Help Us Protest: TTC Rejcts 'Disappearing Palestine' Ads

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Help Us Protest: TTC Rejcts 'Disappearing Palestine' Ads

Please Express Your Disagreement With the TTC Decision Rejecting CJPME's 'Disappearing Palestine ' Ads

"On October 21, the transit authorities conveyed their decision to reject the ads.

While CJPME is ready to appeal this decision to the highest levels - including up to the Supreme Court - we ask you to voice your disagreement with this latest response from the TTC.

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Fight Begins Over TTC Palestine Ads: Councillor, Jewish Organizations Hope to Block Controversial Campaign About Middle East

"Everything in the ads is historically, accurate, verified. There's no question that what the maps depict is true. Councillor James Pasternak says he will 'vigorously oppose' any attempt to put the ads on city transit."

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Translink accepted them here in Vancouver.


Toronto Transit Bans 'Disappearing Palestine' Ad Claiming Risk of Anti-Jewish Violence

"...TTC spokesman Brad Ross said that the transit body did not accept that Israel's confiscation of Palestinian land was either 'unfair' or 'illegal'.

TTC's extraordinary finding runs wholly against international law, and even the nominal policies of Canada's extremely pro-Israel Conservative government."

Zionization continues apace...


'We need to remove all the posters from the system' - Boston Censors the Palestinian Narrative (Updated: The Ads Are Going Back Up

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Because the truth hurts!