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Preliminary Deal Reached for New Major Tar Sands Pipeline in Western Canada

video & transcript

The two Canadian western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia have struck a deal to create a pipeline to get tar sands oil to Canada's west coast. The issue of tar sands has been hotly contested across the country and has been opposed by Canada's First Nations communities, as well as environmental groups.Now joining us to discuss this is Yves Engler. He's a Canadian commentator and author. His most recent book is The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy. And previously he published The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy. Thank you so much for joining us....


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From my in box:

"This morning, Trans Mountain Pipelines filed a Facilities Application with the National Energy Board (NEB) for the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This application filing follows over a year and a half of engagement with pipeline and marine communities, a detailed environmental and socio-economic assessment, route assessments, and other various marine and terrestrial risk analyses and studies. This filing is a significant milestone in the development of this project and another step in the on-going engagement we will be having within your community.

When printed, the Application is over 15,000 pages and up to two metres high when stacked end on end. Please visit our Application website at

The NEB will hold its own public engagement process, including a hearing on the Application before it makes a decision on the proposed Project. The hearing will allow people or groups who have been granted permission to participate by the NEB a chance to raise issues, present evidence, test evidence, and provide their input. Information on how to participate in this process can be found here:

We invite you to visit our website to see how we have addressed community interests along the pipeline and marine corridors. Over the coming months we will be approaching stakeholders to consult on specific elements within the application. We will also be returning to communities where we have visited before in our previous engagements to discuss the application and proposals contained within.

From the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, we wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to continuing our dialogue with you and your community in 2014.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project Team"

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Sign of solidarity, the one I wore at kinder morgan's open house of ill-truth. This was on Snuneymuxw Territory, I felt that many people came out to support the ideals of loving sacredness, and not loving the ideals of pipelines.

 Sign of solidarity, the one I wore at kinder morgan's open house of ill-truth. This was on Snuneymuxw Territory, I felt that many people came out to support the ideals of loving sacredness, and not loving the ideals of pipelines.



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txs quizzical. here's a story i ran across

Kinder Morgan files plan to turn Vancouver into ‘Port McMurray’

It’s official. Just days before the National Energy Board is expected to announce its findings on the controversial, proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, US pipeline giant Kinder Morgan has filed its application to build a massive new oil pipeline to its tanker terminal in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet.

The eight-volume submission – covering everything from project design to aboriginal relations, environmental compliance and risk management – will take some time to chew through. For starters, though, the proposal would add a new pipeline carrying 590,000 barrels per day of diluted bitumen and synthetic crude from the Alberta Tar Sands to the company’s Burnaby terminal.

It will inevitably be presented as a logical alternative to Enbridge, as merely a “twinning” of the 50-year-old TransMountain pipeline – but it is much more than that....



kinder morgan already has a FN company working with them doing pre-pipeline expansion work. they out ahead of the process. have been  to 2 meetings now and imv they're pretty slick operators and are trying to buy community support as cheap as they can. they even have a court stenographer travelling with them who data enters every word everyone says.

they're going to get their approval and imv it won't be a "twinning" it will be 2 brand new pipelines. there's no way a 50 year pipe will be able to handle heavy construction as close to it as they have it planned in most areas. i figure they'll 'find' they have to replace the old line too.


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BC LNG bigger than Tar Sands? Export licences face Cabinet review

BC LNG applications dwarf oil pipeline proposals and Tar Sands production, but receive only a fraction of the attention.

On Monday, the same day the news broke that Kinder Morgan has finally filed its Vancouver pipeline expansion proposal, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver also chose to announce that four massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) export licenses recommended by the National Energy Board (NEB) will go to Cabinet for review and final decision.

This is in the same week we expect to hear the NEB approve the Enbridge Heavy Oil pipeline proposal with “conditions” that reflect the social license posturing of the BC Liberal Government - and, once again, much media debate will ensue.

However, it is important that we do not let this overshadow the NEB’s approval of four more LNG export licenses, reaching 7 total approved licenses, involving a mind-boggling 109.18 million tonnes per annum (mtpa.) of natural gas. That’s a staggering total gross volume of 2905.5 million tonnes over 25 years, requiring a massive increase in hydraulic fracturing in BC to feed these LNG plants and tankers.....

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Stephen Harper Protesters Block Vancouver Island Venue

Prime Minister Stephen Harper hiked a historic trail Tuesday with about 50 Scouts from Vancouver Island, but the serenity of his peaceful morning stroll along the rain-soaked Trans-Canada Trail didn't last long.

Harper was met later in the day in Mill Bay, B.C., by about 100 chanting, placard-carrying protesters who stood across the road leading to Brentwood College School, where the prime minister was set to speak to Conservative Party supporters.

Several protesters jawed about public and private property rights with RCMP officers who formed a line nearby.

Others carried homemade placards displaying their opposition to the federal government's position on climate change or the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which would bring Alberta oil products to British Columbia's North Coast for export to Asia by tanker....

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First Nations ready to set up blockades if Site C dam approved

First Nations in northeastern B.C. repeated a familiar story to the Site C Joint Review Panel on Tuesday, saying they are being backed into a corner, and warning that they are ready to set up blockades if the hydroelectric dam is approved.

Public hearings in aboriginal communities over B.C. Hydro’s $7.9-billion proposal concluded in Halfway River First Nation, where band members and elders said they’re united “shoulder to shoulder” to stop the flooding of the Peace River valley.

“If they’re going to build the dam, let’s go and blockade it,” elder Maisie Metecheah said in her presentation to the panel. “I’m not afraid. I don’t care if I go to jail. This is my land. I’m going to save my land.”....


Alberta oilsands facing aboriginal legal onslaught in 2014

Simmering disputes over the oilsands between Alberta aboriginals and the provincial and federal governments will break into the open in 2014 as virtually every one of the many recent changes in oversight of the controversial industry comes under legal and political attack.

"All litigation, all the time, is what I see on the horizon," said Larry Innes, lawyer for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation....


Other Spy Watchdogs Have Ties To Oil Business

"Chuck Strahl isn't the only SIRC committee member who has history with oil, gas or Harper. To paraphrase the old saw, what people don't know can't hurt the government."

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MacKay warns would-be oil saboteurs

Canada's justice minister is warning activists who muse about sabotaging oil pipelines and "war" against energy companies to watch their steps.

"Anything that promotes sabotage, which is mischief, which is damage to property, which is in many cases dangerous, is illegal," Peter MacKay said Thursday in Halifax. "And there are limits obviously placed on protests and on a person's efforts to express their disdain and their opposition to certain issues."

MacKay's comments come in response to a report this week in the leftist, Vancouver-based Georgia Straight newspaper about how environmental and aboriginal activists will oppose Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline if the feds approve the project and construction begins....


..the article

Activists plot how to block new pipelines in B.C.

At night, around campfires under a New Brunswick sky, Ambrose Williams thought about imminent battles back home.

Last November, the young Vancouver man and nine others travelled more than 5,000 kilometres east to the town of Rexton. Their mission was to reinforce the Mi’kmaq of the Elsipogtog First Nation who had clashed the month before with the RCMP. The confrontation happened on October 17, 2013, when heavily armed police dismantled a highway blockade by Natives opposing a gas-exploration project.

“I saw it as a staging ground,” Williams told the Georgia Straight about his journey during a December 27 interview—the day he returned—near Vancouver’s downtown waterfront.

According to the 25-year-old former president of the Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society, it was “good training to see how police tactics are used against aboriginal people and protesters”.

That knowledge may become valuable later.

Williams’s Gitxsan and Dene ancestors are from northern B.C., where lies the path of the Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposed by Enbridge Inc. This is also where planned gas pipelines to the west coast will pass. These will cross pristine forests and waters as well as traditional Native territories.....

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The Unis’tot’en have set up camp in the way of the planned Pacific Trails gas pipeline. The project was granted an environmental-assessment certificate by the B.C. government in 2008. It is expected to be operational in 2015.

In a 2012 interview in Vancouver, Unis’tot’en spokesperson Freda Huson told the Straight that Pacific Trails will clear the route for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline and other gas pipelines.

When asked how her people will deal with a potential violent confrontation, Huson replied: “We’ll do what we need to do.”

Hill has visited the Unis’tot’en camp in the path of Pacific Trails. “It’s going to be the first pipeline that’s going to be really challenged,” Hill said. “That’s going to be a critical part of the Enbridge struggle.”...


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(VIDEO) Secwepemc Women Warrior Society disrupt meeting, No to Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Tk’emlups, unceded, unsurrendered Secwepemc Nation, (Kamloops, Bc, Canada)

Secwepemc Women Warrior Society said a resounding No! to the Kinder Morgan pipeline today at an illegal engagement session between government and elected chief and council in Kamloops. The session was to push forward the federal government’s recent Eyford report on West Coast energy infrastructure and supposed “tanker safety”.

The women’s opposition is to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline proposing to cut through the heart of Secwepemc Nation, crossing countless clean rivers, creeks and streams, carrying 890,000 barrels of crude oil per day, coming from the controversial Alberta Tar Sands....


The picture is worth the whole article:

Maybe he's bucking for Mike Duffy's old spot.


epaulo13 wrote:
The women’s opposition is to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline proposing to cut through the heart of Secwepemc Nation, crossing countless clean rivers, creeks and streams, carrying 890,000 barrels of crude oil per day, coming from the controversial Alberta Tar Sands....

according to kinder morgan they're not crossing any rivers, creeks or streams with this twinning. they're going under them don't ya know!

this is great news though given the reality kinder morgan already has or had a FN pipeline contractor working for them in the area on the existing one.


You are commiting mass genocide...stopping causes the economy to collapse...not stopping and the economy will eventually collapse.


The key problem is the transition from where the systsem where it has to be.


There is no way...once the economy begins to collapse and the general population begins to suffer...they will demand the activists be hunted down and exterminated.


really...that is where your activism is taking you all...The opposition to the activists are just building a case against the activists...


What do you think when the middle class begin seeing their loved ones suffering due to the economic collapse and the leaders point out it was the activists that slowed down the construction?


Of course all the corporate people have millions and billions of dollars to survive on...and they will go ultra police state....and the majority of the population looking for revenge/retribution will back them 100%


You need a solution to the problem...protesting/shit disturbing is not a solution...It just contributes to the the problem.


You can not have your cake and eat it too.

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Mary Hatch on CBC with Stephen Quinn

CBC's Stephen Quinn interviews Burnaby anti-pipeline activist Mary Hatch on January 10, 2014. Mary discusses the affect of oil pipelines on life in Burnaby and the risk they pose to residents, businesses, marine and wildlife and the powerpoint presentation she designed to raise awareness.

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Angry protesters force First Nations leader off university stage

Angry protesters took over a planned talk by First Nations leader Phil Fontaine in Winnipeg on Wednesday, resulting in the rescheduling of the event.

Fontaine was scheduled to speak at the University of Winnipeg in the early afternoon on First Nations issues in the past, present and future.

But loud protesters crowded the area almost immediately after he began speaking, some armed with anti-oil sands signs, others with drums and some with their faces painted red and black.

Fontaine, a former Assembly of First Nations chief, accepted a job with TransCanada Pipeline, a natural gas and oil pipeline developer in December.

Protesters were angry he took the job, saying he isn't representing their interests and isn't thinking of the environment....


I don't like seeing people pushed off stages, but this was a terrible idea. Until Keystone XL is settled how can anyone trust someone in that company's pay?

Furthermore, the federal government's railroading of these projects and calling in the RCMP to stop protest  is far worse than this shutting down of a "conversation".


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Gitga’at First Nation challenges Enbridge panel ruling in court

The Gitga’at First Nation in British Columbia has filed a court challenge to the federal review panel recommendation in favour of the Northern Gateway pipeline, bringing to 10 the number of applications filed in Vancouver against the project.

The small community centred around Hartley Bay on the north coast said its way of life would be severely threatened by the bitumen-laden tankers that would navigate Douglas Channel on their doorstep.

In applications filed this week with both the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, the band asks for a judicial review of the joint review panel’s decision.

“We’re talking about hundreds of ships passing by basically our front door… and the impact that that’s going to have on our way of life and the cultural identity of the Gitga’at people,” Cam Hill, an elected band councillor, said Wednesday.

“We are a sea-going people. Our life is on the sea.”...


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Burnaby MP inundated with Kinder Morgan requests

The phone is ringing off the hook at Kennedy Stewart's office. The Burnaby-Douglas MP is helping people sign up as intervenors in the National Energy Board's hearing for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.
The application period opened on Jan. 15, and the deadline to apply is Feb. 12. Stewart, whose riding is home to the pipeline's terminus, is critical of the NEB, mainly for having cancelled a public info session in Burnaby on how local residents can get involved in the process.  
"The whole way the NEB has been doing this has been very upsetting," Stewart told the NOW, adding that the board did not put out a media release the day the application period opened. "It's been such a sneak attack."
Stewart has recruited 15 volunteers and set up extra computers in his office to help people sign up as intervenors. He's also sent direct mailings to everyone in his constituency and a voicemail phone broadcast to 30,000 homes in the riding, he's taken out ads in bus shelters and local newspapers, and he's hired an extra staff member to help with the workload. He's also launched a website called


NEB shuts down Kinder Morgan pipeline hearing website for “maintenance”

An oil pipeline critic and New Democratic MP from British Columbia says plans by the National Energy Board to perform maintenance on its website this weekend are “ridiculous.”

Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart recently said his community office would hold Saturday computer labs to show people how they could apply online to participate in upcoming hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

The $5.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to B.C.’s coast could result in a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic in the waters that surround Vancouver.

But the National Energy Board says on its website that users could experience service interruptions, starting at 6 p.m. this evening and running until 6 a.m. Monday.

Stewart says the public application process was launched last week and is only open for 28 days.

He says the energy board has not made print copies or printable files of the application available so there is no choice but to apply online. Days Stewart:...

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Former Aboriginal affairs minister Strahl quits CSIS watchdog amid controversy

Former Aboriginal affairs minister Chuck Strahl quit his post as chair of Canada’s spy agency watchdog after facing criticism for also lobbying for Enbridge and a First Nation energy company doing business with the Chinese.

In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper released publicly Friday, Strahl said he was stepping down as chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) to avoid being sucked into a political battle....

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thread drift...

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan compares BC to living in a banana republic


BC will not be a Banana Republic!

The fight to bring accountable and democratic decision making to our Port Authority is just beginning. We're gearing up to demand that our provincial government step in and protect the public interest, and we'll keep putting pressure directly on the Port too....

...end drift

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Pancakes Not Pipelines Feeds Resistance: Skwomesh Action forms to defend Salish Sea and Mother Earth


On January 26 2014, Skwomesh Action hosted their first large public event. Pancakes Not Pipelines brought hundreds of supporters together to support Indigenous resistance to tar sands and fracking pipelines at a local and provincial level. The pancake brunch included guest speakers including Mi’kmaq Warrior Society members involved in the blockade of SWN Resources Canada fracking gas equipment in Elsipogtog. Cultural performances included the Coast Salish Dance Group Children of Takaya, shown at the end of this video.

The event raised funds to support the Unist’ot’en Camp and Skwomesh Action’s organizing efforts....


The Canada-Israel Energy R&D Workshop and Technology Partnering Mission

"CIIRDF marks the launch of the Canada-Israel Energy S & T Fund in Tel Aviv. Israeli technology firms target Canada's lucrative energy market, and seek to capitalize on business and funding.

Israeli innovation for Canada's oil sands - Access the Knowledge Portal"


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Unist'ot'en Camp has recently learned that the construction phase of the proposed Pacific Trails Pipeline has started from the East and also from the West. They intend to have the pipeline finished to the Eastern and Western borders of our unceded lands with us as the last obstacle. The entire illegitimate BC governmental system as well as the Harper regime plan on using mainstream media and their powers within to come down hard on the Wet'suwet'en for our refusal to allow them to bully their way into our lands. It is time for us Wet'suwet'en to hunker down and assemble all of the allies and supporters and begin working at shutting down the present construction phase. All researchers and activists who have committed to helping us need to step up now and provide help where you can.

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Majority of British Columbians oppose Northern Gateway pipeline: poll

Nearly two thirds of British Columbians are opposed to the $6.5-billion Northern Gateway pipeline and the tankers it will bring to the northern coast, according to a poll commissioned by environmental groups.

Conducted between Jan. 13-19, the Justason Market Intelligence poll of 600 people also found that 64 per cent (the same number that are opposed) believe the project will definitely or probably be built. The margin of error of the combined telephone and online poll is plus or minus four per cent.

The survey showed that 92 per cent were aware of the project, which will carry diluted bitumen from the Alberta oilsands to Kitimat for transport by tanker overseas to open up Asian markets....

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..i see this as applying across the board and here in canada

No More Red Scares: Fighting Fair Against Keystone XL and Fossil Fuel Expansion

On January 28, California environmental activist and billionaire money-manager Tom Steyer aired a national anti-Keystone XL pipeline ad before and after the State of the Union Address on MSNBC. The one-minute ad, titled “Suckers” and produced by Steyer’s NexGen Climate group, sidelines climate change opting instead for McCarthy-Era anti-Chinese imagery that preys on the presumed prejudice of an uninformed public.

The ad begins with nerve-wracking music and a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao smiling and shaking hands. We then watch a Canadian maple leaf flag morph into the Chinese five stars as it flutters over the Martian landscape of tar sands excavation. A male narrator informs us that Keystone XL is “a sucker punch to America’s heartland,” because China is “counting on the U.S. to approve Canada’s pipeline to ship oil through America’s heartland, and out to foreign countries like theirs.”

This time last year, I was knocking on doors near the capitol house in Olympia, Wash., asking if people wanted yard signs that read NO COAL EXPORTS, WE CAN DO BETTER. The legislative session was about to begin and it seemed like a good idea to alert lawmakers to the public sentiments about these coal export proposals. I was prepared to discuss the topic with skeptics, cynics and folks who supported coal exports, but one gentleman caught me off guard.

“I’ve heard about that,“ he said, careful not to open the door too wide. “I’ll ask my wife. You know the coal’s all headed to China. They think they deserve our quality of life now.“ He continued to detail for me things the Chinese thought they deserved: air conditioning, cars, television, our jobs. He did not take a sign from me, but he was quite riled up by the time I excused myself and he shut the door.....


Fight The Pipelines: Answering The Call To Action


What's happening? What should we do? What happens next?

Work has started on the pipeline route.

Pacific Trail shares a right-of-way with the Enbridge Northern Gateway tarsands pipeline to Kitimat, set to be approved by the Harper Government any moment.

We know the game is rigged. It's time to play a new game.

GET READY - the Harper Government is about to announce final approval for the Enbridge - Northern Gateway pipeline. It will be up to us to respond in a way they can't ignore.

Anyone who loves this land, its coasts and rivers - get ready to stand up and raise hell..."



The Greens are now officially a sell out Party.


Big Oil's Chokehold On Canadian Democracy  -  by Murray Dobbin

"How far will Harper go to neutralize opposition to Tar Sands?

The fight against Big Oil corporatism may be the most important one you ever support..."

or don't.

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NEB swamped with 2,000 applicants to speak out at Kinder Morgan pipeline hearings

Cities, residents, First Nations, golf courses, environmentalists, condo councils and car dealers  -- all part of 2,000+ diverse applicants now registered for the TransMountain NEB hearing

Today, despite a heavily criticized online process, approximately 2,000 individuals, groups and governments registered before the deadline to apply to participate in a National Energy Board’s hearing into the Kinder Morgan oil sands pipeline expansion project.

Retired schoolteacher, 89-year-old Elsie Dean was one such applicant.

“We just don’t want the oil pipeline coming into Burnaby at all.  We don’t think it’s safe,” said Dean on Wednesday.


That huge list includes a fair number of governments: 15 cities including Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Kamloops and Edmonton; the Province of Alberta, Washington State, Nicola Tribal Council, and the Township of Langley.  Some of these are not strictly against the project, but Vancouver and Burnaby are.

Hundreds of residents, with pipeline concerns related to declining property values, earthquakes, storage tanker explosions, oil spills, and terrorist attacks, will also be represented.  

One group – Parents from Cameron Elementary School – said many families worry about the risk of a pipeline accident hurting their children, who walk near the pipeline, or play in playgrounds as close as 100 metres from the route....


B.C. Green MLA Andrew Weaver is expected to speak at the hearing about the lack of science around tankers spilling diluted bitumen at sea.  The federal NDP is also represented.

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Overflow crowd at Burnaby pipeline workshop

So many people showed up at Saturday's information meeting on participating in the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion process that a second session has been scheduled for Feb. 9, said Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart.

Stewart estimated there were about 400 people in attendance at Confederation Community Centre, and said some people had to be turned away.

The meeting was to explain how people can apply to participate in the process and was scheduled after the National Energy Board (NEB) cancelled its own local meetings last fall and opted for online sessions instead.

"So far it's the only meeting of this type," he said by phone from Ottawa Monday. "The NEB should be doing these things but they're not."...


Oil from a Kinder Morgan marine spill could foul Vancouver beaches within 24 hours


The study released wooden drift cards representing oil at locations on the tanker route that are at higher risk of an incident, corresponding to potential spill sites identified in Kinder Morgan’s Monday application. The study reveals how far and fast oil could travel from these spill sites, and what kind of valuable areas could be affected. Initial drift card recovery findings indicate:

 ·         Oil spills in Vancouver Harbour could cover Stanley Park, Jericho Beach, Kitsilano Beach, False Creek, Iona Beach and the North Shore from Ambleside Park to Lighthouse Park, within 24-48 hours.

·         Oil could travel from the mouth of the Fraser River to Victoria in 4 days.

·         Oil from a spill off the Greater Vancouver coast could reach Tofino (a distance of 300 km) in 3 weeks.

Kinder Morgan’s application recognizes English Bay as a site for potential incidents but then dismisses it as a possible spill location “due to relatively low frequency for an accidental oil cargo spill”.....

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Bad News for Enbridge

A new poll released on Feb. 5 by Justason Market Intelligence, commissioned by Dogwood Initiative and three other groups, has confirmed the majority of British Columbians are still opposed to Enbridge’s plan to bring crude oil supertankers to B.C.’s northern inside coastal waters.....

other questions asked:

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Threatens Ecology and Economy of Salish Tribes

Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC — Opposition to Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain proposed pipeline project ramped up today as Coast Salish peoples on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border vowed to oppose the project as intervenors before Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB). Coast Salish intervenors include the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Tulalip Tribes, Lummi Nation, and Suquamish Tribe in Washington state, and the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations in British Columbia. The deadline for application to participate in the NEB process was [Wednesday] night at midnight.

“Over the last 100 years, our most sacred site, the Salish Sea, has been deeply impacted by our pollution-based economy,” said Swinomish Chairman Brian Cladoosby. “Every kind of pollution ends up in the Salish Sea. We have decided no more and we are stepping forward. It is up to this generation and future generations to restore and protect the precious waters of the Salish Sea.”

“Our people are bound together by our deep connection to Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea. We are the ‘People of the Inlet’ and we are united in our resolve to protect our land, water and air from this risky project,” said Chief Maureen Thomas of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. “We will use all lawful means to oppose it. This is why we have applied to intervene in the NEB hearing process.”....

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TransCanada gas pipeline ruptures in Alberta

The National Energy Board is investigating a natural gas pipeline rupture in west-central Alberta.

The federal regulator said the TransCanada (TSX:TRP) pipe broke Tuesday morning about 10 kilometres north of Rocky Mountain House.

It said the pipe was shut down and there were no immediate public safety concerns.

TransCanada spokesman Shawn Howard said the nearest home to the pipeline rupture is more than half a kilometre away. He said the company had been in contact with the landowner and no evacuation was required....


A TransCanada pipeline explosion in Manitoba last month left about 3,600 homes and businesses without heat for several days in -20 C temperatures.

A 2014 gas pipeline explosion near Winnipeg, Maniotoba


Regulator buried report on TransCanada pipeline explosion

Read this February 4 story from on a 2011 report of a TransCanada gas pipeline explosion in northern Alberta which the National Energy Board kept quiet for several years....


You are commiting mass genocide...stopping causes the economy to collapse...not stopping and the economy will eventually collapse.

( from hypertiger)

...There´s one flaw to this argument...stopping the mega projects  yes will dramatically increase the decline of Canada´s financial support...but the effects on the finances then the economics of the country has no effect on the economics of the people on the land working to self reliance, especially the autonomous indigenous territories...

Activists looking to protest and blockade must be supporting the people on the land, consciousness raising and organizing in their defence!


But ultimately the success of the struggles of the autonomous indigenous must come through their internationalist efforts.

International law (guarantees) the rights of the indigenous to informed is clear throughout  international case law.

Of course I don´t for a minute believe that the corporate state will respect the rule of law, but it definitely will eliminate their legal legitimacy...first step!

Second step is to organize alliance with all autonomous indigenous Peoples to guarantee those rights through direct action internationally.
I have participated in such works! 

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..the current state of affairs re the northern pipelines.

Pacific Trail Pipelines: Overview and Unist'ot'en Resistance



Camped for three years, aboriginal blockaders vow to stop northern LNG pipeline

With surveying and clearing operations for the Pacific Trail pipeline project in northern British Columbia underway, Wet'suwet'en blockaders living at a protest camp beside the Morice River for over three years now are bracing to prevent it from being built across their traditional territory.

"Unist'ot'en Camp has recently learned that the construction phase of the proposed Pacific Trail Pipeline has started from the East and also from the West. They intend to have the pipeline finished to the Eastern and Western borders of our unceded lands with us as the last obstacle," reads a statement on the protesters' website....

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Collective Walks/Spaces of Contestation October 22, 2013 to May 5, 2014

Spaces of Contestation is a series of talks, performances, public actions, publications, and an exhibition that examines the collective walk/protest/public demonstration as both a performance and a social formation. The core of the project is in four collaborations between artists and community organizations, that initiate community engagement and democratic use of public space via the realization of site-specific participatory performances.

Public actions and performances
March – May 2014

 Gabriel Mindel-Saloman will collaborate with the Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE), a grassroots residents’ association in Burnaby. The artist will work with members of BROKE towards the realization of a “Mapping Procession” aimed at increasing public awareness of the underground pipeline system existing in Burnaby through a combination of artistic interventions and activist advocacy tactics. Saloman and BROKE will begin with a series of workshops designed to create a “People’s Map” of Burnaby and its resource infrastructure. This map will serve as a guide for making visible in public space much of what is hidden from public discourse around the effects of the pipeline system and its proposed expansion. Saloman and BROKE will be inviting a wide range of community groups to participate in the public performance.
Performance/procession April 12, 10am – 3:30pm, locations in Burnaby TBA



Burnaby Residents Opposing the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion (BROKE) and Forest Ethics Advocacy will host a Town Hall Meeting on March 4th about Kinder Morgan’s plan to build a new pipeline to carry crude bitumen at extremely high pressure from the Alberta tar sands to Burrard Inlet....


Get the facts. Come to the Town Hall on March 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Cameron Elementary School, 9540 Erickson Dr. Discuss the issues with your neighbors.

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Grand Chief predicts repeat of Oka crisis if feds fail to consult First Nations before Enbridge Northern Gateway decision

Failure to consult First Nations will result in crisis: Grand Chief

If Canada fails to respond to live up to its obligations to consult First Nations, British Columbia’s Grand Chief Stewart Phillip believes it will almost certainly see another Oka Crisis, referencing a 78-day standoff in 1990 between the Mohawk people, the Quebec police and the Canadian military that broke out when the province tried to build a golf course on a traditional burial site. 

He said the “drive-by” consultation the Harper government has completed so far isn’t enough. Even in light of continued opportunities to engage with First Nations—the Haisla Nation recently informed the federal government once again that allowing Enbridge to build its pipeline without adequate consultation would be illegal—Phillip thinks it’s too late for Northern Gateway and other late-stage projects.

“It’s pretty much a perfect storm that’s developing if the government just overrides the JRP panel process and approves these projects,” he told the Vancouver Observer....


Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi expresses support for the Keystone XL pipeline.  link


Harperism loses ground in cpc?!/content/1.2555858

No pipeline without First Nations, Prentice says

[i]Prentice veered off his prepared script to make the point that big projects, such as the Northern Gateway pipeline, are dead in the water without real efforts to involve First Nations."There will be no oil pipelines to the West Coast without economic partnerships with First Nations." Both Prentice and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall agree that Canada should harmonize its environmental regulations with the U.S.Wall urged the Harper government to bring in long-delayed regulations on the oil and gas industry."We need those regulations to come forward.... it would be a signal that would help," [/i]

Harper's done his best to bulldoze a path for the oil and gas industry, but it seems his star is setting. :) The smart money's partnering with First Nations and environmentalists. :)


i said here a long time ago Kinder Morgan and Transmountain long ago did this. it's how they're going to get their piepline "twined".

and i think the mine at Fish Lake didn't get approved because Kinder Morgan has identified they need about 900 people to fill jobs for the pipeline and they don't think there's enough. there ain't going to be any splitting of the available work force until the pipeline goes through no matter who's in government.

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Arrests Proceed Slowly: Anti-KXL = Epic Civil Disobedience @ White House!

Update: The arrests of the people ziptied to the fence proceed slowly. The live-streams are now down. The police were very methodical and non-dramatic in general. This is one of the largest number of students arrested in any direct action in ages. The weather is worsening, a cold rain is falling, snow to begin soon.

Update: Arrests have begun. The protesters are doing the "human chain." The will be zip tied, taken into the tent to be processed, taken away on the vans, put in jail. There is an enormous amount of protesters across the street, said to be causing massive traffic jams. The protesters are shouting "We Love You!" I love those young people. While our elites and intellectuals are writing about the "death of the left" they are out getting processed in the Democracy Tent. Their records will follow them. They are young. We, the elders, need to step up by stepping into the streets....


Breaking: 400+ Youth Arrested at White House Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

Today more than 1,200 youth from across the country marched to the White House from Georgetown University—where President Obama laid out his “climate test”—to protest the Keystone XL pipeline. Once at the White House, more than 400 youth were arrested while participating in a nonviolent civil disobedience sit-in. This protest was the largest youth act of civil disobedience at the White House in a generation.....

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Prentice’s arrival won’t soften Enbridge pipeline opposition: Coastal First Nations

Former Aboriginal affairs minister Jim Prentice will be leading Enbridge Inc.’s charm offensive to convince recalcitrant First Nations to support the controversial Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

Enbridge said in a statement Wednesday that Prentice would be leading the energy firm’s “renewed efforts to consult…and establish partnerships with First Nations.

Prentice, who is currently vice-chairman of the CIBC bank, also announced his new role on Twitter.

“I have agreed to help (the Northern Gateway) project because I believe First Nations should be full partners in resource projects,” tweeted Prentice, who was Aboriginal affairs minister from 2006 to 2007. “And they should be owners of projects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline project.”....


I'm guessing that Prentice coming in is because the govt has two seperate problems.


1.] Getting First Nations approval in general / overall

2.] That Enbridge and the Harper Crew without Prentice's credibility cannot even manage to get the agreement of SOME First Nations at least potentially ready to split off and sign a deal with some benefits for them.


Publicly, overtly, its all about #1. But everyone, Prentice included, without saying it sees getting unanimous approval as essentially impossible.

So the real strategy is to rescue the potentially achievable divide and conquer #2. Which Enbridge and its govt enablers wants to do, but is running out of time to pull off.

Make sense? Or are they really hoping to buy off all or most First Nations? [Or subform of that: bring in Prentice so they can say they really tried? Which I can see them easily being cynical enough for. But how much hope does "we tried" have of standing up in court? While buying off some First Nations, can allow them in court to portray the holdouts as not negotiating in good faith.  ???]


KenS wrote:

I'm guessing that Prentice coming in is because the govt has two seperate problems.


1.] Getting First Nations approval in general / overall

2.] That Enbridge and the Harper Crew without Prentice's credibility cannot even manage to get the agreement of SOME First Nations at least potentially ready to split off and sign a deal with some benefits for them.


Publicly, overtly, its all about #1. But everyone, Prentice included, without saying it sees getting unanimous approval as essentially impossible.

So the real strategy is to rescue the potentially achievable divide and conquer #2. Which Enbridge and its govt enablers wants to do, but is running out of time to pull off.

Make sense? Or are they really hoping to buy off all or most First Nations? [Or subform of that: bring in Prentice so they can say they really tried? Which I can see them easily being cynical enough for. But how much hope does "we tried" have of standing up in court? While buying off some First Nations, can allow them in court to portray the holdouts as not negotiating in good faith.  ???]

I don't think #1 matters much, and I don't think it's constructive or accurate to talk of 'buying off' First Nations. The govt and Enbridge require agreements with all Indigenous communities whose rights may be affected by the pipeline.

[i] Enbridge says it has agreements with 26 Aboriginal communities along the pipeline route, which will carry Alberta tar sands bitumen to the British Columbia coast. That number, however, is disputed. Enbridge only has the support of three B.C. First Nations at most and the number it uses relies heavily on Alberta support.[/i]

All Coastal First Nations oppose the pipeline, and most along the route in BC.
Jim Prentice is known to have integrity in working with Indigenous issues, but his purpose of pushing through the pipeline puts him in a bad position to start.

This will be a very interesting process.

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Aboriginal rights a threat to Canada's resource agenda, documents reveal

The Canadian government is increasingly worried that the growing clout of aboriginal peoples’ rights could obstruct its aggressive resource development plans, documents reveal.

Since 2008, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs has run a risk management program to evaluate and respond to “significant risks” to its agenda, including assertions of treaty rights, the rising expectations of aboriginal peoples, and new legal precedents at odds with the government’s policies.

Yearly government reports obtained by the Guardian predict that the failure to manage the risks could result in more “adversarial relations” with aboriginal peoples, “public outcry and negative international attention,” and “economic development projects [being] delayed.”

“There is a risk that the legal landscape can undermine the ability of the department to move forward in its policy agenda,” one Aboriginal Affairs’ report says. “There is a tension between the rights-based agenda of Aboriginal groups and the non-rights based policy approaches” of the federal government.

The Conservative government is planning in the next ten years to attract $650 billion of investment to mining, forestry, gas and oil projects, much of it on or near traditional aboriginal lands.

Critics say the government is determined to evade Supreme Court rulings that recognize aboriginal peoples’ rights to a decision-making role in, even in some cases jurisdiction over, resource development in large areas of the country.

“The Harper government is committed to a policy of extinguishing indigenous peoples’ land rights, instead of a policy of recognition and co-existence,” said Arthur Manuel, chair of the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade, which has lead an effort to have the economic implications of aboriginal rights identified as a financial risk.

“They are trying to contain the threat that our rights pose to business-as-usual and the expansion of dirty energy projects. But our legal challenges and direct actions are creating economic uncertainty and risk, raising the heat on the government to change its current policies.”...


According to a report released in November by Virginia-based First Peoples Worldwide, the risk associated with not respecting aboriginal peoples’ rights over lands and resources is emerging as a new financial bubble for extractive industries.

The report anticipates that as aboriginal peoples become better connected through digital media, win broader public support, and mount campaigns that more effectively impact business profits, failures to uphold aboriginal rights will carry an even higher risk.


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