global financial collapse and call to action!

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global financial collapse and call to action!

 Italian 10-year yields surged another 28 bps to 3.42%, the high going back to March 2014. Italian bank stocks were hit another 4.7%, bringing 2018 losses to 19.2%. Contagion saw Greek yields jump 33 bps to 4.45%, with Greece's major equities indices down 5.0%. European bank stocks fell another 1.9% this week. Equities indices were down 2.4% in France and 2.6% in the UK. UK yields jumped 15 bps to the high since January 2016.

It was as if the dam finally broke. Ten-year Treasury yields jumped 17 bps this week to 3.23% (high since May 2011). Interestingly, long-bond yields were under even more pressure, as yields rose 20 bps to 3.41% (high since July '14). Mortgage securities fell under intense pressure, with benchmark MBS yields jumping 20 bps - surpassing 4.00% for the first time since July 2011.........

..growing instability globally, financially is seeping into 'core' western capitalist markets...this is the issue demanding radical and socialist alternatives to capitalism...

the contagion of the faltering EM or Emerging Market capitalism infecting the key capitalist systems of the West is now coming on strong this 2018 final quarter!

Demanding a call to radical movement!

Mr. Magoo

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