The occupation of Ministers' offices

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The occupation of Ministers' offices


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..had this in another thread. may as well bring it here.


Right now, I’m sitting in at the constituency office of Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr in Winnipeg. In Toronto, more concerned people are doing the same thing at the office of Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett.

We’re calling on the Ministers to publicly oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline because it would wreck Canada’s chances at meeting our Paris climate commitments and because it would break this government’s promises to respect Indigenous rights.

Right now, we need your help to get this message across to the Ministers. Click here and call the Ministers’ constituency offices to tell them to oppose Kinder Morgan.

The final cabinet decision on Kinder Morgan could come in a matter of weeks, and both Minister Carr and Minister Bennett have a lot of power over that decision.They need to hear from people all across Canada that climate leaders don’t build pipelines.

They need to know that governments which respect Indigenous rights listen when communities say no, and that our movement will hold them accountable to their decision, especially if they make the wrong one.

Call now and tell Minister Carr and Minister Bennett to stand up for the climate, communities and Indigenous rights.

In respect & peace,

P.S. You can follow updates about these actions using #KMSitin on social media.

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..from the pages of 350 Canada

The Toronto sit-in forced a response from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister, Carolyn Bennett. This video shows Bennett's unsatisfying response, dodging the question about whether or not she'd oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The group made it clear this isn't the end, and that she can expect more pressure as a decision on this pipeline looms.

This is what real change looks like. Thank you to the folks who took action, whether you were in the room or you were making calls!

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Peaceful Student sit in at Minister of Natural resources Jim Carr office to tell Prime Minister


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Right now, people in Ottawa are sitting in at the office of Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and in Montreal at the office of Transport Minister Marc Garneau. These sit ins are calling for the Ministers to take a position opposing the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline.

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'Real climate leaders don't build pipelines,' say protesters occupying MP's office

A dozen people occupied the Winnipeg constituency office of Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr on Thursday. Protesters held signs and chanted their message in hopes to gain the minister's attention.

"Hey Jim Carr, it's your mandate. You can do it, for the climate," they sang.


Government should focus on renewable energy

The group said in addition to the environmental risks, the federal government should also take into account the opposition from Indigenous people.

"There have been Indigenous people at both ends of the pipe who have said they don't want these types of development on their tradition territories," said Paterson.

"The government made a lot of promises during the election and one of the things they promised was that nation to nation relationship," said Kevin Settee, University of Winnipeg Students' Association president.