PEI story looking for National Coverage (who isn't!)

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PEI story looking for National Coverage (who isn't!)

PEI has experienced a watershed event this passed weekend and protesters are looking for ways to get this story some National visibility. Any ideas would be appreciated.  For over a year folks have been opposing an Atlantic Gateway project, to reroute a section of our Trans Canada Highway. The project is rife with accusations of patronage, the gov't refuses to release the safety statistics upon which it built it's case for this project, our gov't is deep in debt and continues to mispend, and this past weekend protesters were forceably removed by police when they decided to peacefully occupy the public land on which the work was proceeding. Here are some links if anyone wants to see a glimpse. Ideas on how to boost national coverage greatly appreciated.

Yesterday we held a funeral for the 'Death of Democracy' Sat. Oct. 13 - After police were called in by contractors, believed to be acting on behalf of gov't as well, to clear out peaceful protesters. - Website set up by organizers of the opposition to Plan B. Plan A was the first idea to reroute the highway, through a provincial park. The public was consulted and said 'no'. So the gov't went with their 'Plan B' and then did not consult with the public.

I was one of the protesters who was removed from the woods on Friday, Oct. 12, by police even though I was on public land, and within my rights to peaceful protest, here was the scene on the TCH while police were removing protesters. Police blocked public roads so that people could not come witness/help the protesters:

One of two facebook gropus, come see, read, watch videos. And pass along any ideas if you have them:!/groups/220834614673617/

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