Petition: No Tax for Pan Am Games (Toronto, 2015)

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Paul McKeever
Petition: No Tax for Pan Am Games (Toronto, 2015)

Freedom Party of Ontario


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Toronto's $1.7B Bid to Host the 2015 Pan Am Games

No Tax for Pan Am

Grassroots Campaign Launched to Stop $1.7 Billion
Federal, Provincial and Municipal Tax Dollars from Being Spent on Toronto's 2015 Bid

August 24, 2009, Toronto - A multi-media and social-networking campaign is being launched today to encourage Canadians to petition the governments of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto to cancel proposals to fund Toronto's bid to host the 2015 Pan Am Games with 1.7 billion taxpayer dollars. In the fall, Pan Am officials will choose from among the three cities currently bidding to host the Games: Toronto, Lima (Peru), and Bogotá (Columbia).

The campaign commences today, with the launch of a new website ( ), a FaceBook Group ( ) and a presence on ( ). Visitors to the web site are encouraged to sign a petition addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, and Toronto Mayor David Miller. The site also provides links to the letters editors of Canada's most influential newspapers.

One of the central features of the web site is a video that shows how the 1984-85 grass-roots campaign against tax-funding for London, Ontario's bid to host the 1991 Pan Am Games met with victory: the 1991 Games ultimately were hosted by Havana, Cuba. Also included are copies of the flyer, guide, and newsletters that made that victory possible. Each helps explain why it is a bad idea to spend taxpayer dollars on the hosting of international sports events such as the Pan Am Games.

"This sloppy gusher of government tax revenues will cost every man woman and child in Canada approximately $50; $200 for a family of four", says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever. "Yet the vast majority of Canada's 34 million individuals would not even be permitted to attend this limited seating event, and many of the attendees will be people who do not pay Canadian taxes at all. "Since the bid was proposed in 2008, the impact of the recession upon Canada and Canadians has become much clearer. Our governments now are all running in the red, yet they quietly persist in their plan to put us another $1.7 billion in the hole? Does nobody realize that the interest on that money will be about $100 million per year?

"We read, daily, of unnecessary shortages of doctors and timely health care services, and of suffering and even death due to limited medical resources. Our schools lack text books. The sounds of pistols are drowning out the sounds of crickets in our towns and cities at night. To spend $1.7 billion tax dollars just so Toronto can host the 2015 games instead of Lima or Bogotá would be a violation of every tax paying individual, every sick or injured individual, every student, and every crime victim in this country. There is still time for the governments of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto to reconsider this immoral and irresponsible plan, and to cancel taxpayer funding for the Toronto bid."


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