstrators rally in Winnipeg to remember victims of Iran crash, speak out against conflict


Dozens of demonstrators holding homemade anti-war signs rallied outside the U.S. Consulate at the corner of Portage and Main in Winnipeg on Saturday, speaking out against further violence as tensions continue to mount in Iran.

Kam Kamrouz is an Iranian who has lived in Winnipeg for 30 years. He lost friends in the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, which Iran acknowledged Saturday was brought down by missiles launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

"You go for peace here. And no war, no killing, no assassination is going to help," Kamrouz said.

Among the 176 victims aboard the Ukraine International Airlines Flight, which crashed outside Tehran on Wednesday, were 57 Canadians.

CBC News has confirmed that at least eight people on board the flight were from Winnipeg. [...]

The protest is part of a nationwide day of action called by the Canadian Peace Alliance.


And fortunately, at least here the weather will be mild. (I had a bad cold or mild flu that left me with respiratory sequelae, and no I don't smoke ... anything, so I'd hesitate to demonstrate at -25 as I did against the Gulf War and the war on Iraq). By the way, I feel fine now.


Unlike here, where sadly even the people on this board won't  bother to post the necessary and requested info on the rallies near them, in other places where people do appreciate their importance, things are somewhat different...

"This Friday, the 24th of Jan, there will be the largest demonstrations in Iraq's history to demand that the USA leaves Iraq and ends occupation 2.0 forever. The Iraqi Parliament has already asked the US to leave. On Friday the Iraqi people will free Iraq!"

Canada Out Now!


Canadian Peace Alliance: Global Day of Protest, Sat, Jan 25

"A list of anti-war events taking place in Canada is at the bottom of this page. Please find an event near you."

No wonder such events are so well attended...


I did post the information about the demonstration planned here this weekend. As I posted information about demonstrations against the Gulf War and the War on Iraq.

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lagatta4 wrote:

I did post the information about the demonstration planned here this weekend. As I posted information about demonstrations against the Gulf War and the War on Iraq.

You have always been excellent about posting demonstration locations and times. I don't think that he was referring to you. He was reminding the rest of us that we have been negligent.


It's today. Don't forget to attend if you can...


Off to it right now!

Students from India I know remind me that there will be demonstrations against the Muslim-excluding citizenship laws there; if anyone knows when they will be in your town or city. I'll look it up later if nobody beats me to it.


Will post this here. With a little title tinkering this thread could become the go-to place for posting 'demonstrations and protests'not just against war on Iran but other things. And I note we don't have one and probably should...

EMERGENCY RALLY AGAINST Trump/Netanyahu's 'Steal Of The Century'!

Saturday, February 1, 2020 @ 1PM, Across From US Consulate (University/Dundas)

Hosted by Palestine House and Courage Coalition

"The Trump administration has just unveiled the details of its 'Deal of the Century'. This plan includes but is not limited to: Giving legitimacy to illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. Annexing parts of the West Bank (including the Jordan Valley). Granting Palestinians a 'state' made up of non-contiguous cantons similar to Bantustans  under apartheid in South Africa [or 'Checkerboard Reserves' in Canada!] These are just some of the aspects from this plan that has already been rejected by the Palestinian community and leadership at large..."

Please come and spread the word across your circles!

Free Palestine!