George Galloway 10 City Canadian Tour: 'Free Palestine! Free Afghanistan! Free Speech!'

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George Galloway 10 City Canadian Tour: 'Free Palestine! Free Afghanistan! Free Speech!'

Firebrand George Galloway Returns for 10 City Tour

"George Galloway, the former British MP banned from Canada last year  when he was branded a 'terrorist supporter' by the federal government, will return to Canada next month on a 10-city tour that includes a stop in the Calgary riding held by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney...

The 'Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech' Tour, includes stops in Halifax (Nov. 18), Montreal (Nov 17), Ottawa (Nov 27), Toronto (Nov 20) Edmonton (Nov 25) Vancouver (Nov 24), Winnipeg (Nov 26), Yellowknife (Nov 24) Calgary (Nov 23), Hamiliton (Nov 21)

'I'm looking forward to speaking in person with many Canadians who have defended their right to hear me, including those who disagree with me,' Galloway said in a statement. I'm also looking forward to challenging Jason Kenney to a public debate, who has yet to account for his role in trying to keep me out of Canada..'"

For further information :

Spread the word widely!

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Clearly the Winnipeg and Toronto dates should be switched so that Galloway can be in Toronto for the Tony Blair Anti-War Rally on Nov 26. Perhaps the organizers can make the alterations?

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Hey NDPP, just a reminder to not use all caps in thread titles.



Maysie Maysie's picture is the national media sponsor of George's November speaking tour of Canada, by the way.

Full list of cities, dates, times, locations here.

Anyone want to arrange a Toronto babble-convoy to Richmond Hill? Or Hamilton? 




Rabble should suggest that Galloway's tour dates be altered to permit his attendance at the Tony Blair rally. Who better?


George Galloway Sets His Sights on becoming 'big name' MSP

"George Galloway is set for a dramatic return to Scottish politics after he said it was 'pretty certain' he would stand for election as an MSP at next year's Holyrood elections.."

Move here George!


Pro Israel Opponents of Galloway Plan to Attend Canadian Talks in Disguise

pie a zionist in disguise?


Former British MP, Banned from Canada Last Year, Draws Sell-Out Crowd

didn't know he was speaking at York U last night. JDL was apparently out in force.