Failure of the left to harness the power of government e-petitions

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Failure of the left to harness the power of government e-petitions

As of 2016 there are 96 universities in Canada. 1.8 million students are enrolled in university. Canada as a whole is about 37 million. The most popular petition got 131K signatures. It is an NDP sponsored petition for electoral reform. 

Nothing on climate change or inequality, the top two concerns of Canadians especially millenials.

#5: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Sharia law

Sponsor: Conservative MP James Bezan

Number of signatures: 57,731

Derrick James from Winnipeg brought forward the fifth most popular e-petition on the parliamentary petition portal in March 2017. The petition calls on the government to amend the Constitution Act to state that "Sharia law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System."

#4: Immigration and the UN migration compact

Sponsor: People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier

Number of signatures: 68,563

George Browne from Montreal River Harbour, Ont. initiated this e-petition in October last year. It calls on the government to withdraw from the United Nations' Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – a non-legally binding agreement that Canada and 151 other countries voted in favour of in December.

#3: Condemning Islamophobia

Sponsor: Liberal MP Frank Baylis

Number of signatures: 69,742

Samer Majzoub from Pierrefonds, Que. was the individual who, in June 2016, put forward the third-most popular e-petition found amid the pages of the e-petition portal. Majzoub called on the government to join Canadians "in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia."

#2: Firearms and Bill C-71

Sponsor: Conservative MP Rachael Harder

Number of signatures: 86,082

Ryan Slingerland from Coalhurst, Alta. crafted the e-petition that won him the support of enough Canadians to make his e-petition the second-most-signed on the e-petition website during this parliament's tenure. The e-petition, which Slingerland put forward in March of last year, calls on the feds to "scrap Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, and to instead devote greater resources to policing in Canada."

#1: Implementing electoral reform

Sponsor: NDP MP Nathan Cullen

Number of signatures: 130,452

The person behind the most popular e-petition of the term – which blew the second-most signed e-petition out of the water by over 40,000 signatures – was Jonathan Cassels from Kitchener, Ont. He pitched the petition in November 2016, and called on the government to do four things.

First, he called on the government to declare its "on-going commitment to ensuring the 2015 election be the last Federal Canadian election under the First Past The Post system." He then asks that the government outline the proposals for reform, consult the public on proposals, and "outline a proposed timeline for the introduction of an electoral reform bill before the House of Commons, detailing the proposed timeline until passage into law."

The e-petition received tens of thousands of signatures from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec residents.