Let's do something about nepotism in the Ontario Public Service

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Let's do something about nepotism in the Ontario Public Service

I want to make this a true call to activism. Something we can actually do something about. This is not symbolic nor is it massive in scale. It is something small many of us can do to change something about the corruption within Ontario's Public Service. 


Yes this appears to be my first post, but as an OPS employee I am trying to remain as anonymous as possible so I created a new account. 

Generally, there are many legitimate ways to hire a relative within the OPS. Conflict of Interest officially occurrs when a OPS employee hires his or her relative to work directly beneath them, or; an OPS employee hires the relative of another employee to supervise or be supervised by that relative. 

There is a lot of grey area, and all that will likely come about are a few slaps on the wrist and "hindsight is 20 20" comments. However, that isn't so bad, and there may even be some policy changes, plus some publicity if we get this big enough. 

Any incident of an OPS employee being related to another is relevant, whether or not it meets the above criteria.

Who can help: Anyone with a SPECIFIC example of an OPS employee hired as a POSSIBLE result of his or her relation to another OPS employee. No proof is necessary.

Why this is important: For starters, look at our job market, look at all the hard working and highly educated people who are desperately looking for jobs. Also, think about our tax dollars and whose salaries we are paying.

What you can do: Report it to the ombudsman. This literally takes 5 minutes, just follow the provided link. Try to get some information such as the job code (5 digit number) or title that the person applied to. The names of individuals and dates are helpful too. Mention that there "may be a conflict of interest", which puts of a red flag.  Ask for them to call you if you are concern up privacy online. 


I already have an on-going investigation into a specific example, but I know we all know of example of people getting hired into the OPS because of his or her relationship with another OPS employee. I believe this should be a more widesweeping investgation

Your friends will not get in trouble if their relative helped them get a job, their relatives are very unlikely to get in trouble. But we can let it be known that nepotism, although rampant in society, should stay out of the public sector. 

This is pretty simple people. We can sit around the dinner table complaining that we got passed up for so-and-so's nephew, or we can do something about it in as litle as 5 minutes.