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People for a Shared Program

From Paris with Love and Lessons

“To celebrate and imagine together”
“To look at each other and smile”
“No parties, no barriers, no labels”
“Take Squares and rediscover hope”

 Quotes taken from interviews in this film, done by the Nuit Debout TV group.

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People for a Shared Program is a place to explore, develop and organise around left programmatic ideas.

Below you will find a document - Possible Ideas for Going Forward - which the 87 initial signers offered as a starting point for this process.

We invite you to read this document, discuss it and suggest additions or changes in our forum and/or in a blog post. We will regularly update the document in accord with good suggestions, and display the current version below.

While we work together to formulate flexible ideas for a shared program we ask you to show your support by signing on to the effort. Signing says you believe in the goal of collectively developing a shared program and that you will participate in the process of refinement and improvement as best you are able.

Here are ways to participate: 

  • Sign to show your support! 

  • Suggest any changes to the document:

  • Share this site on social media or via email!

Our hope is that our collective efforts will ultimately inform actual organising in the real world. How this might happen is something that could also be discussed using the facilities highlighted above.



Haven't read the whole document yet... but the list of 87 signers is impressive! So many familiar names and fine activists.

Thanks for this!