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Le T Le T's picture website has "been suspended"

just went to and it looks like the webhost has suspended the service. does anyone know anything about this? missed payment or olympic security?

Issues Pages: 

It says "Technical or Billing Problems". Usually if it is billing there would have been previous warnings to the owner of the site and the last article was posted on Jan. 26th.




If the following is true (and I have no way of knowing since I havn t seen it) then it would be no surprise that the site was shut down:

From The Province:

Arson website could spur police crackdownBy Ethan Baron, The ProvinceJanuary 28, 2010


....These activists shout to the world that police are violating their democratic rights. Hello? The website,part of the Olympic Resistance Network (ORN), advocates arson attacks and has pictures of bombs on its website. Of course the cops are going to investigate the people involved. They'd be derelict in their duties if they didn't....


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The site is up and running today


With this explanation:

Quote: has experienced some technical difficulties, but we are once again online and bringing you the most incendiary, potentially explosive--anti-Olympic news and updates--as we have over the last 3 years. We thank all those comrades and supporters who have expressed concern over our brief 'offline' existence...


No2010 Statement Re: "Arson Website"

"Thank you for your interest in a popular anti-Olympic website..."