Go Raptors! (But NOT to Israel) Sign Petition...

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Go Raptors! (But NOT to Israel) Sign Petition...

Go Raptors! But NOT to Israel


"Larry Tanenbaum, co-owner of Toronto Raptors and a founder of the fanatically pro-Israel Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs, says Raptors will visit Israel if they win NBA championship. Do the Raptors truly want to legitimize an apartheid regime?"

Tell the Oligarch he'll be sorry...


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I hope the Raptors win and make it to Israel.  Hopefully, they will make it up to Haifa where I have kin and friends.  

I don't have any issue with Larry  Tanenbaum or  his family who have donated $60 million to Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital.


I sincerely hope the Raptors, win or lose, go to Israel. We will give due consideration to their refugee applications when they attempt to return.


Fans Go Crazy After Toronto Raptors Win Canada's 1st NBA Championship


"From coast to coast, fans are in a frenzy over Thursday's big win..."


Let's Go Raptors From the IDF! (and vid)


"Do they cheer the Toronto Raptors as they shoot the children at the Gaza fence?"


"Raptors, we'll call  you first thing tomorrow morning to help with the arrangements!"



BDS Canada - Don't let the Raptors make the trip of shame to Apartheid Israel!


Petition: Say No To Tanenbaum/Raptors Sportwashing Visit to Israel


Please sign/forward/distribute the petition.

Free Palestine!

Ken Burch

Unionist wrote:

I sincerely hope the Raptors, win or lose, go to Israel. We will give due consideration to their refugee applications when they attempt to return.

If the players were to go, it would be because the owner threatened to release them if they didn't.  He SOUNDS like the guy who'd break up a championship team in the service of annexationist Zionism-seems to me he is the one everyone should be focusing their anger on in this-we haven't heard what the players themselves would do, and I think a lot of them would refuse to go if they had their druthers or if they could be persuaded.



"Larry Tanenbaum, the pro-Israel billionaire co-owner of the Raptors says that he will take the new nba champions to Israel, an apartheid state. Compare his attitude to that of Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Let's hope Raptors players share Mr Kerr's noble sentiments..."



Israeli Forces Injure 46 Civilians in Gaza


"Scenes of the Israeli repression of the Great Return March protest today. Israeli soldiers wounded 46 Palestinians, 3 of whom are paramedics."

Sign the 'Don't Go Raptors!' petition @ #6 or email the oligarch/owner @ #1.


Another one...

"Israel's most racist football club Maccabi Tel Aviv is owned by Canadian billionaire Mitchell Goldhar."



"Mazel tov on your victory, Raptors! Israel is excited for your visit. But be aware, the Jewish state must guard against all demographic threats. So if you stay too long, I will have be re-open the Holot Accommodation Center."


Sign petition @ #6 above.


NDPP wrote:

"Mazel tov on your victory, Raptors! Israel is excited for your visit. But be aware, the Jewish state much guard against all demographic threats. So if you stay too long, I will have be re-open the Holot Accommodation Center."


Sign petition @ #6 above.


You know that's a fake account right?




Canada-Palestine Association: Open Letter to Toronto Raptors


"We are writing to you as long-time fans to urge you to uphold Palestinian human rights and not to travel to Israel. Please take this opportunity to stand with Palestinians in their struggle for freedom. Add your voice to the [over 3,000] people that signed the petition calling on the Raptors to say NO."

Other comments:

"Congratulations to the Raptors for their historic win. This is truly a proud moment. We urge you not to besmirch it by going on a sports-wash trip to Israel with its tragic record of brutalizing the Palestinian people. Stand for freedom and justice for all peoples." - Jim and Eva Manly

"You will lose a longtime season holder if this happens."  

"Because justice is more important than the Raptors PR!" 

"Do not go - this from a Palestinian refugee."

"I am a Canadian Jew and I don't want my winning team to celebrate their victory in an apartheid, racist state like Israel."


Please #SkipTheTrip to Israel, Toronto Raptors


The Canadian BDS Coalition started a petition on 14 June, calling on team members NOT to be part of such an infamy; it has already gathered over 3,000 signatures...


It says a lot about Canada that upon winning the NBA championship, the first ever for a Canadian team, that team is immediately dragooned into supporting the Apartheid state of Israel. Just like Canadians are.


Why is this event different than the many other international events held in Israel?


It isn't. They shouldn't be. #BDS


Toronto Raptors: Skip the Trip To Apartheid Israel


"Tell the Toronto Raptors : Don't celebrate your historic NBA win by becoming ambassadors to sports-wash occupation, apartheid and warcrimes."

Please sign petition @ #6


I feel like no one really cares about online petitions. They take as much effort to sign as clicking a pop-up ad.  Has an online petition ever changed someones mind?


Obviously the almost 5,000 people that have thus far signed the petition feel differently.

'I'm signing because it's the right thing to do.' - signer's comment.


Almost 2 million people signed an E-petition to get Game of Thrones season 8 re-writen.


Maybe if those 5000 signators were to write a letter to an MP, or even send an email, it might show a little more effort than taking 10 seconds of of their day to write their name online.

But honestly. Has there been any major decision in Canada or anywhere anyone can think of that was reversed because people signed an online petition?


What could be more pointless in this case than a letter or email to a Canadian MP on Israel? 5,000 people supporting BDS against the CIJA oligarch's sports-washing plans is nothing to sneeze at - especially if you haven't bothered to even try it yet


I signed the petition for you :)

I didn't donate the $7 they were asking for though. Where does that money go anyways?

Forbes says the team is worth $1.7 billion.  Maybe this petition of random people on the internet saying they (Raptors) just lost season ticket holders will be enough to scare them into canceling their trip.

If Rabble wants to pay for the tickets I can fly to Israel and heckle the team if they DO show up.


Thanks. Better to be voted into parliament then you can take the same all expense paid junkets to Israel most MPs have taken in exchange for their fealty.  More than once...


"This petition has now surpassed 5,000 signatures. With your help we can take it to 10,000."


Please sign/comment/forward

Only in Canada would the first order of business of a historical NBA winning milestone be to organize a trip to Apartheid Israel. 


Winners Don't Sportswash War Crimes


"Israel's killing of Palestine children in Gaza protests amounts to war crimes."


(sign petition @ #6 above)

"Our campaign #SayNo #SkipTheTrip is gaining momentum with Code Pink and Jewish Voices for Peace on board. And more media covering it, including Quds News Network and the Palestine Chronicle. JOIN IN TWITTER STORM on SATURDAY, JUNE 22 @1:00 PM ET/8 PM in [occupied] PALESTINE."


NDPP wrote:

"Israel's killing of Palestine children in Gaza protests amounts to war crimes."


If Israel soldiers are specifically targeting children then yes. If children are killed by accident then no.

Under the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), the death of non-combatants isn't necessarily a violation, there are many things to take into account. Civilians cannot be made the object of an attack, but the death/injury of civilians while conducting an attack on a military objective are governed under principles such as of proportionality and military necessity and can be permissible. Military necessity “permits the destruction of life of … persons whose destruction is incidentally unavoidable by the armed conflicts of the war; ... it does not permit the killing of innocent inhabitants for purposes of revenge or the satisfaction of a lust to kill. The destruction of property to be lawful must be imperatively demanded by the necessities of war


Arguing proportionality could be a breach of the LOAC depending on the situation children are killed.


"Israeli forces have intentionally shot children, they've intentionally shot people with disabilities, they've intentionally shot journalists, knowing them to be children, people with disabilities and journalists,' - UN HRC, Feb 2019

Justin Trudeau Has Israel's Back



If lawyers can prove that children and non-combatents were intentially targeted then that's 100% warcrimes and they should be held accountable.


Maybe we should send the Canadian Forces to bring them to heel.

Task Force Kruedener



'Hard No': Raptors' Danny Green Says the NBA Champs Won't Pay Trump A Visit


"To put it politely, I think it's a hard no...."

Excellent. Now refuse the visit to his bloody buddy Bibi and Apartheid Israel too. Over 6,000 have thus far signed an international petition so asking. You can too @ #6 above.


Roger Waters Adds Voice to #RaptorsDontGo (and vid)


"Roger Waters speaks to Toronto Raptors fans and all people concerned about justice to join him in the call to the Raptors players to say no to sports-washing and to say no to the proposed BRAND ISRAEL trip offered by Raptors co-owner Larry Tanenbaum. Join with Roger and let the Raptors know you are on the side of justice. Sign the petition..."


Engler: Why Do Raptors [Ownership] Associate With Blood-Stained Dictator?


"...At an NBA meeting in New York in September [Paul] Kagame thanked Ujiri and Raptors governor Larry Tanenbaum, lauding the Giants of Africa initiative as 'another step for Africa in our development.' In August Kagame opened a training camp in Kigali with Ujiri and NBA commissioner Adam Silver while two months earlier the Raptors GM met the Rwandan leader at the G-7 Summit in Quebec City. Ujiri's public 'friendship' with Kagame has been taking place amongst growing recognition of Kagame's violence...Kagame has as much African blood on him as any other individual alive..."


Petition Update: Israeli Citizens Call To Toronto Raptors: 'Don't Help Israel White Wash'


"A letter has been sent to the Toronto Raptors from Israeli citizens today..."

Please sign/forward.


#RaptorsDontGo - "Check out Mondoweiss: Sports-washing and Toronto Raptors by Marion Kawas. Owners Bell, Rogers and Tanenbaum have not reported on their intentions. People are refusing to allow sports-washing to become Israel's next frontier."


"A source in Toronto confirmed Tanenbaum is exploring a group trip to Israel for the team. The Canada BDS Coalition which began a petititon the day following the Raptors victory, have officially requested clarification from all of the team's owners (Bell, 37.5%, Rogers, 37.5% and Tanenbaum's company Kilmer Sports 25%) as to whether such a visit is under consideration or has already been approved.*

Tanenbaum has a long history as an ardent supporter of Israel and is one of the founders of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Canada. He also took an NBA delegation to Israel in 2017. The experience of a 2017 NFL delegation, that fell apart after several Israeli cabinet ministers bragged that the players would become 'ambassadors of goodwill for Israel' may well be fresh in the memories of sports fans and team owners. And the backlash to NBA player Draymond Green's visit in July 2018, organized by Friends Of The IDF, where he posed holding an Israeli sniper's rifle, was both swift and decisive..."

*email addresses to all Raptors' owners - Bell, Rogers and Tanenbaum soon. Watch this space.

Read the latest update. Sign/forward the petition.