Obomba coming to Ottawa on February 19

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Obomba coming to Ottawa on February 19

Will the left be strewing the route with rose petals, or will there be a March on Ottawa to show Obomba what we think of his foreign policies with regard to Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Bolivia, etc.?


I brought up that very topic with my typically well spoken, educated, progressive friends who joined me at the Bush protest in Ottawa a few years back,  and the vast majority of them didn't seem to see a reason to protest him.

I plan to do the same as last time as the 'leader of the United States' has yet to...

Stop supporting Terrorism (directly or indirectly)

Stop the WTO and IMF from punishing socialist policies

Sign onto the international Criminal Court

Sign onto Kyoto

Sign the international Land mine ban

Stop Supporting repressive regimes (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel)

and still just waiting for an apology for the last  hundreds years + of general dickishness.

To answer your question though, I think the vast majority of people are going to give him a free pass because he at least makes you inspired while he's lying through his teeth and stealing our childrens future.

wage zombie

If Bush had come to Canada a month after inauguration i doubt there would've been anything comparable to the later protests.  I think most people were protesting Bush personally and his record rather than as a figurehead of the Empire. 


Obama changes nothing of the fundamentals of US imperialism or hegemony, but I fear that at this point an all-out protest rally would be ritualistic - and a flop. There are other symbolic actions that can be taken on specific issues though - time to be creative - yes, we can!

Though give him time, inevitably there will be something to protest. Nothing to do with Obama personally. I had an old lefty friend in Italy who had a certain admiration for Jimmy Carter as a decent human being, but said his remained a Mafia Don's role.

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I think a nice show of support for Obama will rub the message in to Harper that we have him in our electoral 'sites'. Laughing

Buddy Kat

 I would like the Albertan and BC contingency to paint their perspective provinces as supporters of oil/gas terrorists showing how the oil and gas companies are poisoning first nations people and taking advantage of stupid Canadians by destroying the environment , killing people with rare cancers, contaminating the fresh water supply of North America...and providing unsecure terror targets throught the west....all because of supplying the US market with killer oil and gas.

Drag out yer dead and parade them in front of Oboma..carry your signs with pics of rare cancers and spray the shielded and face protected riot police with your contaminated water, and then watch them vomit on national TV all over Obamas red carpet.Cool




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While mostly supportive crowds are expected to gather for Obama's first international visit since he took the presidential oath on Jan. 20, police are bracing for the possibility of demonstrations from protesters.

Police said Wednesday the right to peaceful demonstration will be respected during the historic visit.


That's easy for them to say, since nobody seems to be planning anything by way of protest demonstration at all.

What a pathetic little country we are. 

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Preparations for Obama's visit swung into action weeks ago, when a [b]"pre-advance" team[/b] of Secret Service agents and White House staff slipped into Canada's capital city to case out the route for the presidential motorcade, conduct security sweeps of meeting sites, and cull intelligence from Canadian law-enforcement agencies on any terrorist threats or assassination plots.

"To see what goes into the preparations, and see how many stakeholders are involved, it's something the public doesn't really understand," said Norm Jarvis, a former Secret Service agent who served under four presidents. "Whenever you have the president mobile, there are vast distances that have to be covered, and at any point along that route, there can be trouble."

By Thursday, a [b]larger advance team[/b] will have been on the ground more than a week, refining the security plan down to the movements of individual vehicles and agents, setting up communications and checking camera angles.

Officially, the Prime Minister's Office and the White House jointly plan the visit, with the RCMP and the Secret Service co-ordinating security. [b]In practice, American officials don't hesitate to throw their weight around.[/b] Ahead of Ronald Reagan's visit to Ottawa in 1987, U.S. officials even carried out a security sweep of 24 Sussex Drive and edited out satirical elements from high-school skits to be performed for Nancy Reagan.


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Environmental activists will be out in force when Obomba comes to Ottawa on Thursday.

But they won't be protesting - they will be cheering him on.

Yes, the president of the USA, a country that spurns the Kyoto accord and causes massive environmental destruction with its military, its industries, its agriculture, and its transportation, will be hailed as a hero by the conservative wing of the environmental movement.

On Wednesday night, before the visit, the green-advocate group Environmental Defence is hosting "An Evening of Obama" at the Metropolitain Brasserie on Sussex and Wellington streets.

Aaron Freeman, ED policy director, said the event is intended to be a lighthearted welcoming event for "politicos" excited about the visit.

[b]"We're pretty happy about Obama's environmental leadership. We think that provides a model for other countries, including Canada," he said.[/b]


And it won't be just the greenwashers out there waving the stars and stripes:

"We"re not going to be meeting him, that's fine," said Rachel Decoste, a local Obama supporter who has been helping to co-ordinate public events planned for the visit. "At least he'll know that he is welcome here and people support him."

Decoste said she knows of [b]several buses bringing people in from Toronto, southern Ontario and Montreal for Obama's visit.[/b] Some people are even flying in from Halifax, even though they may only see his motorcade at best.

"With a warm welcome, he for sure will want to come back," said Decoste, "and maybe he'll bring Michelle next time."

During the visit, Decoste said Obama supporters would be crowding into designated areas on Parliament Hill and Wellington Street, cheering and chanting slogans like, "Yes We Can-ada!"...

[A] rally by [b]Canada for Obama[/b] is planned for 1 p.m. Thursday at the First Baptist Church on Laurier....

[b]Democrats Abroad Canada[/b] is organizing a walk over Laurier Bridge at 2:15 p.m. [b]to symbolize the work Obama has done to bring people together in the U.S. and around the world.[/b]



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Did I hear correctly? Are the three major Canadian broadcasters covering the whole event live?

I thought it was odd enough that all the inauguration hoopla got so much coverage. What next? Live coverage by the Canadian broadcasters of all forthcoming Presidential addresses?

As for environmental groups that lean to the right, not a surprise that they hail Obama some environmental hero. Some of these same groups were pretty quick to pat Harper on the back for the flimsy Clean Air Act.


Change - Not Gonna Happen Barack Hussein Obama Demotivational Poster




______________________________________________________________________________________________ We are like cloaks, one thinks of us only when it rains.


What could he do anyway besides let the banks go belly up and then buy them real cheap? Not gonna happen. It's socialism to prop up capitalism except bigger than ever before by a whole bunch

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Barack Obama's highly anticipated visit to Canada will result in a virtual lockdown around Parliament Hill and restrictions on airspace around the national capital region...

The trip is scheduled to last only a few hours on Thursday, but it has already sparked a massive police and security operation that will restrict everything from pedestrians, guided tours and cars to the movement of members of Parliament in and around the House of Commons.

...Ottawans will see a lot of officers along the route and near sites he may be visiting.

Ottawa police are anticipating a lot of love for the president.

Although the itinerary is not yet public, the Centre Block of Parliament Hill will be closed to the public, and tours cancelled on Feb. 18 and 19.

According to a memo Speaker Peter Milliken wrote to MPs and parliamentary staff, MPs will have access but will need their pins and a valid identity card.

A spokesman for Mr. Milliken said [b]every effort was being made to keep the lawns of Parliament open to the public, but the final decision rests with the RCMP.[/b]

The RCMP and Prime Minister's Office could not immediately be reached for comment regarding the security measures. An Ottawa police spokesman said [b]a final decision had not been made public yet.[/b]

Staff and journalists who work on Parliament Hill will require special accreditation to gain access to the buildings.... parliamentary employees and journalists must undergo a special RCMP background check to be allowed access to Parliament during the event.



The reason the RCMP hasn't yet decided whether to close down access to Parliament Hill altogether is that they are still monitoring internet traffic and tapping telephones to find out if anyone is planning to demonstrate against Obomba. At the last minute, they will declare the Parliamentary lawn open to his adoring public.

Paul Gross


from http://nowar-paix.ca



Most of us in the Peace Movement are happy to welcome President Obama to Ottawa.  He is clearly a great improvement over his predecessor!

So, let's go to Parliament Hill at noon on Thursday, 19 Feb and be welcoming.  However, at the same time that we are welcoming, we have an obligation to send a message about the futile war in Afghanistan: to "End It, Not Extend It."  

 So come out with your signs and banners to let the new President know we wish him the best, but believe that Afghanistan is a big mistake. 

Organized by nowar-paix.



   Echoing "saga" 's post here, I just hope Pres Obama realises that PM Harper only has the support of 35% of Canadians, and that most of us are not conservative minded politically. 

  Most of us don't want the militarism of the former USA government, and we don't like the stain of the Tar Sands either.  



 CBC radio's famous start-up many decades ago was spoiled when the announcer said "Canadian Broadcorping Casteration"

 CBC's Peter Mansbridge, who interviewed Obama yesterday, also goofed up by referring to President Obama's visit as "President Obiza's Vomit".


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George Victor

" CBC's Peter Mansbridge, who interviewed Obama yesterday, also goofed up by referring to President Obama's visit as "President Obiza's Vomit". "


A mistake by a nervous Mansbridge.

"Obomba", however, has already been called "racist" by one (brief) visitor to babble.


I wonder if Harper thinks singing a duet with Obama will be good enough for another phony majority? When Irish Eyes are Smiling?

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He's here! Wow - Air Farce One is big plane! I wonder what kind of carbon footprint that monster has? Surprised

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Obama is shaking hands on the Hill - he's a tall man. Probably the most handsome US President - ever - even more so than JFK.


Boom Boom wrote:
He's here! Wow - Air Farce One is big plane! I wonder what kind of carbon footprint that monster has? Surprised


Earlier this morning, the cbc announcer described it as a "symbol of American power" and then hastily added, "and freedom". Sealed 

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I was switching back and forth between Newsworld and CNN. I wanted to see what the USians were saying about us behind our backs. The CNN anchor was very poorly briefed.  She referred to the red-coated Mounties as Canadian Armed Forces and said "Obama is shaking hands with the Canadian Prime Minister" -- although there was no PM to be seen.(I didn't join on Oct 20 2008 -- although I know why this happened.  I'll fix it. )

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Speaking of monsters, the Cadilac limo (nicknamed "The Beast") has five inches of bulletproof glass in every window. Security has been over-the-top during this visit. There's also a second dummy presidential limo with a wax figure of Obama waving to the crowds from his seat. Laughing

So far all the reporting I've seen on CBC-TV Newsworld have been feel-good fluff pieces, including interviews with Bob Rae and Iggy who will both be meeting Obama at 4 pm. Iggy said he wants to share just a moment of their joint Harvard experience, but move to on to what his concerns will be when he becomes PM one day.Laughing

Rae is presenting Obama with a new book from Queen's University on the history of meetings between Canadian Prime Ministers and American presidents, and he mentioned his father was a diplomat who met the then US President in Quebec City during WWII as part of the Canadian delegation (I think that's what Rae said - I'll have to check when that interview is replayed later today).

Peter Mansbridge said there likely will be extensive coverage of the substance of these meetings after Obama leaves at the end of the day, including possibly what Obama and the GG had to say in their meeting.

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Watching their joint statement now.

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The CBC pundits are calling this a good day for Stephen Harper as nothing went really wrong, and that Obama has promised to keep in conversation with Harper. I think we can expect the Conservatives to really exploit this day.Yell


No kidding, Boom boom.  Bleagh!

In the press conference, Obama said he loved Canada.  The media are swooning all over themselves like high schoolers who just discovered that the object of thier dreams actually noticed them.


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Obama is in the Byward Market having a Beaver Tail!!!!Laughing


Great, so the leader of the free world, the man with the nuclear football, is on the sugar high of a lifetime.


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Obama Beaver Tail

He was probably briefed that it was some sort of cultural honour that couldn't be ignored.  After all, they went to the trouble of creating a variant especially for him, complete with a chocolate O in the center.  How thoughtful.


I heard they tried to send him on a snipe hunt in the Gatineaus, but he didn't buy it.


Har har...

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The Leader of the Free World Money mouth is now back in American airspace.



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It's all public relations - to try and cultivate a folksy, homey public image to endear himself to Canucks. He even offered to pay for his order with Canadian money, but was told "it's on the house".

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oldgoat wrote:

The media are swooning all over themselves like high schoolers who just discovered that the object of thier dreams actually noticed them.

Christ, the media down here have given Obama a pass for 18 months.  Welcome to our world.  He's Obamessiah, don'tcha know?


[b]Eleutherophobics of the World...Unite!!![/b]

Paul Gross

No one ever sees Obama (known for his healthy lifestyle, except for his tobbaco addiction) actually eat most of the junk food he gets on the trail.

From the sun story:


A U.S. Secret Service agent appeared at the BeaverTail hut on George Street and asked for one of the $3.75 hot pastries. Beavertails are served hot with a variety of toppings. The ObamaTail is served with cinnamon and sugar, then a whipped cream “O” topped with chocolate sauce and a splash of maple syrup.

Jessica Miller, an Ottawa high-school student who said she is a big Obama fan, was tasked to deliver the treat to the president, who told her he’d be eating it once he got home to Washington later this evening.


Yeah, as if his staff will carefully transport this (overpriced and overhyped) sticky chunk of deep fried sugar dough hundreds of miles so Obama can eat it stale.



I saw this elsewhere and LOLed.


Laughing <-lol


Now that Obama has come and gone, it appears that only 15 people checked a box on the babble poll.


So...... WHO WINS Cool


He came and he saw, yet there will be no change to the current outlook of the world.


______________________________________________________________________________________________ We are like cloaks, one thinks of us only when it rains.


I don't think I've ever had a beaver tail...

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I used to pass the Beaver Tail hut on the Canal on my way to work. Disgusting looking things even way back in the early 1970s. I've never had one, nor do I ever want one.

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I lived in Ottawa most of my life and managed to avoid beaver tails (aka elephant ears). The food stuffs I miss most from Ottawa are shwarmas and falafel sandwiches.

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Beaver tails are just bannock shaped into tails or ears or whatever shape you want. And I actually am taking offense at the disparging of them. Oh ya and the thread title.


Best photo of Stephen Harper EVER!


Noah_Scape wrote:

 CBC's Peter Mansbridge, who interviewed Obama yesterday, also goofed up by referring to President Obama's visit as "President Obiza's Vomit".


I think Mansbridge redeemed himself by this [url=http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/videoplayer2.html][color=red]excellent account[/color][/url] of his encounter with Obama. [It should be the second video down on the right-hand column.]

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When President Barack Obama made his quick dash up to Ottawa last week, it's too bad he didn't suffer a gastrointestinal attack, or slip on some ice and twist an ankle or something. If he had, he might have had a chance to do what he should have done anyhow: visit a Canadian health clinic.

Maybe then he would have had his eyes opened to a better idea: government-run health care.

It is a sad commentary on the pinched and strictly censored level of political discourse in this nation that any serious consideration of Canada's successful approach to health care is simply out of bounds in America. It is nothing short of absurd that even though the nation that is closest to the US geographically, culturally, linguistically and economically has, since 1973, had a system of provincially administered single-payer government-run health systems which have kept the country's health costs at about 2/3 of what they are in the US as a percentage of GDP, at the same time serving all people and (not surprisingly) achieving better health statistics than the US, no one in Washington has talked about inviting Canadian health authorities down to explain how their system works and whether it might make sense here.

[url=http://www.counterpunch.org/lindorff02272009.html][color=mediumblue][u]Dave Lindorff[/u][/color][/url]