Fifth Column : Advancing the Interests of Israel

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Fifth Column : Advancing the Interests of Israel

Gala Brings American Political Pundits to Town

"The topics of the debate ranged from the economy to Syria, Pakistan and ultimately to Iran and Israel. Both the Republicans and Democrats voiced support for Israel, although the Republican debaters were quick to state that they feel Obama has not been nearly supportive enough of the Jewish state.

Also that evening, there was a major gifts dinner. During the dinner, FSWC honoured Lt.Gen. Charles Bouchard, the commander of the NATO mission in Libya, as well as six other members of the Canadian Forces.."


CIJA National Assembly Reception Attracts Diverse Politicians

"Members of the national assembly from Quebec's three main political parties turned out in large numbers for the May 30 wine and cheese reception hosted by the Quebec office of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) at the legislature. Those present were privy to a briefing by French expert Bruno Tetrais, a senior research fellow of the Paris-based Fondation Par La Recherche Strategique on Iran's nuclear capability.

Tetrais emphasized the serious threat that Iran presents the international community and the danger of confining this issue to the relationship between Iran and Israel or even the Middle East. he also challenged analysts who downplay the liklihood of a US strike on Iranian nuclear facilities , while overstating the chances of an Israeli intervention.

Tetrais was in Quebec city as part of a three-day tour organized by CIJA that included high level meetings in Montreal and Ottawa. Israeli Consul General Joel Lion was also present.."


Canadian Senators Warn United Church Over Israel Boycott

"A group of nine senators has warned the United Church of Canada that it could spark a rift with the Jewish community if it approves the boycott of goods from Israeli settlements in the occupied lands.."

Boycott of Israeli Goods Denounced

"...Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Toronto-based Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, called the United Church proposal an affront to Israel and the Canadian Jewish community.."