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Enbridge protesters shut down Hamilton court hearing, several detained

A number of Enbridge pipeline opponents were taken into police custody Wednesday after a court hearing into trespass charges erupted into scuffles between court security and protesters.

The court appearance for 13 people charged after an occupation of the company's Westover pumping station in late June was abruptly halted when court security moved in to stop supporters inside the courtroom from disrupting the proceeding with shouts and other sounds.

"We are hoping that many people will be released today but we don't have firm details," Wolf Chrapko, a spokesperson for the group, said Wednesday evening.

The dramatic events started when an officer asked a women sitting in the second row to leave the courtroom after she repeatedly snapped fingers and clicked tongues. The officer had previously warned the woman to stop her behaviours.

On her way out, the woman said she didn't "want to be here in the first place" and swore and coughed loudly.

Protesters and their friends followed the woman as she was escorted by the officer out of the courtroom. She was led into a room with at least one officer.

The situation quickly escalated when protesters tried to push the door open while the officers tried to close it. A number of scuffles broke out in the hallway. Some protesters fell on the floor and refused to get up....

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Ottawa councillors concerned about Energy East pipeline Five city councillors met with company representatives this week

Some Ottawa city councillors are raising concerns over TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline that would run through the west and south ends of Ottawa.

The pipeline proposal, which still needs regulatory approval, would send 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from Western Canada to refineries and export terminals in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Five Ottawa city councillors met with company representatives in a closed door meeting this week, including Scott Moffatt.

"In all honesty, I don't think they have answers just yet," said Moffatt.

He said TransCanada is not clear on how it would respond to a spill.

"Their take on it is it really depends on what kind of spill it is, where it is, and all these things," said Moffatt.

"You just want to know that they would have people in place should a spill happen in Ottawa," he said.

Meeting coming in October

Councillor Shad Qadri said the meeting was helpful, but that residents also want face time.

"TransCanada did give me some assurances as to the standards that they practice, in terms of the safety of their equipment and their pipelines," said Qadri.

"But on the other side of the equation is the fact that the public still hasn't had an opportunity to ask questions," he said.

TransCanada will hold an open meeting for residents in Stittsville in early October.

The company said it won't have an emergency response plan in place until it meets with local communities and the pipeline's construction is complete.




Canada's Oil Pipelines Will Not Build A Nation - They Are A Great Swindle  -  by Martin Lukacs

"The exercise in flag-waving is intended to sell a single precept; that oil companies' interests should be confused with ours. Thus the frantic drive for an eastern ocean route is not about the needs of ordinary Canadians; it's an export plan to serve the needs of corporate bottom-lines.

If the benefits will be captured by the oil companies, the risks will be carrried by everyone else..."

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Anti-fracking protestors confront Obama in NY

Governor Cuomo refused to accompany the president to the state's controversial areas

Obama’s two-day bus tour of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania was greeted outside Binghamton University by over 500 anti-fracking protestors. Even though the president was at Binghamton to hold a town hall about education, the subject was impossible to avoid. After all, the state is fiercely divided over natural gas drilling: A recent Siena Research Institute poll found that New Yorkers are split 41 for and 42 against it.

Currently, there’s a statewide ban on fracking, but Governor Andrew Cuomo has been postponing a decision over whether to allow it since February. The governor was purposely absent from this leg of the tour, having announced on Monday that he would meet the president in Buffalo but would not accompany him to the politically fraught areas of the state....

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The Most Expensive Onshore Oil Spill in U.S. History

The largest onshore oil spill in US history -- Enbridge's ruptured Line 6B that released nearly 3 million liters of tar sands diluted bitumen into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan -- finally has an official price tag: $1,039,000,000 USD. That's according to newly disclosed figures released by Enbridge in a Revised Application to expand another one of its pipelines, the Alberta Clipper.

The total cost, which includes clean up and remediation, was topped off with an additional $3,699,200 fine levied by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). According to the docket, Enbridge violated several laws involving pipeline management, procedural manuals for operations and maintenance, public awareness, accident reporting and qualifications among others....

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Proposed B.C. pipeline route crosses grizzly bear sanctuary

The company proposing to build a liquefied natural gas pipeline through a grizzly bear sanctuary near Prince Rupert has already been warned twice about “non-permitted access” to the environmentally sensitive area, and BC Parks is investigating a third possible transgression.

A subcontractor of pipeline builder TransCanada Corp. received a verbal warning from BC Parks after the first incident in the Khutzeymateen Inlet Conservancy on June 16 and a written warning after the second on June 28, according to the provincial environment ministry. A third incident under investigation occurred in the past week....

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Tahltan shut down Fortune Minerals drill site

The Tahltan have taken over Fortune Mineral’s drilling rig. When the drilling rig moved to this new location on the Iskut Band’s trapline and just behind Arthur Nole’s camp (a Tahltan Elder who is currently in the hospital), where a caribou was harvested by the Tahltan a week ago.
They walked to the drill rig as it was operating, told the drillers to shut it down. There was no confrontation, the drilling staff shut it down and got off work early. A helicopter has flown the drilling crew out.
Will keep you updated as we hear more. Updated Report:

Drill takeover…

The folks at Beauty camp have taken over a Fortune Minerals drill used for their environmental assessment. The drill is situated on Iskut Band’s trapline. The drill site had toxic chemicals all around it, and was right beside a fish bearing stream. They also had a diesel tank within two feet of the stream. There was no spill kit on hand.

A drilling site run by Fortune Minerals is shut down by Tahltan, Sept 10, 2013.

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BC labour leaders praise premier with launch of LNG jobs training committee

Labour leaders admitted today that a recent liquified natural gas meeting with Premier Christy Clark was "surreal," and praised the government they opposed only months ago in the provincial election.

Today marked the launch of a new committee to ensure B.C. workers are trained and ready for a much-touted BC Liberal campaign promise to bring 100,000 jobs in future LNG projects.

Jim Sinclair, president of the BC Federation of Labour, and Tom Sigurdson, executive director of the B.C. and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council, agreed it's time to set political differences aside.

"In the labour movement, we've spent our whole lives... fighting for decent jobs, for training, for safety," Sinclair told reporters in Clark's conference room. "And if we don't do that, we're not going to be successful as a labour movement."

Clark said she invited the union organizers to the first meeting of a committee which will also include industry representatives, and no doubt is hoped to send a reassuring signal to international energy investors that labour is on board....

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Harper cabinet readies major B.C. pipelines push B.C. First Nations leaders to meet with key federal officials Sept. 23 in Vancouver

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is signalling he intends to make progress on proposals to connect Alberta's oilsands with ports in British Columbia and the lucrative Asian markets beyond.

The new initiative is in large part a response to a report from the prime minister's special pipelines representative in British Columbia. Douglas Eyford told Harper last month that negotiations with First Nations — especially on Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway — are a mess.

Eyford's report to the prime minister, and his final report in November, will not be made public.

But sources tell CBC News Eyford urged the federal government take the lead role in dealing with Indian bands on both the Gateway project and the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans-Mountain pipeline.


First Nations leaders in B.C. confirm they are to meet on Sept. 23 in Vancouver with a delegation of deputy ministers from Aboriginal Affairs, Natural Resources, Environment and other departments with direct oversight of the proposed projects.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, said the request to meet came out of the blue on Thursday, with no agenda — and no indication of what Ottawa is prepared to offer.

"I have a sinking feeling that perhaps they're covering their backsides in terms of a consultation record,'' Phillip said in an interview from Vancouver. "And looking towards laying the groundwork that will be necessary when the decision is finally made by Prime Minister Harper and the cabinet, regardless of what the joint review panel comes forward with in terms of an approval or a rejection of these proposed projects.''

Federal bureaucrats aren't the only ones with orders to head to B.C.

MAPCanada's main pipeline network
Starting Monday, Harper has directed key ministers on the file to promote the projects in the province.


Harper Crew keeps doing a good job of playing the longer game of the advamce setting up of the pieces for the inevitable decisions.

In this case, the big tour that they know isnt going to win any hearts and minds. [If that was what you wanted, why would keep Joe Oliver in Ottawa.] But it sets the stage- they went through the motions- for when they make the announcements that the pipelines have been deemed safe and are in everyone's interest [the 'real people' anyway]. 

That being the last stop in what has always been the political plan: count on enough people buying in to the benefits. And we all know that the special interests will always whine.


epaulo13 wrote:

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, said the request to meet came out of the blue on Thursday, with no agenda — and no indication of what Ottawa is prepared to offer.

"I have a sinking feeling that perhaps they're covering their backsides in terms of a consultation record,'' Phillip said in an interview from Vancouver. "And looking towards laying the groundwork that will be necessary when the decision is finally made by Prime Minister Harper and the cabinet, regardless of what the joint review panel comes forward with in terms of an approval or a rejection of these proposed projects.''

This leader nailed it. The fixed game we are in the middle of is very transparent.

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Fracking: Is it Worth the Risk? 7:00pm
Thursday September 19 2013

Town Hall Meeting Trout Lake Community Centre & Ice Rink, 3360 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Easy walk from Broadway & Commercial SkyTrain Station.

An opportunity for the East Van Community and beyond to give us their views on the Rush to Frack for Gas, and the LNG proposals driving it.

Organized by the Council of Canadians and the Wilderness Committee

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Big Oil funds Truth & Reconciliation Conference in Vancouver

From September 18-21, 2013, the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ (TRC) is holding an event in British Columbia as part of its Canada-wide effort “to promote awareness and public education about the Residential School system and its impacts”. Simultaneously a fairly new organization named ‘Reconciliation Canada’ is organizing some events of its own to coincide with TRC’s event in BC. These events include a “Reconciliation Walk” and an “All Nations Canoe Gathering”.

It is not widely known or reported that the TRC’s BC Event is sponsored by none other than the American energy company Kinder Morgan. This curious little fact is quietly tucked away on their website for the event under “Acknowledgements”.

In addition to Kinder Morgan sponsoring the Truth and Reconciliation event, Reconciliation Canada (organizers behind Reconciliation Week) has a curious sponsor of its own: Canadian energy company TransCanada. They are listed as “Bronze Sponsors” on Reconciliation Canada’s website.....




With Tar Sands Development, Growing Concern on Water Use

"...Now there are mounting concerns about the huge volumes of water used by the oil industry and the impact on the Mackenzie River Basin.

' Nowhere in the world are we seeing this amount of groundwater being used for industrial development,' says William Donahue, a freshwater scientist..."

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epaulo13 wrote:
Fracking: Is it Worth the Risk? 7:00pm
Thursday September 19 2013

Town Hall Meeting Trout Lake Community Centre & Ice Rink, 3360 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Easy walk from Broadway & Commercial SkyTrain Station.

An opportunity for the East Van Community and beyond to give us their views on the Rush to Frack for Gas, and the LNG proposals driving it.

Organized by the Council of Canadians and the Wilderness Committee



Judge rebukes Alberta for banning enviros from oil sands hearing

An Alberta judge has accused the Alberta government of bias and gross unfairness by actively banning environmental groups from participating in a public oil sands hearing.

The Alberta Court of Queen's bench decision also declared the ban illegal.

Last year, the Oil Sands Environmental Coalition (OSEC), which consists of the Pembina Institute, Alberta Wilderness Association and Fort McMurray Environmental Association, raised concerns about a new steam-assisted gravity drainage tar sands project on the MacKay River.

The project needed 1.7 million litres of groundwater a day and directly impacted the living rooms of woodland caribou, a threatened species in the region. 

But government did not allow OSEC to participate in a public hearing on the grounds that they were not "directly affected."

The Alberta Environment 2009 Briefing Note underscored the reason for banning environmental groups: they weren't cooperating with the state.....


Ottawa putting financial squeeze on Mi’kmaq over anti-fracking protests: councillor

Ottawa is starting to put the financial squeeze on a Mi’kmaq First Nation in retribution for ongoing anti-fracking protests that have led to a looming confrontation at a highway blockade in New Brunswick, according to a band councillor.

The Canada Revenue Agency is pressuring the Elsipogtog First Nation to pay back $1.2 million and Aboriginal Affairs is threatening to hold back funds until the band agrees to pay the money, APTN National News has learned.

Elsipogtog band councillor Scott Sanipass said the debt goes back about three years and is for taxes owed from the salaries of non-First Nation people who have worked for the band.

“It is too coincidental. It popped up all of a sudden when everyone started protesting,” said Sanipass. “They could have done it six months ago, two years ago, but it just shows up now.”....


Delivering the letter to SWN headquarters in Houston.

Contact SWN to tell them no fracking on stolen native land

FAX (281) 618-4814

Phone 1-877-796-6223

Please call South Western Energy to demand they stop fracking on Mi’kmaq land. If you have the resources available, please fax a copy of the below letter to SWN to ensure they are hearing the voices of the Mi’kmaq warrior society.


OCTOBER 7, 2013

Steven L. Mueller
President & Chief Executive Officer SWN Energy
2350 North Sam Houston Pkwy East, Suite 125 Houston, TX 77032


Dear Mr. Steven L. Mueller:

Although SWN Resources project for the Province of New Brunswick is in its pre-operational stages; the Federal and Provincial Government has failed the Crown’s fiduciary duty to consult the grassroots people about your company’s interests in oil/gas testing/exploration, and development in Atlantic Canada prior to issuing SWN Resources any leases or permits

The L’nu/Mi’kmaq people do not only live, fish, hunt and thrive off our waters and land in Mi’kma’ki. Our main concern is the protection of our waters, and these purposed projects your company wants to do are too close to our water. Oil/gas exploration, testing and development is referred to as the source of the poisoning of the world’s water. We see this type of development as a threat to not only our spirituality, customs, way of life, but we also see them as another form of cultural genocide by the Government and SWN Resources.

The majority of our L’nu-Mi’kmaq people rely on the natural resources that our mother earth has provided for us, resources such as: medicines, plants, berries, fish, eels, animals, and birds to survive. 85% of our L’nu/Mi’kmaq population live in poverty and the only way to survive is off our natural resources is from our land and water; therefore any destruction done to our lands and waters is a threat to not only our way of life, but also as a threat to our overall survival.

It is our request that all projects, leases, and permits issued to SWN Resources by the Government comes to a halt until all Mi’kmaq-L’nu, and Wabanaki communities, as sovereign individuals are Meaningfully Consulted, and that we are able to come to an informed decision as collective individuals. The honor of the crown is at stake with the duty to meaningfully consult (Haida Nation and Taku River Cases/Delguukmew Decision) with all Mi’kmaq-L’nu and Wabanaki communities in the Atlantic Region with projects such oil/gas exploration/development and testing by SWN Resources; Destruction of Aquafiers; Hydraulic-Fracturing & Exploration/Drilling for Shale Gas/Oil Deposits in any inch of our sovereign Territory of Mi’kma’ki.
These projects are a sad reflection of the modern disdain for the environment, and will drastically reduce both the health of the local ecosystem and the quality of life in Atlantic Canada and surrounding areas. Destruction of our water is another form of genocide not only to our people but to the fragile environment and endangered species that call it their home. These attacks to our people’s water source infringe on the integrity of our cultural resources and heritage in our own region. Allowing further development violates our Treaty Rights to not only hunt, fish, and gather from; but our Treaty Right, Aboriginal Right, and Title Right to the land and water itself.

Our Aboriginal rights are unique because they are protected by the Canadian Constitution Section 35(1982), affirmed by the Donald Marshall Case and the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights (2007, signed by Canada 2010). It is our demand that all activities come to a complete halt, and all permits and licenses be revoked. As we assert our rights as Sovereign Mi’kmaq-L’nu Nation, and assert our rights to unite in solidarity with other Nations, we vow that we will do whatever it takes to protect our water, the blood of the earth in our traditional territory.

We expect a response within 48 hours regarding your position in this matter.

The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society


Canada's Petro Government  -  by Roger Annis

"Popular opposition in canada to limitless fossil fuel projects is on the rise. But none of this is slowing the frenetic efforts of Canada's business elite and petro-state to expand fossil fuel production and transport.

They are setting the stage for sharp political struggles in the coming years..."


Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines

Kahsatstenhsera gah-sad-sdanh-se-ra is a Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk) word that means Strength in Unity. This short documentary details contemporary Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipeline expansion, in particular the Line 9 and Energy East pipelines, which threaten the health of our territories in the northeast of Turtle Island. It includes the voices and perspectives of Wolastiqiyik, Mi'kmaq, Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee land defenders.


Tar Sands Reality Check Tour Kicks Off at Concordia

Project Seeks University Divestment from Fossil

Fossil Free Fuel’s Tar Sands Reality Check Tour came to Concordia yesterday to kick off a 10-day tour discussing investment in tar sands development by post-secondary institutions.
The Concordia Student Union and Graduate Student Association coordinated the event with Divest Concordia and Divest McGill, groups which are looking to defund all their universities’ fossil fuel investments.

“Students pay tuition,” said Audrey Yank, a guest from Coalition Vigilance Oléoducs. “They have a right to know where the money is going.”....


More events are planned as part of the CSU’s speaker series, according to Bourbonniere. Noted linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky will be visiting the university at 12pm Oct. 26 in the D.B. Clarke Theatre.


Canadian spies met with energy firms, documents reveal

The Canadian government agency that allegedly hacked into the Brazilian mining and energy ministry has participated in secret meetings in Ottawa where Canadian security agencies briefed energy corporations, it has emerged.

Claims of spying on the ministry by Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) come amid the Canadian government’s increasingly aggressive promotion of resource corporations at home and abroad, including unprecedented surveillance and intelligence sharing with companies.

At the most recent meeting in May 2013, which focused on “security of energy resources development”, meals were sponsored by Enbridge, a Canadian oil company trying to win approval for controversial tar sands pipelines....



Initially I thought the Enbridge oil pipeline din't have a chance to procesd. Now however I'm convinced that it will be be built, and built sooner rather than later.

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Remember Oka? That could be a picnic compared to what may happen in BC.


Boom Boom wrote:

Remember Oka? Tha
t could be a picnic compared to what may happen in BC.

That is my thoughts exactly.


Enbridge Line 9 protesters removed by police from hearing

MONTREAL – Protesters disrupted the second day of National Energy Board hearings in Montreal on Enbridge Inc.’s controversial Line 9 pipeline reversal project, prompting a warning from NEB panel chair Lyne Mercier that the board has the power to remove all non-scheduled participants if the disturbances continued.

The NEB did not exercise that power in the end as security personnel were given the time to remove the protesters.

Young individuals stood up one at a time, interrupting a presentation by the Association industrielle de l’est de Montréal, which supports the plan. Speaking in English and in French, they recited prepared scripts telling a fictional story about “Mr. Enbridge.”....

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Joe Oliver is Harper's mouthpiece on energy, and every time he appears on Power and Politics he is just totally exasperated by the questions poised to him, by either Evan Solomon or Rosie Barton. I'm surprised he even shows up for interviews.

As for Harper, he appears to have zero patience for arguments from those on the environment side. I'm certain he'll use military force to push Northern Gateway through if all else fails.

Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper see getting Alberta oilsands product to tidewater as the future for the Canadian economy, and the hell with environment, aboriginal rights, or any other leftwing scum who get in the way.

I'm not sure how Trudeau will be any different.

ps: heard that Oliver will be in Japan soon to sell a monster deal for BC's LNG. And he's going to China to get more investment for the tar sands.


Introducing: Confronting the Pipedream

Voices from the frontlines of resistance to pipelines

A Turtle Island (“North America”) wide grassroots radio project against pipelines.


* Interviews with Ellen Gabriel, Mel Bazil, Freda Huson, Amanda Lickers, The Texas Tar Sands Blockade, and more!


Who we are:

Aaron Lakoff – CKUT Radio, Montreal QC, Mohawk Territory

Aaron Lakoff is a radio journalist, DJ and community organizer living in Montreal, trying to map the constellations between reggae, soul and a liberated world.

David Ball – Vancouver Co-op Radio; Rabble Podcast Network, Vancouver BC, Coast Salish Territories

David Ball is a multimedia journalist in Vancouver. A co-producer and host of the Media Mornings show at Vancouver Co-op Radio, I also report for Indian Country Today Media Network (US) and Windspeaker aboriginal newspaper (Canada).

Meredith DeFrancesco – WERU Radio, Bangor, Maine

Meredith DeFrancesco is the co-founder of the weekly grassroots environmental and social justice new journal “RadioActive” on WERU Community Radio, in Maine, which began in early 2001. Meredith has also produced for Free Speech Radio News, Pacifica Peace Watch , WINGS, Making Contact, and National Native News.

Shailagh Keaney – CFRU Radio, Guelph ON (Attiwendaronk/Neutral Territory)

Shailagh Keaney is a multimedia artist and community organizer living in Guelph, yearning to cultivate the deep soils where our sacred interconnectivity takes roo



James Anaya, the body's indigenous rights envoy, was in Vancouver meeting with aboriginal groups. The discussions covered missing women, poor housing conditions and fisheries, among other issues.

The Yinka Dene Alliance of pipeline-opposing First Nations said governments, both provincial and federal, "failed" to consult aboriginals on the projects in language hinting at potential future lawsuits.

"I was very impressed by James Anaya," said Geraldine Thomas-Flurer, the alliance co-ordinator. "Would he bring this issue forward to Canada? We remain hopeful that he will. Part of his job is fact-finding. He does have the mandate to make recommendations to Canada."

A Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations spokesman defended 11 permits granted for Enbridge Inc. to do "investigative" work along the planned route as "a standard, preliminary step for any activity of this type."

The Calgary-based company is awaiting Ottawa's decision on its proposed oil sands pipeline.

Enbridge didn't respond to an interview request by press time.

Chief Fred Sam of alliance member Nak'azdli First Nation, said the audience with Anaya is the latest effort to express a united protest by aboriginals to projects like Northern Gateway.

"He was sincere about what we had to say," Sam said. "It's too bad that he wasn't granted more time in Canada. There are a lot of things happening."


Corroding Our Democracy   -  by Macdonald Stainsby

"Tzeporah Berman silences environmentalists, targets corporate deal in Tar Sands push.."



Federal government prepares $24-million oilsands advertising blitz

The federal Conservatives hope to counter “intense and sustained public relations campaigns” against Alberta’s oilsands with a $24-million international advertising blitz.

The two-year ad campaign will target political and business leaders, as well as media organizations and domestic political advocates in the United States, Europe and Asia.  According to a request for proposals issued by Natural Resources Canada, the government believes domestic and international campaigns against the oilsands are partly to blame for proposed regulations that “unfairly target the oil sands” in the U.S. and Europe.

The document specifically references California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Section 526 of the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act, and Europe’s Fuel Quality Directive as proposals based on “preconceived notions about the oil sands that are not supported by science.”....


France’s Ban On Fracking Is ‘Absolute’

France’s ban on fracking was finally completed Friday, as its constitutional court upheld a 2011 law prohibiting the practice and canceling all exploration permits. The decision posted on the court’s website said the ban “conforms to the constitution” and is not “disproportionate,” effectively protecting it from any future legal challenge.

U.S. driller Schuepbach Energy brought its complaint to the court after two of its exploration permits were revoked due to the ban. Schuepbach attempted to argue that since no study had established fracking risks, there was no cause for the ban, and that since fracking isn’t banned for geothermal energy projects, it was unfair. The court didn’t find that convincing, citing the differences between geothermal and shale gas exploration.

Environment Minister Philippe Martin framed the decision as a victory in the larger effort to limit fossil fuels and carbon emissions. “Beyond the question of fracking, shale gas is a carbon emitter,” he said in a statement. “We must set our priorities on renewable energies.”...


Getting involved in grassroots No Pipelines action

Monday, October 28, 2013

6:30pm until 8:00pm

Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant

560 Johnson St, Victoria, British Columbia

Forest Action Network and are part of a grassroots network to stop pipelines and tankers. Be a part of this movement - come and find out how to support front-line land defenders. Bring your friends.

Find out about our work with the Caravan to Unis'tot'en Camp and our projects mapping natural heritage sites on the South Island.

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White House Tells Harper to “Mind His Own Beeswax”, “Tap the Sap of His Own Maple Tree” 


“It was sort of entertainingly naive at first,” Carney said to the White House press corps. “But now, frankly, it’s gotten to the point that we just forward his phone calls to the White House Gift Shop.”  Laughing




Corroding Our Democracy   -  by Macdonald Stainsby

"Tzeporah Berman silences environmentalists, targets corporate deal in Tar Sands push.."


and another crtically important piece eviros should pay close attention to lest they trip, fall and lose important battles due to the manipulative machinations of Tides' hustlers and other green slime seeking useful idiots to advance their corporate agendas...


How Tides Canada Controls the Secret North American Tar Sands Coalition  -  by Macdonald Stainsby

"Before Tzeporah Berman began her current position as head of the North American Tar Sands Coalition, Tides Canada had already established these structures to create near-total control over budgets-and therefore, most decisions - for staggering numbers of organizations..."



Activists Take Over Kinder Morgan Pipeline Terminal

(see pics)

More than a dozen Greenpeace activists have locked themselves into Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby tar sands pipeline terminal. Organizers say the protest was timed to coincide with the federal throne speech in Ottawa.

Shrouded by early morning fog, activists climbed and locked themselves to the facility's Burrard Inlet dockside oil pumping mechanism while others painted “Stop the Tar Sands“ on one of two huge Kinder Morgan oil storage tanks and draped a banner off the other. Two more activists chained themselves to the main entrance of the facility east of Vancouver. Burnaby RCMP and the Harbour Patrol were present but made no initial moves to remove or arrest the activists.

Tsleil-Waututh (People of the Inlet) elder Amy George was on hand to support today`s action. She called for an end to tar sands devastation and vowed continued escalating opposition to Kinder Morgan`s pipeline expansion plans.

“We’re here to remind Prime Minister Harper and Premier Clark that British Columbians do not want tar sands pipelines and hundreds of super tankers threatening B.C.’s pristine coast,” said Greenpeace spokesperson Mike Hudema.

“With every extra tanker or kilometer of pipeline, we increase the risk of an accident that would be catastrophic to the coast and our communities,” said Hudema. “On the day of the throne speech, we’re telling Prime Minister Harper to say no to tar sands expansion and yes to a green energy future.”



Well armed police moved in this morning to clear out the indegenous led blockade of shale gas operations in NB


A Breakdown of the Hearings on Enbridge’s Line 9

National Energy Board Hearings End in Montreal

The National Energy Board just wrapped up four days of hearings in Montreal on energy delivery company Enbridge’s proposal to increase the capacity of the Line 9 pipeline and reverse its flow to transport oil from Western Canada to Quebec refineries.

If you happened to cross Victoria Square on Oct. 9, you may have seen the protest against the project—or maybe not. The demonstration was declared illegal and smothered by police in less than two hours. The hearings will resume in Toronto on Oct. 16.

If you find all this confusing, you’re not alone. The issues are as murky as a gallon of heavy crude.

To make some sense of it, here is a basic guide to the debate surrounding the controversial project....


This is a just a taste of what's coming for BC.

The pipeline is going ahead, come hell or high waters..

It's damn the torpedeos, full speed ahead. 

BC arrested over 800 way back during the tree wars, and I'm sure they are ready to arrest a lot more than that this time, and beat their enviable record.

KenS wrote:

Well armed police moved in this morning to clear out the indegenous led blockade of shale gas operations in NB


NorthReport wrote:

This is a just a taste of what's coming for BC.

The pipeline is going ahead, come hell or high waters..

It's damn the torpedeos, full speed ahead. 

BC arrested over 800 way back during the tree wars, and I'm sure they are ready to arrest a lot more than that this time, and beat their enviable record.

..i try but can’t seem to make sense of the outlandish statements you make now and again on this, a left leaning board. that is unless i think that your just trying to demoralize people. then it makes sense in a way i can at least understand.

..i understand that my views on electoral politics are very dark but i have direct democracy to replace it and there in lies my light. my hopes, struggles and dreams. where is your light northreport? i don’t see it.


Romanian villagers force Chevron to suspend fracking operation

US energy giant Chevron said Thursday it has suspended shale gas test drilling in northeastern Romania after three days of protests by villagers opposed to fracking.

“Chevron can today confirm it has suspended activities in Silistea, Pungesti commune, Vaslui county,” a press release read.

The move comes a day after Romanian police clashed with villagers who have occupied since Monday a field to prevent Chevron from drilling its first exploration well.

The protesters are afraid of the environmental and health impact of the highly controversial drilling method used to unlock shale gas, called hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’.

The technique consists of pumping water and chemicals at high pressure into deep rock formations to free oil and gas, with environmentalists warning the process may contaminate ground water and even cause small earthquakes.

Chevron has permits to explore for shale gas in three villages in this impoverished part of northeastern Romania as well as on Romania’s Black Sea coast.

“Our priority is to conduct … activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner consistent with the permits under which we operate,” the group said Wednesday.


Final Day of Enbridge Line 9 Hearings Cancelled Over Security Concerns

"The board says the way Friday's hearings ended raised concerns about the security of participants for the final day. It's unclear when Enbridge will present its closing arguments.

The panel heard this week from interveners stating the reversal would put First Nations communities at risk, threaten water supplies and could endanger valuable species in ecologically sensitive areas..."

how convenient..


RCMP Attack On Mi'kmaq Is A Harsh Warning To British Columbians (audio & transcript)

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip talks to Radio-BED a day after the RCMP attack on the Mi’kmaq people in Elsipogtog on Thursday October 17th and what those opposed to the pipeline and pipeline expansion projects in British Columbia should expect. War.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip: 
“Well, essentially, the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) immediately expressed our complete and unconditional solidarity with the Mi’kmaq people in Elsipogtog and we denounce the harsh brutal actions on the part of the RCMP and we made the observation that we are absolutely convinced that the Harper government through the RCMP are attempting to send a very clear signal to British Columbia that our continued opposition of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, the Kinder Morgan expansion proposal and all other energy projects can expect to meet the same type of harsh, authoritarian crackdown. And I think quite frankly it was a shot across the bow and signals what we might expect. We believe that the Harper government will veto any recommendations made by the joint review panel to reject the applications on the part of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan with respect to the pipeline proposals. We believe the Harper government will simply declare these in the national interest and will approve them. The pipeline posse that has been traveling around the province comprised of senior ministers and deputy ministers and federal officials in our view is laying the groundwork, the political and legal groundwork to establish a very solid consultation record that they will rely on in the courts once they green light these projects. They know full well we will fight these projects in the courts and we will fight these projects on the land itself. What happened in New Brunswick yesterday is a message to us that we can expect the same harsh crackdown whereby the Harper government is utilizing the RCMP as a paramilitary force to protect American interests and off shore interests to sell out the natural resource wealth of this country.”....


Just heard an ad by the new spokesperson from Enbridge who was brought in to put a softer sell on the pipeline
Saying how much she cares about the ocean
That ad is so bad it makes one want to gag and throw up

Who the fuck does she think she is talking to?

Children in diapers perhaps!

If that nonsense if what she and Enbridge represent
They are definitely In deep do- do over their pipeline aspirations

When's the pablum going to served?


Caleb Behn speaking on Fracking and Gas Development

Caleb Behn is a young, indigenous warrior fighting to save his people's land and culture. Deep in the exquisite wilderness of northeastern British Columbia, the ancestral home of Caleb's Dene people, the multi-billion-dollar oil and gas industry emits chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, the killing of brain and blood cells, and environmental harm. Caleb himself was born with a birth defect and spent long, painful years under the surgeons' knives, face cut, lips sewn. He cannot show that emissions from the industry caused his condition; still, it made him tough, gave him a deep aversion to gambling with children's health, and helped drive him to action.


Aw come on, can't we all just be pleased the Canadian government is cleaning up the potential oil spill disaster, and protecting our pristine west caost environment to the tune of $50 million. Wink

Spending that kind of moola though kinda tells me that Ottawa has serious intentions of ramming through the pipeline, come hell or high water.

Cleanup of B.C. wreck linked to pipeline


The Canadian Coast Guard has launched what it's calling one of its largest operations ever to clean up a Second World War-era wreck that's leaking oil off the coast of B.C.

But some say the rusting hulk of the U.S. Army transport ship that sank nearly 70 years ago may have unwittingly sailed right into the middle of B.C.'s pipeline controversy

Lying in about 30 metres of water, 100 kilometres south of Prince Rupert, the fuel tanks of the Brig.-Gen. M.G. Zalinski are rusting away.

Any week, month or year now, the bulkheads inside could collapse, releasing up to 600 tonnes of bunker oil into the waters of the Grenville Channel, part of B.C.'s famous Inside Passage route.


First Nations Warn Harper's Zeal For Resources Makes Elsipogtog Protest Part of a Wider Struggle  -  by Travis Lupick

"Confrontations are increasingly likely to turn violent BC aboriginal leader warns.."


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