The Occupy Money Cooperative

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The Occupy Money Cooperative

..i've signed up

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..i posted this in the autonomy thread but the more i think about it the more i like it

Welcome to the start of the financial services revolution.

Welcome to The Occupy Money Cooperative.   

This is a new venture whose purpose is to offer excellent value, transparent financial services to anyone.  Today, many people are either locked out of the banking system, or end up being charged excessive fees.    

The Occupy Money Cooperative :

Will offer access to low cost, transparent, high quality financial services to everyone. 

Will actively and directly encourage the development of innovative financial services that will foster financial inclusion, and lead the field in terms of openness and fairness. 

Will lead by example to affect a positive change for our members and stakeholders, and provide an uplifted standard of conduct for the financial community.

Will actively work with business partners and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their communities.

Access to financial services is an important public service.  It should belong to the public.  Your support will help launch the coop and its first product, the Occupy Card.

The Occupy Money Cooperative will be owned and controlled by its members.  Its members will consist of its customers.  If you use its products, you will automatically become a member of the cooperative, with a voice in how the coop will be run, and what services it will develop.

It’s that simple.

Read more about the Coop on this site.  This Coop is the start of something very exciting - a transformation of how we use financial services, who controls them, and who benefits from them.  

It’s time to take the financial system back.

We can only do it with your support.

Join the revolution.

eta: video link

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Occupy Card Fee Structure

Proposed Fees, Limitations, and Fee Avoidance Strategies


Epaulo, please stop spamming.