Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]

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Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]




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We ignore this at our peril.

FCC to vote next month on net neutrality rules for Internet providers

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Protesters Crash FCC as GOP Scrambles Against Net Neutrality

The debate over net neutrality is getting ugly as Republicans make a last ditch attempt at derailing the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) plan to regulate the internet as a public utility, like landline telephone service, and make service providers more accountable to consumers.

At a press conference on February 10, Ajit Pai, one of five FCC commissioners, spoke out against the group's plan, saying the public is being "misled" about a plan that is "worse than I had imagined." Pai, a Republican and longtime opponent of net neutrality rules, will be in a 2-3 minority when the Democratic-controlled commission votes on the plan on February 26.

Protesters interrupted the press conference and were removed by security guards as they tried to unfurl a banner reading, "85 percent of Republican voters support net neutrality," a reference to a University of Delaware poll taken in November 2014....