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Free Palestine!

Mass Demonstration in Gaza Marks Annual Al Quds Day

"All parts of Palestine from the river to the sea are 'inseparable', including Jerusalem." - PFLP


Al Quds Day Demonstration Met With Jewish Defence League Protest

"Our objective here today is to capture Al Quds day,' Meir Weinstein, director of JDC Canada, said Saturday.

'The forces that we face thrive on fear and intimidation,' said JDL spokesman Robert Spencer*. 'We have to understand that what we are facing is a group...that is lovers of everything that is evil..."


Canada supports


I was at the Toronto event.  The JDL were doing their thing a couple of hundred yards away.  Very substatial police presence in between.  At one point the JDL people came right up to the police lines with a megaphone shouting unpleasant things.  What a nasty bunch.

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Palestinians Form First-Ever Left-Wing Coalition

Palestinian politicians are uniting in a first-ever left-wing coalition to win the October local elections, Quds Press reported on Wednesday.

Qais Abdul-Karim, head of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said in a press conference Wednesday that his party would form a coalition with four others in order to “overcome the mutual popularization (between Hamas and Fatah) which corrupts the Palestinian political process.”

The new coalition, the “Democratic Alliance,” would be committed to transparency and propose candidates who enjoy a wide base among left-wing Palestinians in an attempt to unite the Palestine Liberation Organization....


That is great news, e-paulo.

oldgoat, we also had them here, protesting the Social Forum. I think they drive around to various cities to make trouble. The usual crap abut "singling out" Israel for criticism, when a key them of the FSM is the rights of Indigenous people everywhere. And nobody is refraining from criticism of Saudi Arabia and ties to it, on the contrary.

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..this piece was posted just a few days ago where i came across it.

Establishing a Cross European Trade Union Platform In Solidarity With The People of Palestine

In November 2016 over 100 trade union delegates, representing twenty nine unions and three million members from all over Europe, gathered in a historic first meeting in Brussels to challenge the EU and European governments’ complicity with Israel and establish a cross European platform in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

During the seminar trade union delegates took part in 5 thematic workshops and 3 plenary sessions. The group at each workshop came out with a number of action points to be implemented in campaigns organised by trade unions in their respective countries. The seminar was also addressed by Palestinian trade union leaders about their struggle for justice and equality. Representatives from PGFTU, GFIU, the Arab Workers Union, the New Unions and Telecommunication Union were all active participants in the discussions. The seminar was also addressed by expert speakers on the political economy of the occupation, and on the multiple ways in which the Israeli state benefits from EU financial and political support. During the two-day seminar we looked at concrete steps to strengthen ties between the European and Palestinian trade union movement; discussed and shared ways in which trade unions are effectively campaigning to pressure the European Union, governments, institutions and businesses to end their support for Israeli violations of workers’ rights, human rights and international law and explored possibilities for coordination and joint work between trade unions and trade union activists across Europe.

The delegates also brought  this new trade union initiative into the streets of Brussels by holding a protest rally displaying the campaign banner.

Read the full report from the conference in EN and FR


Palestinians Reject Trump's Visit, Call For Day of Anger


New French President 'Will Not Recognise Palestine'


Video: Remembering the Nakba, 72 Years On

"It has been 72 years since the Nakba or catastrophe, when 800,000 Palestinians were expelled by Zionist militias or fled their towns and villages in a massive ethnic cleansing campaign to make way for Israel..."


The Hidden History of Zionism

Prof Ralph Schoenman


"An old Palestinian couple in front for their stolen home now inhabited by Jewish settlers from Brooklyn, NY, USA. Most of Palestine is stolen."

Free Palestine!


Nasrallah: 'The Liberation of Palestine is Near, We Will Pray at Al Quds Soon!' (and vid)

"Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of the International Day of Al Quds..."


JDL and similar groups in France have made very nasty friends against Jewish friends of ours. It is really a thuggish group.


World Abandons Palestinians On Eve Of Annexation

"Israel is confident and open about its plans because it enjoys the support of Washington. Israeli officials have been clear that the pending annexation will follow the outline of the so-called Trump plan for peace, named for US President Donald Trump, devised by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and actually authored according to some Israeli far-rightists, by Netanyahu. Palestinians have to fend for themselves..."


'Steal of the Century' (1/2 doco)

Trump's Palestine-Israel catastrophe and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it.

Free Palestine! Stop Supporting Apartheid Israel!