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An Idea...

Greetings, my fellow rabble -

Let me state the problem first, then offer my proposed action and what it will take.

1) The problem: our government with the help of certain media seems to be in full-blown denial of our daily experience, as well as the science, of global warming.  There is even more denial and anti-science politics and propaganda south of the border.  

2) My proposed action: It is mid-December now, and as has been the case increasingly year by year, the weather is mild and above-freezing, not a snowflake in sight.  

If this weather continues for another week and the forecast is more more of the same, I propose that all so-minded people plan to converge on our nation's capital for a Global Warming photo-op on Parliament Hill.  Bring your bathing suit, sunglasses, lemon-aid...  A couple of folks in polar bear suits would also add to the merriment.  And we invite lots of media.  

If we have a sunny day with no snow in Ottawa January 1, this could be an iconic moment, a great media event, a lot of fun, and a frontal assault on the claims of the deniers.

3) It will take: A Facebook site, a networking effort, a car pool, maybe some buses, swim gear, flippers, towels, sunscreen.

What do you say?