James Julien - 1970-2009

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James Julien - 1970-2009

I hope it's not too out of line to post this on a public forum, but I wanted to note that James Julien has passed away after two consecutive strokes. He was thirty-eight years old.

James was one of the partners and co-founders of Public Outreach, a not-for-profit fundraising organization with offices across Canada and around the world. In addition to being a passionate and relentless organizer, he was a hero of mine, and it's shocking and saddening to hear that he has passed on. There have been few people in my life who have embodied the spirit of fearless and thankless social change as readily as he has, and I can only hope that there are other people on Babble who knew James and who recognize what a powerful, wonderful person he was.

For those who would like more information, a Facebook group has been founded, and a rather touching statement has been written by Public Outreach's Peter Coleman.