How to rationalize requests?

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How to rationalize requests?

I'm relatively new to Rabble, so I hope this is the right forum for this.

Not long ago, I'd come across a poster for

I'd noticed that though it was asking for university fees to drop, it gave no suggestion as to how to do so, presenting both pros, cons, and possible ways to work around the cons to make their request viable. And is by no means unique as far as activist organization are concerneds, from what I've observed, though it was unique in the irony that its membership mainly comprises university students who we would think would have been most capable of developing such a plan.

I'd like to point out though before we continue that the goal of this thread is neither to support nor oppose the goals of, but rather to show how many such organizations are quick to make requests but are very slow to draw out an action plan to make them real. For example, if I were the government and you should make a request, it's only natural that my next question would be how you think we can achieve it. And my second would likely be what the negative side of this might be, and how to counter it. If you'd never even thought of this, then you'd be cought unprepared.

It would seem to me that any organization requesting help from the government is likely to get a more positive response if it can explain in sufficient detail how this request could be met while countering any negative side to this action at the same time. This would show me that your request is not just a blind one, but a well thought out action plan.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think activist organizations should go beyond simple requests to presenting recommendations as to how to achieve them?

I could be wrong in my ideas here, but I'd just like your thoughts on this.