How the TPP and the F35 JSF are the same kettle half-rotten of fish.

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How the TPP and the F35 JSF are the same kettle half-rotten of fish.


Though the TPP is a trade deal and the F35 JSF an aircraft they have a lot in common:

Both are corporate rip-offs.

Both have to do with warfare.

Both pilfer the public purse

Both with no doubt be approved.

One of the great truths of our century is that governments everywhere are indentured to the corporate interest. When corporations say, “jump,”  government’s reply is “how high?” When corporations have a stinky kettle of half-rotten fish to sell governments of the Western World are in the queue to obediently turn over public funds.

Warfare is a cherished item in the 21st century.  Everyone seems to love it. It is the grand soap opera of all times.   We watch on and on, unconcerned as to how it will all end.  There is something for everybody. The TPP is economic warfare where corporations take control of a country’s economy, and the F35 JSF is of course for military combat.  It doesn’t really matter the F-35JSF is an over-priced lemon; war is now corporatized.  It is not about aircraft that can actually fly it’s about making sure corporations are bailed out and paid off; even when they have mismanaged and squandered billions of public dollars.    

As for the tattered old public purse,  it seems people haven’t caught on that all this corporate warfare and welfare may not be part our everyday lives, but it affects our lives profoundly.  As we struggle to pay our taxes and make ends meet governments too often, squander them buying up kettles of half-rotten fish. To add insult to injury corporatists are government endorsed tax dodgers.

Will they be approved?  Of course, history says so.  Repeated behaviors make outcomes predictable.  Politicians have lost their nose. They can’t tell the difference between a fragrant chowder and a kettle of smelly fish. 


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