How the west eats its young

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How the west eats its young


Taking into account what is at play here, it is obvious that the insurrection in France is only the beginning of a much wider process which is going to spread to other Western countries.

It would be absurd to believe that at a time of financial globalisation, a government, whatever it might be, could resolve the problems of its country without first of all questioning international relations and at the same time regaining its capacity for action. But precisely, foreign policy has been kept on the sidelines of the democratic field since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is both necessary and urgent to resign from almost all of the treaties and engagements of the last thirty years. Only the states which are able to re-affirm their sovereignty can hope to recover.

Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley...from

What is needed desperately in Canada is the building of a social justice ecology movement/Party based on such concepts of sovereignty to challenge legally and politically, a holistic movement to challenge the corporate/government system, built from a perspective of regional autonomy and federation, nationally and internationally....any takers?