A Few We Have Won.

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Erik Redburn
A Few We Have Won.

Ok, since it's another grey and drizzly day here out here at the far end of the world (and I'm looking for an excuse to procrastinate awhile longer) I'm wondering if any Babblers could offer some examples of where progressive forces have won victories in the last twenty years or so.  Meaningful victories.  Examples perhaps we could still learn from.

I'll start with just one examples: 

The defeat of the MAI, largely due to unpaid and unrecognised activists, loe those many years ago, but with an extra tip o' the hat to Maude Barlow.  That was something, even though the forces of globalization never give up. 




How We Beat the War Party:


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WARNING: The link contains a request for a donation. Please be advised, I posted the link not as spam but for the main story.

Erik Redburn

So are those the only victories we've won in the last generation?  No wonder the world's in such bad shape. 

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At UBC, a group operating under the name Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) managed in 2008 to stop what was known as the University Blvd. development. The development was to level the grassy knoll, and turn it and the old bus loop (both near the Student Union Building), into a shopping mall and two condo towers. Despite saving the grassy knoll, the protest that managed to save it resulted in the arrest of several SDS members. SDS never recovered from the arrests, and with the graduation of some of their main members, they decided this school year to disband.

Erik Redburn

Thank you, just the kind of thing I'm looking for, smaller victories that are rarely accorded much attention -even on the left.    Even partial victories can have a positive effect. 

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Obama! He's like the most progressive Village Burner ever! HOPE! HOPE! CHANGE!

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Alexandra Morton, has won 2 court cases now against the DoF in respect to fish farming


The toxic waste dump at Christina Lake has been halted.


Most importantly we are still staving of 1984. ;)