G20 Police Commander Convicted of Misconduct - For A Public Inquiry

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G20 Police Commander Convicted of Misconduct - For A Public Inquiry

G20 Commander Apologizes After Being Convicted of Misconduct


"...Asked if he was concerned that Fenton, who has nearly 27 years on the force, could choose to retire before being sentenced, Cavalluzzo said 'it would make the situation more absurd than it already is.

'People should be held to account. The chief of police at the time (Blair) is running for federal parliament for the Liberals. The Prime Minister is on the hustings trying to get re-elected.

Why aren't people concerned about the fact that so many Canadians peacefully protesting were arrested?

That to me is just intolerable."


Disciplinary Hearing Finds Police Officer Culpable in G20 Repression


"The massive state operation was a brazen assault on basic free speech and assembly rights. It was the largest mass arrest in the history of Canada. Those following the events surrounding the G20 summit and their judicial aftermath will have no doubt as to who the real 'terrorists' were on the streets of Toronto in June 2010."

How soon some forget.


Email Response From Jack Layton Regarding the G20


"...Now that the summits are over many quetions remain...We take these questions very seriously. We want the House of Commons Public Safety Committee to get to the bottom of these questions...

For more information on our efforts to hold the Harper government to account for their abysmal management of the G8/G20 meetings, please read the following links..."

Perhaps the fact the NDP asked former TO Police Chief Bill Blair to run for them, has something to do with its spectacular fail on this...


[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/04/13/senior-police-officer-shou... police officer should be fired for G20 actions, lawyer says[/url]



Members of the military who retire can be called back and charged under the national Defense Act for a Number of years.



Police, or anyone really, shouldn't have the option of retiring in order to avoid consiquences for their actions.