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lol Kinder Morgan is a Texas company. so an american company can sue the USA?


TransCanada is a Canadian corporation, not owned by Kinder Morgan.


oh thank you Ken, i thought the same people owned it as Transmountain


TORONTO — The Ontario Energy Board says there is an imbalance in the environmental and economic risks of the Energy East pipeline project and the expected benefits.

The board says its primary concerns are about pipeline safety and the impact on lakes, rivers and drinking water in the event of an oil spill, and wants it routed away from environmentally sensitive areas.

It says Ontario residents are also concerned about the impact on natural gas supplies and prices when the pipeline is converted to carry oil.

Brad Wall has been very insulting on EE saying that equalization payments should be sent through pipelines and that approving pipelines is under federal jurisdiction so the provinces have no right to stop them. Harper made those statements about approving EE is a no-brainer and that he won't take "no" for an answer.

I think it's bluster and that the both realize the pipelines are doomed so they have nothing to lose by their comments. Ontario and Quebec are just humouring them by going through the process because the truth is EE threatens the Canadian environment right across Canada through our most populated regions and major water sources. For Quebec and Ontario it is 99% risk 1% benefit.

There is simply no payoff big enough for the Premiers to accept EE. Both are fighting environmentalists to open up mining in the North. Rejecting EE is a good way for them to appear more balanced and willing to nix deals that are environmentally threatening. They can defend their northern development plans based on their refusal of EE.

I predict they are going to try their last option to reach tidewater, north.


Article on oil refineries.

Judith Dwarkin, chief energy economist at ITG Investment Research, warns that spending billions of dollars to increase refining capacity within Canada is no economic panacea. She notes that North West received big subsidies when the Alberta government agreed to supply 37,500 barrels a day of bitumen to the company and also pay fees for processing. “It isn’t really a commercially-based decision, but is diverting public funds from other uses in order to subsidize the processing of oil,” Ms. Dwarkin says.

Ted Morton, executive fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, issued a study in April that called North West a “boondoggle with high risks for Alberta taxpayers.”

North West will be the first oil refinery to open in Canada since 1984. A North Dakota refinery that opened earlier this year was the first to be built in the United States since 1976.

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Downtown Eastside residents march in solidarity with Unist’ot’en Camp

On Friday, August 14th, the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS) held a rally and picket to support the Unist’ot’en Camp. The camp, located on unceded Wet’suwet’en Territory, has been under increasing pressure this summer with repeated attempts to survey traditional lands for the TransCanada pipeline.

Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents and VANDU members joined the rally under the banner, “No pipelines on stolen native land” and “People before profit.” The march arrived at the Chevron gas station via the Hastings Corridor. The corridor is latest site of Indigenous mass-displacement in Vancouver where property values in the historically low-income neighbourhood have gone up by over 300% since 2001. Rents are expected to rise further with the construction of several high-end condo towers, including a mega development at 955 E Hastings just a few blocks away from the Chevron station.

The rally and picket drew attention to the intimate links between resource extraction and real estate displacement in British Columbia. As Seb Bonet writes in the Downtown East: “To many people who are Indigenous or living with low incomes, pipelines and cranes represent the latest in a long series of displacements.” Below is a speech by Tracey Morrison, making the living connection between Indigenous resistance in rural and urban British Columbia. Tracey is the president of WAHRS and is a long-time activist in the DTES community....


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The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks Northwest communities have won key battles. Can they win the war?

“Everybody outside the Northwest thinks that’s where energy projects go to die.”

That’s the reputation our region has earned as an increasing number of proposed coal and oil export projects have encountered ferocious opposition. It’s what the backer of a proposed oil refinery in Longview, Washington, told reporters earlier this year after his company’s stealth proposal was outed by environmental groups.

The Cascadia region has proven to be extraordinarily challenging for those who would turn it into a major carbon energy export hub—so much so that Sightline has taken to calling it the Thin Green Line.

Since 2012, a staggering number of schemes have proposed to move large volumes of carbon-intense fuels through Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to Asian markets. A recent Sightline analysis shows that proposed and newly permitted energy projects in the region would amount to the carbon equivalent of more than five Keystone XL Pipelines.

But in big ways and small—from Coos Bay, Oregon, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia—the Thin Green Line has held fast. Big energy projects have faced delays, uncertainty, mounting costs…and then failure. A review of these projects makes clear just how successful the region has been in denying permission to dirty energy companies as it stays true to its heritage as a center of clean energy, sustainability, and forward thinking....

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We will not earn Greenest City title if we are West Coast’s major tar sands-oil port

The following is Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr's official Aug. 18 Letter of Comment to the National Energy Board (NEB) Review Panel on Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion proposal.

I am participating in this hearing with trepidation. I have lost faith in the National Energy Board in general, and in your hearing on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in particular.

Failure to consider the broader impacts that this project will have on greenhouse gas emissions is unconscionable and tragic in the light of scientifically-verified and rapidly accelerating global warming (think of the droughts, fires and heat waves in B.C. and Canada this summer). Considering the vast quantities of fossil fuels that the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion project is intended to deliver over its lifetime, its negative impacts on carbon emissions are relevant and are of both Canadian and global significance.

Besides not weighing the overriding climate consequences of the project, your board has done much to limit discussion by not allowing verbal cross examination of witnesses by interveners and by siding with the company’s decision to not fully reveal pertinent information about spill clean up preparedness. Your decision to allow Kinder Morgan to withhold such information is particularly egregious given that authorities in Washington State — but not Canada — have been given the information. Such actions contribute to making this hearing a sham. The public has good reason to be cynical. Like many, I believe that no matter what I or anyone else presents to you at these hearings, you are going to approve the project. How tragic for democracy......

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The near tripling of the capacity of the Westridge Terminal would mean an estimated 520 tankers a year that must pass through the Second Narrows in Burrard Inlet, in what is considered by many the riskiest oil-tanker passage in the world.

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Kinder Morgan pipeline hearings delay hard on beleaguered industry, expert says

An energy expert says the National Energy Boards’ decision to delay hearings about Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is adding uncertainty to an already fragile industry.

The NEB postponed hearings this week because a consultant who prepared evidence in favour of the project will soon start working for the national energy regulator.

The regulatory panel looking into the proposed pipeline expansion decided to strike the consultant’s evidence from the record.

The NEB also directed Kinder Morgan to list any other evidence Steven Kelly prepared — and to advise the panel whether that material will be replaced.

Carmen Velasquez, who heads the energy programs at the University of Alberta, says the postponement could delay the project even if it gets approval.

“It creates more uncertainty, which is something that western Canadian producers are having to deal with already,” she said.

“It depends on what they do going forward. So, if they re-submit evidence, depending whether that evidence has to be developed from scratch, it could take a lot of time to do that.”......

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High-profile actors, musicians, authors launch manifesto outlining bold climate and economic vision for Canada

Several musicians, directors, actors, authors, national and community leaders and dozens of organizations are launching the Leap Manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another on Tuesday September 15. Translated into 8 languages, including Cree and Inuktitut, the manifesto aims to gather tens of thousands of signatures and build pressure on the next federal government to transition Canada off fossil fuels while also making it a more livable, fair and just society.

In addition to featuring several of the Manifesto’s high-profile signatories, the launch event will include experts outlining why this vision is feasible and achievable.

WHAT: Launch of Leap Manifesto. To read the Manifesto visit (the website will go live the morning of September 15).

WHO: David Suzuki, Naomi Klein, Stephen Lewis, Tantoo Cardinal, Joseph Boyden, Patricia Rozema, George Elliott Clarke, Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull, Maude Barlow, and others.

WHEN: 10:30am, Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WHERE: 2nd Floor Events, 461 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4 (Just west of Spadina on King, entrance on the side by the laneway)

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Transporting oil by tanker truck across Canada is just fine. It provides badly need jobs and if there is an accident it is limited to 90,000 gallons not 1 million barrels. Think small - think safe. Let's limit our liabilities and protect the environment.

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Chilliwack school board turns down Kinder Morgan offer

The Chilliwack board of education rejected oil giant Kinder Morgan’s recent compensation offer at the first public meeting of the 2015/16 school year Tuesday night.

With Martha Wiens absent, the board voted 4-2 in favour of declining an offer from the oil company for its expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline right of way under Vedder middle school’s field.

Trustee Paul McManus pointed to the three options presented by district staff based on a retained lawyer’s advice, but noted there was a fourth option: saying ‘no’—full stop.

“Because ultimately the money that we're talking about is negligible it's not about the money,” he said prior to the vote. “It's about the philosophical decision of whether we want to say ‘yeah, go ahead’ at some point down the road. I'm not comfortable with that, with just opening up the doors.”

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13 court cases challenging the NEB's approval of Enbridge Northern Gateway get underway next Thursday, Oct 1st. If you're in Vancouver, head on down for a solidarity rally.


the oil and pipeline companies are in an uproar about the NDP maybe getting a voice in government. imv they must be pumping money into both Liberal and Conservative campaigns they're so concerned.

AB pipeline comapanies are telling employees no new contracts are to be signed until after the election and they're doing their best to have a government backing their industry.

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..there's this as well quizzical

Conservative candidate Tim Laidler’s connection to Kinder Morgan

The Conservatives are putting a lot of stock in Port Moody-Coquitlam candidate Tim Laidler.

Last week, B.C. Regional Minister James Moore and the prime minister’s wife Laureen Harper made a rare joint appearance in the Vancouver-area riding to bolster his campaign.

It isn’t hard to see why the party would invest such star power in Laidler — he’s an Afghanistan veteran, an advocate for victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and he holds two university degrees in political science and counselling psychology. He’s also the executive director of the Veterans Transition Network, which helps enhance quality of life for veterans of war.

In other words, he’s young, handsome, a hero, and his record is squeaky clean.

An investigation by National Observer however has uncovered some eyebrow-raising connections between the star candidate’s campaign and Texas-based oil pipeline giant Kinder Morgan....

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KPU Withdraws from Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has withdrawn from the memorandum of understanding that the institution signed with Trans Mountain in June. The memorandum would have given KPU $300,000 towards student awards and partial operating funds for the university’s Environmental Protection Technical Lab. The financial contribution was contingent on the National Energy Board’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project under Kinder Morgan.

The decision to withdraw follows a meeting on Oct. 2 between KPU president and vice-chancellor, Alan Davis, and the Kwantlen First Nation Council. On Sept. 23, the KFN spoke to KPU’s board of governors about their opposition to the MOU. They were joined by the Kwantlen Student Association, the Kwantlen Public Research Interest Group, anti-pipeline organization PIPE UP, and geography professor Bill Burgess....

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SFU faculty opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline

Simon Fraser University’s professors, librarians and instructors are banding together to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The move is quite rare, given the faculty association generally stays away from politics and controversial issues.

“It is safe to say the faculty association gets political almost never. The association tends to stay away from making political statements,” said executive director Brian Green.  

The SFU Faculty Association, which represents more than 1,000 staff, passed a motion opposing the pipeline at the last general meeting in July and in September gave the go-ahead to tell media.

The motion states the association opposes Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion and cites health and environmental risks....

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..delay is the key

Burnaby's newest MP says Liberals will redo NEB process Kinder Morgan pipeline could be delayed

The National Energy Board’s review of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion will likely go back to the drawing board following the Liberals’ majority win on Monday.

Terry Beech, the newly elected Liberal in Burnaby North-Seymour, told the NOW there will be no decision on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in January.

“We are going to redo the National Energy Board process. We’re going to broaden the scope. We’re going to make sure it’s objective, fair and based on science. We’re going to make sure proponents of any major energy projects, including Kinder Morgan, have to work towards getting community support and support from partner First Nations,” he said, reiterating pre-election promises. “We’ve already said there will be no decision on Kinder Morgan in January. Kinder Morgan will have to go through a new, revised process.”


New Democrat Kennedy Stewart, now the MP in Burnaby South, said he thinks the pipeline will go ahead under the Liberals’ watch.

“I think in the end, under Prime Minister Trudeau, will in one way or another approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline whether it’s through a direct cabinet decision or a new NEB process,” Stewart said. “I think they will cancel the Northern Gateway pipeline and they’ll approve Kinder Morgan.”

“They’ll make it look like there’s more consultation. They’ll add six months onto the process and they’ll talk to some First Nations, and then they’ll approve it,” he added. “I think Kinder Morgan is back at the drawing board. They’ll talk to their insiders at the Liberal party, … to find the best way to get this project built.”

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Oct 27  Tue 8:30 AM · 5 pm · Federal Court of Canada, 701 West Georgia Street.

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Kinder Morgan's Mysterious Ways

For the stock market, Richard Kinder just doesn’t seem like ideal boyfriend material. Not only does he play the field, when you try to talk to him about it, he shuts down.

The company he chairs, Kinder Morgan, surprised investors on Wednesday evening not merely by missing earnings estimates and scaling back dividend growth targets, but also announcing plans for a new capital infusion.

Actually, "plans" is probably too generous. Rather, the company said that with its cost of equity now so high -- the dividend yield having risen to 6.5 percent -- it had "identified alternative funding sources" to meet its needs through the first half of 2016. Questioned by analysts as to what those sources were, Kinder demurred, citing regulatory restrictions. The stock fell 5 percent Thursday morning....

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..this old news is really new news

DFO hands over fisheries protection along pipelines to the NEB

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has handed responsibility for fish and fish habitat along pipeline routes over to the National Energy Board. The same agreement also gives the National Energy Board responsibility for dealing with First Nations fisheries if a pipeline or power line crosses their traditional territory.

DFO and NEB quietly announced a memorandum of agreement on December 16, 2013, that went largely unnoticed with the release three days later of the Joint Review Panel decision on Northern Gateway and the slow down in news coverage over the Christmas holidays.....


Laidler lost i see to Fin.

interesting news about Kinder Morgan falling short on revenue. will have to tell mom.

and wow on the NEB controlling fish and wildlife habitat. it's a big deal!!!!

it means the Fraser, North Thompson, Canoe, Albreda, McClennan and Swift Creek Rivers just in this area alone are being looked after by the NEB. the proposed twinned pipeline goes along or under all of them.

i think the Liberal's already know they don't have to do much to change it to what they said about their NEB proposals of FN's and communities cooperation.

Transmountain already has FN and community approval all the way to Merrit.


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Burnaby to appeal pro-Kinder Morgan decision from NEB

with video

The City of Burnaby is refusing to back down from its fight with Kinder Morgan, saying it plans to appeal a National Energy Board decision granting the energy giant access to a municipal conservation area.

The city has tried in recent months to block the company from conducting survey work in the area on Burnaby Mountain — Kinder Morgan’s preferred route for the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But the energy board ruled last week that Burnaby can’t stop the company’s activities because the geotechnical work is needed by the board so it can make recommendations to the federal government about whether the project should proceed.....

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Friday, October 30 at 6:00pm

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

12666 72nd Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia

Part 1 of 3: A feature length documentary of the Burnaby Mountain movement; how it started, who's involved, what happened, what's next.

A part of a nation wide tour to connect with other communities while fundraising for frontline indigenous camps/resistance. There will be more Vancouver area screenings within October 2015.

location: Aboriginal Gathering Place KPU Surrey

trailer #1:
trailer #2:

Entry: by donation. No one turned away for lack of funds. Funds raised will be split with the filmmaker and Kwantlen FN.

This event will be held on the Occupied & Unceded Kwantlen territory.

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Tsleil-Waututh Nation take NEB to court to stop Kinder Morgan hearing


Will Liberals re-start the Kinder Morgan hearings?

A spokesperson for Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau was asked if the new federal government would reset the NEB hearing for Kinder Morgan. In response, the office stated:

"[Liberals] will immediately review Canada's environmental assessment processes and introduce new, fair processes. We will also modernize the NEB and end the practice of federal Ministers interfering in the environmental assessment process."

"Mr. Trudeau has said that, right now, his priority remains forming a new government and presenting a cabinet to Canadians on November 4th, after which we will begin implementing our plan for growth,” wrote Cameron Ahmad from Ottawa.

He added, Liberals have pledged to "working collaboratively to ensure an environmental review process that builds trust with Canadians and communities.”


During their 10 year mandate the Conservatives failed to get a single foot of pipeline through. I highly doubt the Liberals are going to be more forceful than the Conservatives.

They have stated that the NEB rules are going to be modified. They aren't going to pass projects based on the old rules.

Trudeau has stated for years that social licence is separate from environmental regulation and that it is up to the Energy companies to get it.

It's very true that corporations have lobbyists and that governments work with them to promote business and that they have too much influence. Nevertheless, with all the influence they had, and the most subservient government ever, they still failed to get any pipe laid.

My "faith" in the Liberals is based in knowing they are non-ideological and interested in self-preservation. There are no votes in letting pipelines through and there are lots of votes in respecting the will of voters who don't want them. It is perfectly defensible for Trudeau to say, sorry Alberta, the other provinces can't be forced to accept pipelines.

The decline of the oil sands is likely unavoidable over the long run. That is production on existing fields will continue, some development already begun will continue, but the days of oil supremacy are ending. The Liberals know that.

Protesters stopped Harper. There is no way the people of B.C. are going to accept another pipeline. They will physically prevent it from going through if need be. They are fiercely protective of the coast.

The Liberals have stated that communites must be on board and that it is up to the oil companies to convince them. The City of Burnaby is not on board. This is not a handful of fringe protesters.

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..i don't know where you get the idea that they are not ideological. they are pro market and pro corporate dominance. and today they will serve to maintain the canadian neoliberal state. this is very idiological. 


epaulo13 wrote:
..i don't know where you get the idea that they are not ideological. they are pro market and pro corporate dominance. and today they will serve to maintain the canadian neoliberal state. this is very idiological.

By that definition everyone is ideological. Liberals are swayed by evidence and public opinion. There is no evidence that Canadians want radical change of any sort. Canadians are pro-trade and want corporations in Canada. The Liberals emphasis on being pro-trade may even be a preemptive move for delaying the signing of TPP but that is for a different thread.

Harper was against Insite based on ideology and morality, or possibly just appealing to his base because his base is ideological.

Trudeau supports Insite and the spread of such clinics because the evidence shows they are successful all the way around. It results in fewer needles discarded on the street pleasing residents of the area and saves lives and hospital emergency costs and offers a conduit to recovery services. The segment of people who are strongly opposed are not part of his base of voters. There is no downside to supporting it.

Trudeau fully supports Keystone because it would benefit Canada economically and has the support of Albertans. His support has nothing to do with ideology.

I'm not saying the opposition to pipelines can relax. I'm just saying as long as it is strong it will continue to succeed.

Trudeau supports capitalism the same way other Canadians support it which is based on familiarity and general satisfaction not ideology.


epaulo13 epaulo13's picture it is not the same way as some people supporting the capitalist system. power makes all the difference in the world. one only needs only a basic analysis of global capital to understand who controls governments. siriza shows us that capital has control externally. and this is the end of my discussions about this in this thread.

..the libs are not the party of the people even though they were elected. i post to this thread with actual data re the pipelines. focusing on the resistance. if you have actual data on what the libs will be doing please feel free to post it. i mean data not sound bites and promises please.


I agree that the Libs are at least largely "non-ideological". [leaving aside whther that is a useful term]

But you systematically overlook that they are only less tied to the industry than the Cons. Thats without even concern for votes. And there is a big swath of voters from BC through SK that will turn on the Liberals if they perceive that the government is tthrowing the industry to the wolves.

So- they have a propensity to "help" the industry- pipelines included- IF they feel they they will not feel the lash of reaction from more voters than are the voters who want the industry to "move forward"in BC,AB,SK. 

But they will feel the reaction if they start helping the industry- like for example soft pedalling the content of expanding the review process. If they let a loud reaction get started they will have put themselves in a no win situation.

They can probably navigate for at least a few years without doing anything overt that resource industry dependemt folks can unequivocally see as meamt to harm them. No pipeline has got full approval. They did promise to put back in the parts of the review process that HarperComs clawed out. No criticak mass of public will dispute their fulfilling this promise. Its not their fault if this takes time. Etc. Blame the logjam on Harper. Etc.


And one help for the industry that Trudeau has the tools for is to support Keystome approval in the States in the backrooms. There are a lot of ways to do that in the US [Harper was bad at diplomacy. And Obama doesnt want it, and didnt like Harper and their crew.]. But he will soon enough be gone. Even Hillary has the tools available of weaseling away from saying she doesnt want Keystone, if she is President. All she has to do is not forcefully fight the Republicans forcing approval of it.

No overt role for Trudeau. "Its a US process. Etc."

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..haven't heard any results

B.C. First Nations meeting in Kamloops to discuss Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning

A collection of British Columbia First Nations will meet in Kamloops this week to discuss Kinder Morgan’s plans to twin its existing pipeline across the province.

Hosted by the Lower Nicola Indian Band, the First Nations and Oil Pipeline Development Summit will take place at the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre tomorrow, Oct. 27, and Wednesday, Oct. 28.

According to an online post, the primary focus of this summit is to discuss the impacts of oil pipelines for First Nations, with the help of Canadian energy specialists, to offer comparative examples of First Nations engagement in similar energy projects and to discuss risks and opportunities of these projects.

Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson will speak specifically to the pipeline project at 10:40 a.m. tomorrow.

Notable speakers on tomorrow's agenda include officials from the National Energy Board of Canada, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, B.C. Ministry of the Environment and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Day Two is open only to First Nations and includes speakers grand chief Simon Serge of the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake in Quebec and grand chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs....


epaulo13 wrote: it is not the same way as some people supporting the capitalist system. power makes all the difference in the world. one only needs only a basic analysis of global capital to understand who controls governments. siriza shows us that capital has control externally. and this is the end of my discussions about this in this thread.

..the libs are not the party of the people even though they were elected. i post to this thread with actual data re the pipelines. focusing on the resistance. if you have actual data on what the libs will be doing please feel free to post it. i mean data not sound bites and promises please.

Point taken. I agree that the Liberals are not "the party of the people". It's an interesting discussion but for a different thread.


No much for the threat that if we don't accept pipelines the oil will move by rail, and the argument that development of the oil sands will happen with or without pipelines.

CALGARY -- Royal Dutch Shell is scrapping its Carmon Creek oilsands project in northwestern Alberta, citing a lack of pipelines to coastal waters as one reason for the decision.

The move comes after a review of the project's design and costs and where it stacks up against other projects Shell has in its portfolio.

The European energy giant first announced it would build the 80,000-barrel-a-day, steam-driven operation near Peace River, Alta., in October 2013.

But last March, the company said it would slow down the project while attempting to lower costs and improve its design.

However, the company now says now the project doesn't rank in its portfolio -- and one reason is the lack of infrastructure to get Canadian crude to global markets.

Shell will take a $2-billion charge against its third-quarter results because of the decision.


In the early 1970's Liberal David Anderson was prominent in representing Canadian concerns over offshore oil drilling, pipeline developments in Northern Canada, and oil tanker traffic between Alaska and the Lower 48 states.

September 10, 2015 - The federal Liberals are promising a moratorium on oil tanker traffic along the northern coast of British Columbia. ...The Liberal pledge would put Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound off limits to tanker traffic as part of the party’s push to protect ecologically sensitive areas.

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Twin pumpkin protest at Westridge. Last year, a pumpkin that was carved with a message of "no pipeline" was used in a multimillion dollar lawsuit for conspiracy. It'd be interesting to know their reaction to the message on one of these pumpkins (wink emoticon) - "fuck kinder morgan"

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Kinder Morgan oil pipeline hanging "precariously" in Burnaby

Burnaby residents were alarmed this weekend by the sight of an exposed high pressure Kinder Morgan petroleum pipeline on Burnaby Mountain, hanging by a crane wire, apparently threatened by shifting ground due to heavy rains.

Following reports of petroleum smells from neighbours, a large number of trucks and heavy equipment were seen working late into the night on a steep mountain slope around the company’s pipeline.

Burnaby retiree John Clarke attended to the scene Saturday night, and photographed a huge crane holding up the company’s petroleum pipeline "precariously" with heavy wires.  The ground around the pipeline had been washed away by rains, he said.

Worrisome, said the resident, is that crews told him the fuels in the pipeline were still flowing as the pipeline remained suspended, and crews pumped water away.

“That pipeline could crack and bend and send that fuel down the creek into heavily populated residential areas,” said Clarke....

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Ample evidence for homeowners to oppose Kinder Morgan project


A quick check of Kinder Morgan's recent history reveals the following, just some of many incidents:

* July 30, 2003: A pipeline in Tucson, Ariz., ruptured and sprayed 16,548 gallons of gasoline on five houses under construction, flooding nearby streets with gasoline. The resulting pipeline closure caused major gas shortages and price increases in the state. The failure at first was thought to be from welding flaws, but tests showed it was due to stress corrosion cracking. A hydrostatic test that was performed on this pipeline after repairs failed again 40 feet from the first failure.

* Aug. 17, 2011: A flash fire and explosion at a plant south of Herscher, Ill. Five employees went to the hospital. Kinder Morgan was later cited for pipeline and workplace safety violations.

* May 8, 2013: The Kinder Morgan Tejas pipeline compressor station near Crockett, Texas, required an emergency shutdown and subsequently had a fire that caused $7,502,188 in property damage.

* June 26, 2014: Near East Bernard, Texas, a gas pipeline adjacent to a Kinder Morgan gas compressor plant blew out, destroying the roadway and setting a nearby truck on fire just south of Highway 59. Flames as high as 150 feet were shooting out of the pipeline, which sends gasoline to different tank farms along the line.

* Aug. 3, 2015: Two individuals were injured in Falfurrias, Texas, when a natural gas pipeline ruptured. Later investigation showed that the pipe split along a weld seam.


Keystone officially rejected by Obama!

U.S. President Barack Obama personally delivered the news to Trudeau in a phone call this morning.

"While he expressed his disappointment, given Canada's position on this issue, we both agreed that our close friendship on a whole range of issues — including energy and climate change — should provide the basis for an even closer co-ordination between our countries going forward," Obama said.

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No end in sight for Belton gas cleanup

Cleanup continues at the site of a major fuel leak from a Kinder Morgan-owned pipeline northwest of Belton, with no end in sight.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control spokesman Jim Beasley said Thursday that about 195,500 gallons (4,656 barrels) of gasoline had been recovered through September from the site of the Plantation Pipe Line leak near the intersection of Lewis Drive and Calhoun Road. Several thousand tons of soil have been removed as well.

“Contamination continues to be monitored and recovered on a routine basis,” Beasley said. “Plantation Pipe Line provides monthly status reports to us. … At this time it is not feasible to predict an end date.”

Kinder Morgan first reported the spill of more than 250,000 gallons to the health department in December 2014. Much of the surrounding farmland was contaminated with gasoline, including acres earmarked for a fruit farm next to a house bought just weeks before by the Jameson family....


notice he put a moratorium on "crude" tanker traffic NOT LNG. ha! lot's going on here behind the scenes i think.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic for B.C.'s North Coast.

Trudeau outlined the directive in a mandate letter to Canada's transport minister, Marc Garneau, on Friday. In it, he asked Garneau to formalize the agreement with three other ministries: fisheries, natural resources and environment.

"This ban ends the dangerous Northern Gateway pipeline proposal," said Karen Mahon in a statement from ForestEthics, an environmental group that advocates for the protection of B.C.'s coast. "Without tankers, crude oil has no place to go, that means no pipelines, no oil trains moving tarsands to the northern B.C. coast."

lot's of trains moving it to the southern coast though.

i think this signals Transmountain is a go for the south coast shipping and pipeline and LNG a go for the north.


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..i suspect they are holding out until the government signs the tpp then bang file a law suit to recover costs the have incurred to date plus.

Northern Gateway pipeline builder vows to soldier on despite B.C. tanker ban

In mandate letters made public Friday, Trudeau asks ministers of four departments to work together to “formalize a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s north coast,” a command Greenpeace Canada was quick to interpret as “the end of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline.”

But a statement from the pipeline consortium makes clear the plan is still alive to provide transportation for 525,000 barrels a day of oilsands crude for export to Asian markets, as well as building a parallel line to bring 193,000 bpd of bitumen-thinning diluent in the opposite direction. It would cost at least $7.9 billion.

“Northern Gateway and the project proponents, including aboriginal equity partners, remain committed to this essential Canadian infrastructure,” the statement reads.

“We are confident the government of Canada will be embarking on the required consultation with First Nations and Metis in the region, given the potential economic impact a crude oil tanker ban would have on those communities and Western Canada as a whole.”


well then is Justin setting Canadians up for a law suit by this ban? he has full intentions on signing the TPP.

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..i can't speak to trudeau's motivations but if he signs the tpp the suit is a very real possiblity. and after hearing this analysis of the tpp canada can be forced to remove the tanker ban.


People have a quite overblown notion about how likely free trade deal suits are in any particular case.

It's definitely an insidious thing- but it doesnt have anywhere near the scope people ascribe to it.

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ken are you saying northern gateway pipeline builder can't sue the government under tpp? or that the tpp tribunal can't force canada to remove it's tanker ban? 



what I'm saying is that people bring up TPP or other trade deals in every single case where the government effectively stops, or might stop, a project from going forward. It actually goes all the way to court in a small fraction of cases- and the unlikely cases are fairly predicatble.

So thats the general point. But I do think that Northern Gateway in that category of unlikely to result in a suit if there is a final No.

When the NEB finally gives a decision on Northern Gateway- approval or not is still a Cabinet decision. I cannot see a realistic suit being mounted if the government says no. This is assuming that Enbridge does not just throw in the towel first.

One thing that I have not seen come up, but it is out there since the change in government:

Nobody has much idea how far 'duty to consult' goes. The court has put out limits: more than "hey, we talked to you about it," and less than a veto [at least formally speaking]. Thats a huge territory.

The Harper government strove to not let 'expanded consultation' get in the way. [Albeit, they may never have actually achieved a thing on that.]. At least for the coming few years, the Trudeau govt is if anything going to make sure the process has more credibility with everyone.

Northern Gateway is effectively dead, and has been for some time- though the stake does have to be driven into it.

We're going to see the government letting Enbridge flail on its own through all the hoops it has to jump, if it insists on continuing the process. The government can reasonably hope to never have to say No. [Which always carries a poltical price, even if the Yes would be much, much costlier.] It is not cheap for Enbridge to continue, against the odds.


couple of new videos here as chevron increases the pressure.



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