Netroots Nation starts today

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Netroots Nation starts today

Netroots Nation is a convention in the USA for online Democratic and democratic politcal activists.  It's been going on for a few years and started as YearlyKos, a convention for

It looks like they are doing live online broadcasts of all their sessions.  I'm not sure if it's just today, or all days.  It looks like there is a lot of interesting content.

All times given are in Eastern, as it takes place in Rhode Island.  So I guess the day is pretty much over, but maybe this will tempt people into tuning in for whatever they have tomorrow.


Here's today's live broadcast schedule from Netroots Nation 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island. To tune in, simply click the link for the room in which the conference session is being held.

Main Stage (Hall A/B) [Watch Live]
7:00pm: Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman (Keynote)

Ballroom A [Watch Live]
9:00am: From Defeat to Triumph: Erasing the Death Penalty in America (Panel)
10:30am: Handcuffs, Conventional Wisdom and Dirty Oil: Activism’s Big Win Against the Keystone XL Pipeline (Panel)
2:00pm: Battleground Caucuses: North Carolina (Caucus)
3:00pm: Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC's Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It (Panel)
4:30pm: Protecting Voting Rights in Communities of Color in 2012 (Panel)

Ballroom B [Watch Live]
9:00am: Taking the Offense in State Elections (Panel)
10:30am: Collaboration, Not Co-option: Labor, Community Organizations and Occupy Wall Street Working Together (Panel)
2:00pm: Battleground Caucuses: Ohio (Caucus)
3:00pm: The Battle for Congress: Q&A on the 2012 Elections (Panel)
4:30pm: Marriage Equality: Past, Present and Future (Panel)

Ballroom D [Watch Live]
9:00am: The Heart of the Beast: How the Grassroots is Taking on Big Banking (Panel)
10:30am: Organizing Lessons from SOPA and PIPA (Panel)
2:00pm: Battleground Caucuses: Massachusetts (Caucus)
3:00pm: Liberate Your Ass: Why Sexual Freedom is Key to Fighting the Right (Panel)
4:30pm: Emerging Movements: The Face of New Progressive Online Communities (Panel)

Room 552 [Watch Live]
9:00am: Agitation and Inspiration: The Power of Art and Cultural Organizing (Panel)
10:30am: Beyond Occupy: What Does a New Economic System Look Like? (Panel)
2:00pm: Battleground Caucuses: Colorado (Caucus)
3:00pm: Occupy Goes Home: The Occupy Movement and the Foreclosure Crisis (Panel)
4:30pm: Why the Fed is the Most Important Economic Issue You Know Nothing About (Panel)

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