How do we decide on tactics? Who gets to decide? (Boundaries to Protest II)

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For godsake LTJ stop doing that. Another personal attack like that and you're taking a break.

I take breaks all the time. But every time I come back, I see the same old trolls getting away with the same stupid shit without being called on it. It's disrespectful of babble policy, insulting to the majority of contributors, and pig-ignorant besides.


Well said.  



A strong example of that solidarity was on display during the February 12th “Take Back Our City” march. That march saw upwards of 2000 people march on BC Place during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. That march was lead by Indigenous women. When the march reached the police line outside of BC Place that night, the cops started pushing and shoving the front line of the stalled march. Indigenous women called for the Black Bloc to move to the front to hold the line. When the elders amongst that leadership group decided that the crush from the police was too much, the Black Bloc made space for them to move to the back of the crowd.

I was there that night standing at the front of the line beside first the Elders and then the Bloc.  I was dismayed to hear all the negativity against disciplined activists providing security for FN's elders and the march.  I walked peacefully to the line the cops had set across from BC Place.  After a few minutes the cops began to be bussed in and there were literally hundreds of riot gear equipped police.  They began pushing the crowd and those of us at the front had to play rugby to stop them from pushing into the crowd to disperse it.  Before the Black Bloc had done anything I heard police targeting them and openly stating they HATED them.  Many of the Black Bloc people I stood with were not white dilettantes as most who were not there kept saying on this and other internet sites but activists from the DTES particularly from the aboriginal separatist movement. If you read the articles by the people involved you will get a sense of the actual on the ground reality.  To aboriginal separatists I ask what could be a more symbolic target for protest than the HBC. 

Thanks Kim for publishing the other side and not merely publishing Judy's center of the universe views. Telling the Bloc to behave like "good" activists is to me a lot like telling pro-Palestinians to stop using the term apartheid.