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California Couple Who Defaced Black Lives Matter Mural Charged with Hate Crimes

In California, two Bay Area residents will be charged with hate crimes after they painted over a Black Lives Matter mural commissioned by the city of Martinez. Video of the Fourth of July incident shows a white woman using a bucket of black paint and a roller to cover two of the mural’s large yellow letters reading “Black Lives Matter.” A white man wearing a red Trump campaign T-shirt and hat looks on, shouting abuse at onlookers.

David Nelson: “This is racism, is what it is. That’s what it is. There is no oppression. There is no racism. It’s a leftist lie.”

Nicole Anderson: “Keep this [bleep] in [bleep] New York! This is not happening in my town!”

If convicted on hate crimes charges, the vandals, Nicole Anderson and David Nelson, could face up to a year in jail. Meanwhile, authorities are investigating who painted the words “White Lives Matter” on a Martinez street three days after the first incident.


Autopsy Finds L.A. Sheriff’s Deputies Shot Andrés Guardado in the Back 5 Times

In Los Angeles, results from an independent autopsy show 18-year-old security guard Andrés Guardado was shot five times in the back by an L.A. County sheriff’s deputy last month, in a police killing that’s sparked mass protests. Guardado’s family commissioned the autopsy after the Sheriff’s Office placed a so-called security hold on the L.A. County coroner’s official report on the June 18 police killing.


Minneapolis Police Bodycam Transcripts Reveal George Floyd’s Dying Words

In Minnesota, transcripts of police bodycam footage made public Wednesday show George Floyd pleaded for his life repeatedly as officers pinned him to the ground on a South Minneapolis street corner in May. The transcripts reveal Floyd said “I can’t breathe” more than 20 times as officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee to his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. At one point, Floyd said, “You’re going to kill me, man,” to which officer Chauvin replied, “Then stop talking, stop yelling. It takes heck of a lot of oxygen to talk.” Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder, and three other officers face charges of aiding and abetting murder.


Tucker Carlson Echoes White Nationalists in Attack on Lawmakers of Color

In media news, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is under fire over racist attacks on Senator Tammy Duckworth and Congressmember Ilhan Omar, using language that echoes a popular white nationalist slogan. During a segment Tuesday attacking the two women lawmakers of color over their alleged lack of patriotism, Carlson’s producers broadcast a graphic reading “We have to fight to preserve our nation & heritage.” Critics have compared that to an infamous “14-word” slogan frequently used by white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Senator Tammy Duckworth is an Army National Guard veteran who lost both her legs in 2004 after the helicopter she was piloting was shot down by Iraqi fighters. She tweeted, “Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?”

Carlson joined prominent Republicans this week in attacking Congressmember Omar, who is Somali American, after she called for the “dismantling” of systems of oppression in the United States.

Rep. Ilhan Omar: “As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality. So we cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Following those remarks, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Congressmember Omar and Democrats of seeking to “tear down” America. Omar responded, “It is telling that a black woman discussing systematic oppression is so triggering to the right.”


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Disability Rights Activists Take On Twin Pandemics of Racist Police Brutality & COVID-19

Two months after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked an international uprising, we look at the underreported but devastating impact police violence has on people with disabilities, especially Black disabled people. According to at least one study, up to one-half of people killed by law enforcement in the U.S. have a disability. “People with disabilities have always been attacked by police. And people with disabilities and poor people have our own answers,” says Leroy Moore, a Black disabled activist and artist, POOR Magazine co-founder and founder of the Krip-Hop Nation. “Our own answer is to really get rid of police.” We also speak with POOR Magazine co-founder Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia and discuss challenges they’ve faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


LEROY MOORE: Yeah, I want them to understand that people with disabilities have always been attacked by police, and people with disabilities and poor people have our own answers. And our own answers is to really get rid of police and really know our neighbor. And POOR Magazine has a workshop called Never Call the Police. And that is a policy that we’ve lived by for almost 20 years.

AMY GOODMAN: Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, you have a guide in POOR Magazine called “How to Not Call the Police EVER.” Explain what it says.

LISA ”TINY” GRAY-GARCIA: Thank you, Amy, for having us on, but I also want to thank all the — my mama, a disabled, houseless woman who barely was alive in these occupied lands, and all the poor people, who are rarely, if ever, seen.

As far as the guide, the reality is, as houseless people, as poor folks, as Indigenous peoples on this land, we have never been safe. There’s a false sense and a false notion of safety that’s kept in place by people with guns and weaponry. People are killed all the time. Shoutout to Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat, a houseless Indigenous man killed in San Francisco for being houseless, for having a 311 — in other words, a help call.

What people don’t understand is that those three numbers, 911, never mean that we are going to be safe. And one of the things that we try to teach people is how to unlink their minds from the lie of safety in regards to police, but actually to teach people the, first of all, bloody, genocidal history of police, the killing of Indigenous peoples of this land so that they could occupy this land, the killing of enslaved people, and then now, 21st century, the killing of poor people, Black and Brown people and houseless people all the time under the guise of “I just wanted to see if they were OK. I don’t know why this Black person is in the park with me.” You know, it’s not just the cult of the Karens, but it’s the cult of the “caring,” this notion that “I’m trying to help by calling somebody with those numbers.”


LEROY MOORE: Yeah. Disability justice came out of Sins Invalid. And Patty Berne and all of us came up with disability justice. And disability justice really says that the disability rights movement hasn’t really respected people of color, people that are queer, people that are transgender. So, disability justice brings it outside of the courtroom and makes us live what we live by. And it says that, you know, disabled people of color, disabled people that are transgender, disabled people that are poor have the answers, and we live by our lives. And we fight racism, sexism, ageism around disability justice. Once again, Patty Berne started that.


LISA ”TINY” GRAY-GARCIA: [inaudible] since people were in occupied Huichin — Corrina and Fui and so many more. One of the things, the reason I bring that up, is that we start all of our media, all of our poor people media, all of our land-use projects, by asking permission first of the folks who were intentionally removed of this land.

So, the poor people’s guide is because, as poor folks, how do you shelter in place when you don’t have a place? How do you actually even get safe?

A shoutout to Driver Plaza and Aunti Frances. This is a small area in North Oakland that is currently having their handwashing station taken because politricksters, as I call them, and gentrifiers don’t want to see poor people, Black people, houseless people in their neighborhood.

What we say is that there’s a pandemic called poverty that was here long before COVID-19, in addition to PoLice terror and occupation. And so, we put this survival guide out to actually give resources to houseless folks on the street who are not being put in thousands of vacant hotel rooms across occupied —

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Interesting interview and the survival guide looks impressive. The cover illustration alone is powerful.

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Oregon Officials Decry “Occupying Army” After Federal Agent Shoots Portland Protester in the Head

In Portland, Oregon, a federal agent deployed to protect a U.S. courthouse shot and seriously injured a 26-year-old protester on Saturday. Donavan La Bella was holding a stereo speaker above his head when he was hit in the head with a so-called less lethal round. La Bella remains hospitalized in serious condition with a fractured skull and broken bones in his face. City and state authorities have criticized the Trump administration for deploying federal officers in Portland. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden said on Twitter, “Trump & Homeland Security must now answer why [federal] officers are acting like an occupying army.” Oregon Governor Kate Brown said she wants the federal agents to leave Portland.


Lethbridge cops demoted after spying on MLA:


Alberta's police watchdog has been directed to investigate whether there was criminal behaviour in the case of two Lethbridge police officers who have been suspended, after admitting to unauthorized surveillance of MLA Shannon Phillips in 2017, when she was Alberta's environment minister.

The two watched and photographed the minister during a meeting in a diner, as well as following and running the licence plate of one of the people she met with. 

Sgt. Jason Carrier and Const. Keon Woronuk were temporarily demoted following a disciplinary hearing decision issued June 9, which was first reported by Medicine Hat's CHAT News Today on Monday.

An agreed statement of facts in that decision says one officer, Carrier, said he overheard Phillips discussing NDP plans to increase environmental protections and create a provincial park in the Castle region of southwest Alberta.

Both officers were involved in the off-roading community, whose members were upset by NDP plans to restrict off-road vehicle use in the environmentally sensitive area.

Pretty disgusting act of intimidation. That should be against the law, and these officers need to be fired and prosecuted. But there is an even bigger issue at play here. Shannon Phillips is an MLA. While what happened to her is unacceptable, and it deserves to be called out, I can't help but wonder if her being an elected offical played a role in this being uncovered. How often does this happen to average, regular every-day people who don't have the same recourse that an elected politician does?


CSIS Used Information Collected via Illegal Activities To Get Counter-Terrorism Warrants, Court Rules


"...CSIS not only conducted the 'high legal risk' operations after being warned by government lawyers it did not enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution, it also did not inform the court, the ruling said. 'It is difficult to overstate how disturbing these circumstances are,' the court wrote. 'Operational activity was undertaken in the face of legal advice to the effect that the activity was not authorized in the CSIS Act. CSIS Director David Vigneaut said such activities were 'routine, bread and butter practices used by allied intelligence agencies around the world,' but acknowledged they could be considered crimes under the anti-terrorism provisions. For several years, CSIS relied on the legal doctrine of Crown immunity as a defence from criminal liability when engaging in these activities..."

Intelligence agencies like CSIS or CSE generally consider  themselves to be above the law and act accordingly.


"It was like being preyed upon’: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them



Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced late Friday that her office would sue several federal law enforcement agencies over their response to Portland protests and launch a criminal investigation into an incident of force by federal officers.




Well, we are – we welcome – the more investigations, the better. With as much lawbreaking is going on, we’re seeking to prosecute as many people as are breaking the law as it relates to federal jurisdiction. That’s not always happening with respect to local jurisdiction and local offenses. But, you know, this is a posture we intend to continue not just in Portland but in any of the facilities that we’re responsible for around the country.



Chris Hedges: On Contact: Police Reform (and vid)


"On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to activist and writer Philip McHarris about the latest calls for police reform in the US..."


Reporting From Portland (and vid)


Reporters Sergio Olmos, Alex Zielinski and Tuck Woodstock who have been on the ground in Portland @ 14:30


'Wall of moms' shields protesters as demonstrations continue in Portland



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Workers to Walk Off the Job in Nationwide “Strike for Black Lives”

In labor news, organizers for the “Strike for Black Lives” expect tens of thousands to walk out of work today in over 25 cities in support of the nationwide uprising against racism and police brutality. Oakland labor organizer and McDonald’s worker Angely Rodriguez Lambert said, “Companies like McDonald’s cannot on the one hand tweet that 'Black Lives Matter' and on the other pay us poverty wages and fail to provide sick days and adequate PPE.” Workers from nursing homes, airports, fast-food chains, farms and the gig economy are joining the nationwide day of action.

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The Border Patrol Was Responsible for an Arrest in Portland

An internal memo, obtained exclusively by The Nation, details a coordinated program of domestic counterinsurgency.

For days, federal agents in unmarked cars have reportedly been snatching Portland protesters off the streets. On Thursday, video emerged of federal agents clad in camouflage fatigues and unspecified “police” patches apprehending one such demonstrator and placing him in an unmarked vehicle. Social media lit up with speculation about the intentions—and the identity—of these agents. A memo consisting of internal talking points for the federal agency responsible for the arrest, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and obtained exclusively by The Nation provides some answers—and raises even more questions.

Dated July 1, the memo is titled “Public Affairs Guidance: CBP Support to Protect Federal Facilities and Property” and marked “For Official Use Only.” It describes a special task force created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in response to President Trump’s Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence. That task force, the Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT), has been tasked not only to assess civil unrest but also to “surge” resources to protect against it.

The Portland arrest of Mark Pettibone, first reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting, followed several similar arrests involving officers from a Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)—CBP’s equivalent of a SWAT team—as well as the US Marshals Special Operations Group. A CBP spokesman confirmed to The Nation that CBP agents were responsible for the arrest, pointing to authorities under the Protecting American Communities Task Force.

“Violent anarchists have organized events in Portland over the last several weeks with willful intent to damage and destroy federal property, as well as injure federal officers and agents,” said the CBP spokesman. “These criminal actions will not be tolerated.”.....


Re: 3 Arrests @ Weekend BLM Toronto Demos (see Twitter feed)

Sharon Gebresellassi - People's Lawyer


"Yesterday, my office was appointed to represent a detained Canadian in the aftermath of a peaceful demonstration. I expected I would need no more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes turned into 15 hours..."

Lawfare is a critical component of our police state.


'It Feels Like An Invasion,' Says Portland Protester Detained by Federal Agents (radio)


"When Mark Pettibone was detained by armed camouflage-clad officers and forced into an unmarked van last weeek, he says he had no idea what was happening to him."


'It's Not Just About Police-Brutality - It's Economic Brutality As Well'


"In fact, the one is there to serve and protect the other..."

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Portland Protests Grow Despite Violent Crackdown from Militarized Federal Agents & Local Police



And so, it’s an intersectional issue that we know is not centered on the police only, but when we talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s important that we understand we’re talking about an intersectional movement that’s focusing on not just stopping the police from killing us, but stopping the entire system from killing us, whether that means a lack of access for the disability community, who also is Black; for members of the trans and queer community, who are also Black and are experiencing these things; houseless people, who are also Black; women, who are significantly underbelieved and at risk of death by our health system. The issues are myriad and multiplied. And the root of all of these issues, that we know to be true, is that all of this is based on the same colonialism, genocide, capitalism and white supremacy that is the foundation that this country was built on.

And here in Portland, we’re really making sure that we’re prioritizing education. We’re prioritizing history. We’re prioritizing teaching our people how to take care of one another. And I think that that’s why it’s been so frustrating to consider what it is that our elected officials are or are not doing, because no matter what steps they take forward within — in regards to reform inside a system that is already broken and crumbling, we know that these, no matter what, are not steps that will save us. And instead, we need abolitionist steps forward, fighting for the abolition of the police department, the militarized police, looking for the demilitarization and defunding of the entire U.S. military budget, understanding that we also mean abolition of the prison system and abolition of ableist, white supremacist, homophobic, transphobic and all these other oppressive systems that are all combined together, including anti-Semitism and all of these other things.

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“Camouflaged Goon Squads”: Outrage, Legal Challenges in Portland as Federal Agents Snatch Protesters


AMY GOODMAN: Juan Chavez, you told Oregon Public Broadcasting, “It’s like stop-and-frisk meets Guantánamo Bay.” Explain.

JUAN CHAVEZ: Certainly. So, I mean, these tactics aren’t new in terms of American imperialism. This has been our foreign policy for some time. If foreign soldiers of our own were detaining people in Pakistan or Somalia or in South America, these would be the similar tactics they would have used. So that’s, hence, the reference to Guantánamo Bay. And then, of course, stop-and-frisk was a vast, racist policy used to thwart the constitutional standard by which officers can engage with people.

And so, the combination of those two things, I don’t think we’ve seen in the United States, or at least I don’t know what the analog would be. The closest, I suppose, would be actually what our immigrant communities have gone through for — you know, even before Trump, in dealing with ICE. The ICE officers are known for showing up having faulty warrants and trying to convince people they think are immigrants to come into their detention. We’ve seen that in Oregon, in fact.

AMY GOODMAN: Interestingly, when you talk about internationally what happens, so often it’s U.S.-trained. I mean, you look at Central America, for example, Latin American soldiers, in the past, who have been moving into people’s home and arresting them. The shock for Americans in the United States is to see it on U.S. soil, in some cases. I mean, many communities actually do experience this feeling of occupation. And now what’s interesting is the establishment, the governors, the senators, the mayors, the state attorneys general are saying this can’t happen on U.S. soil, when it’s hitting the mainstream population.

JUAN CHAVEZ: Absolutely. And, you know, I’d say that a lot of these local officials, state, federal, local, have been complicit with some form of occupation for a long time. Policing is just another form of counterinsurgency for so many communities. So, these tactics have been built up for a very long time. And so long as we continue to fuel policing, fuel prisons as a solution for public safety, we’re going to continue to see this downward slope of our rights being infringed.

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Michigan Judge Says 15-Year-Old Who Was Jailed for Not Doing Homework Should Not Be Freed

A Michigan judge ruled Monday a 15-year-old African American student who was sent to prison after she failed to complete her schoolwork and for reportedly fighting with her mother should not be released and that she was benefiting from the treatment she was receiving in detention. The girl, who is known simply as Grace, has been detained since May. Students have rallied behind Grace and say she was disproportionately punished because she is Black. Grace told the court Monday, “I miss my mom.”

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Trump to Send Federal Troops to Protests in Chicago & Seattle Amid Violent Crackdown by Local Police


We are going to talk about Trump’s push for schools to reopen at all costs in a minute. But first, Jitu Brown, you are a longtime civil rights, human rights leader in Chicago. As you hear Lori Lightfoot says we’re not allowing tyranny to come to this city, your response to what President Trump is saying he will do?

JITU BROWN: Well, first of all, thank you for having me on, Amy. And saying I’m a longtime organizer is just saying I’m old. So, that’s OK. I can deal with that.

But I would just say that Mayor Lightfoot’s statements are the right statements, but it’s too late, you know, when you look at Chicago during the COVID — when the COVID outbreak first exploded, and we saw in cities where the Black death toll was way above that of our white counterparts. For example, in Chicago, we’re only 30% of the population, but we were 70% of the deaths. We saw checkpoints in places like Newark, New Jersey, where people had to show identification to get into different neighborhoods. We saw, as rebellion — after the murder of George Floyd and rebellions began to ensue around the country, I know in my neighborhood it was martial law. And, you know, my humble opinion is that it still is.

So, we’re looking at — regardless of the disaster or the moment, we are looking at the infringement on our rights that is just escalating, and they’re going further and further. So, you know, Donald Trump having federal agents come into Chicago is something that we should definitely be worried about, but we should not act as if our rights have not been infringed upon already, that, I mean, if you really want to talk about it, you can go back to the crime bill. And I remember when, as a young organizer, I saw Chicago police remove two busloads full of young people from the Ida B. Wells housing projects and take them to jail. And that opened the door for the mass incarceration of young Black and Brown men and women. And so, I think it’s really important that we keep this in context.

The last thing I’ll say is, along with the federal agents, the risk of federal agents in unmarked vehicles coming into our city, and what that means for people that are protesting, what that means for organizations, I think it’s also important to note that police have taken the gloves off. Just this past week in Chicago, a young organizer who I worked with, Miracle Boyd, who — when I met her, she was fighting to stop the closure of all the high schools in her neighborhood. She was protesting at an event where they were trying to protest a Christopher Columbus statue, and a Chicago police officer, as she was vigorously protesting, ran up on this 18-year-old girl and smashed her in the mouth with his baton and knocked her teeth out. We just had a press conference supporting Miracle yesterday. So, the brutality is not new. The infringement on our rights is not new. Whether the agent is Donald Trump or the agent of change or the agent of this type of infringement on our rights are Democrats, our rights are already being infringed upon.

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NYPD Raid Occupy City Hall Encampment; 7 Arrested

In New York, at least seven people have been arrested after dozens of police officers in riot gear pushed out the remaining occupants of a peaceful encampment outside City Hall. The raid occurred early this morning. Protesters with the Occupy City Hall movement had been camped out for over a month calling on the city to cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s $6 billion budget and reinvest the money into social programs.


Housing Activists Camp Outside Home of NYC Official

In other New York news, nearly a dozen unhoused people and allies spent Tuesday night camped outside the home of New York’s Department of Social Services commissioner demanding the city provide permanent housing to unhoused people during the pandemic.

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CSIS again caught flouting the rule of law

The spy service’s unofficial motto: Lie, deny, then act surprised

Late last week, the director of Canada’s spy agency made me laugh, long and hard.

David Vigneault said something that every other Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) director (save one) has said after it’s been revealed — inside or outside a courtroom — the spies who ultimately report to the country’s chief spy have a corrosive habit of treating the rule of law like a disposable dishrag.

Vigneault was obliged to dish out the service’s standard PR gruel after Federal Court Justice Patrick Gleeson found that CSIS has “a cavalier institutional approach” to the rule of law.

“Having approved operations that were on their face illegal, the service then collected information which in turn was put before this court in support of warrant applications, without notifying the court of the likely illegality,” Justice Glesson wrote.

Vigneault’s pat reply: He takes Justice Gleeson’s blunt, scathing indictment of CSIS’s illegal modus operandi “very seriously” and, cross his heart, he’s going to give all naughty CSIS officers a stern lecture so that everyone belatedly and “fully understands our obligations to the court.”

That’s when I chortled.

I wrote a 368-page exposé in 2002 that detailed how top CSIS officials not only permitted their spies to treat the rule of law like a disposable dishrag for a long time, but condoned it and protected all those anonymous, rule-of-law-skirting spies for a long time, too.

Alarmed CSIS officers helped me tell the truth about CSIS.

Translation: CSIS broke the law and didn’t tell outsiders, including a federal court judge it’s required, by law, to tell when it’s apparently breaking the law....


The Jimmy Dore Show


"Democrats made Trump's good squad possible."


Philadelphia’s district attorney on Wednesday decried President Donald Trump’s threats to send federal agents into his city, saying that Trump’s “fluffy” rhetoric about occupying cities “comes out of the fascist playbook.”

. . . .

“What’s unusual is the politicization of a normal relationship between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. And what is really unusual is the apparently illegal Stormtrooper tactics that have been used by federal law enforcement in Portland.”


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Vancouver votes to halt police street checks, but police board has final say​

Councillors in Vancouver have voted unanimously to ban officers from conducting street checks — the process of arbitrarily demanding and recording identification, outside of any sort of police investigation.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart praised the outcome of the vote in a social media statement late Wednesday, thanking the almost seven dozen speakers who offered their opinions on his motion.

He says street checks disproportionately affect people of colour and the city's Black and Indigenous residents.

Stewart, who chairs the Vancouver Police Board, says only the board has the power to abolish the checks but he said he will pressure it to follow council's lead.

The mayor's twitter message says the board is preparing to consider its own motion to review street checks and make a final decision on a ban.

Police data from 2017 shows Indigenous people make up two per cent of Vancouver's population but are subject to 16 per cent of the checks, while Blacks are targeted five per cent of the time but represent just one per cent of city residents.

Victoria city councillors unanimously approved a motion last Thursday urging police in the capital to end street checks.

Ontario introduced rules in 2017 to ban the checks in certain situations while Nova Scotia announced last year that it would halt the practice after a review ruled such checks are illegal.

Earlier this month, Montreal police revised their street check policy to require officers to give reasons for a check to the person they are stopping, but critics argue the change won't stop racial profiling.

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Paramilitary-Style Tactics in Portland Mirror Decades of U.S. Violence on the Border & Abroad


TODD MILLER: Yes. So, the BORTAC unit is — they’re essentially U.S. Border Patrol agents. And U.S. Border Patrol agents, as you just mentioned, Amy, they work in what are known the 100-mile zones, or, as the ACLU put, Constitution-free zones. So, if one can imagine, you know, the contours of the United States — right? — along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border, the 5,000-mile U.S.-Canada border, along the coasts, and if you imagine a band, like an orange band or something like that, along the contours, that is covering a huge chunk of the U.S. population. Two hundred million people are covered in what is known as the Constitution-free zone, where the U.S. Border Patrol works with extraconstitutional powers. And in that sense, on the southern border, the idea of the U.S. Border Patrol agents snatching people off the streets or snatching people in the desert or snatching people in the various checkpoints that they can put up in these 100-mile zones happens every day, happens all the time. In a sense, it’s like the extension of that border into places like Portland or Chicago, but, as you mentioned, fit within the Constitution-free zone or the border jurisdiction. And Portland, close to the Canadian border and also along the coast — so, along the coastlines, that’s also in those sorts of jurisdictions.

And then, when you look at BORTAC, which is, you know, the special forces unit of the U.S. Border Patrol, the ones that are doing the paramilitary-style tactics, they are the Border Patrol on top of the Border Patrol — right? — in terms of being militarized, weaponized. They were formed in 1984 to quell uprisings in detention centers for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. And then they had a presence in 1992 in Los Angeles, when there was unrest after the Rodney King incident. And it goes on and on. There’s a long history of BORTAC being involved in unrest, and it seems to be part of their purpose.

And so, as Border Patrol has expanded in astronomical fashion over the last 25 years particularly — 4,000 to 21,000 agents — the expansion of BORTAC then happens, as well. And so, in a way, it’s a surprise — in a way, it’s quite a surprise, like the clip from Brian Williams. And then, in a way, it’s not a surprise at all to see that BORTAC is being a part of being put in places where they’re — where, you know, from — Washington might view as unrest — right? — but it’s really people protesting, that they’re going to be showing up in Chicago, that they’re going to be showing up in New York, in places that are in the 100-mile zones.

And I want to — as people are quite aware of, there was an announcement in March that BORTAC, or this Border Patrol unit, was going to join forces with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in ICE, to do a show of force in the sanctuary cities — right? — the sanctuary cities, to then go after undocumented people in cities, the same cities that we’re seeing them being deployed right now. So, in a way, it’s going hand in hand now with what was announced in March, with what’s been going on actually for years now.


CECILIA MENJÍVAR: Right, yes. My research has focused not at the border — excuse me — away from the border. But I was doing — I was doing quite a bit of research in Arizona, in Maricopa County, during the time when the sheriff of Maricopa County used many similar techniques to terrorize the Latino population specifically. And at that time, I was interviewing Central American immigrants in the area who pointed me in this direction. They brought up to my attention the similarities between what they had lived during the civil wars in Guatemala and El Salvador and what they were living in Phoenix during the reign of terror that the sheriff created in Phoenix, for instance. And so, it was their experiences that brought to my attention the similarities between technologies of state violence and state terror used during the civil wars in Latin America and what immigrant — Latino immigrants, specifically, were living in cities in the United States, specifically, for instance, Phoenix, where that concentrated.

And in relation to detention centers and disappearances in detention centers, what happens to immigrants who are sent to detention facilities is that they are sent to very remote places. They often lose contact with their families. Their families don’t know where they are. I have had immigrants calling me, asking me to help them locate their family members, because they don’t know where they are held, being held. And so, this again brings back memories to when, in their home countries, they would go search for families who had been taken from their homes at night or from their places of work to be disappeared. And so, the same thing was happening here in — is happening here in the United States, with 638 detention facilities throughout the country. Each state has at least two detention facilities dedicated to hold immigrants in detention. And so, the parallels are so strong and so vivid that immigrants who have lived through both can very quickly point that out to one’s attention.


US Erupts: Major American Cities Gripped by a Wave of Protests


"US sees huge BLM protests in major cities, with the biggest confrontations taking place in Seattle, where police declared a riot and made 45 arrests..."


"OPD is reporting the country courthouse in Oakland has been set on fire..."


"Agitators within the crowd of demonstrators have set the Almeda County Superior Courthouse on fire. Please avoid the area..."

'Burn, baby burn!'


Police Officers in Deadly Encounters Should Be Required To Talk, Former SIU Director Says


"A former director of Ontario's police watchdog is pushing back after a string of cases where officers involved in the deaths of civilians have chosen not to speak with investigators, saying the province has the power to make it mandatory for them to explain what went on in those fatal encounters..."

Stop defending - start defunding!


The Heart of Darkness in Portland


"Soon it will be 60 straight nights of demonstrations and ear-shattering protests in Portland, Oregon. The chant: 'All Cops Are Bastards,' is becoming much louder since the Feds started kidnapping protesters off the street in unmarked vans with police not identifying themselves in this black ops fascist mentality. But, then again, when I was in Vietnam, the US government had absolutely no rules in warfare..."

'Chickens have come home to roost'


Former Nashville cop recounts his experience of being a victim of police brutality

What provoked the encounter? Expired tags. It's also disturbing because as an officer, he would have known the steps to take (hands on the wheel, don't move until the officers ask, stay in your car, co-operate fully and make your complaints later) and he says he was still mistreated.


The Bitter Truth Podcast w Abe Abdelhabi: 'The Fallacy of Terrorism'


"We talked about the militarization of US police, behaving like an occupying army, largely against unarmed protesters, as well as the connections to Israel."


Then we have do-gooder's who think RCMP in uniform should be used to hand out food. Talk about using people with no privilege to try and boast a tarnished image. I agree with all the people on the ground who say that their mere presence will mean many people will not go or will not come back.

I helped one year at a Rock the Vote event in the Downtown Eastside when a couple of lawyers set up a booth to notarize voting documents for peple withour proper ID and then other volunteers would take them to the voting booth around the corner from the park. Not a single person took them up on the offer until one of the local people recognized one of the lawyers and then went around and told people it was alright. Almost 100 homeless people got to vote that day but none of them would have voted if it was a cop in uniform "helping" them.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s photo shows three police officers in full uniform — including armoured vests — bent over boxes of food in a parking lot.

“Burnaby RCMP officers rocking the distribution line this morning at our Winston Street location,” the food bank said on Twitter. “We love it when our community comes together!”

But not everyone felt as upbeat about the idea of armed police handing out food to society’s most vulnerable.

“I’m absolutely stunned,” said Paul Taylor, who’s worked in the food justice world in Vancouver and is executive director at Food Share in Toronto. The presence of police officers at a food bank could be traumatizing for users, many of whom may be people of colour.



Meanwhile in Winnipeg, prosecutors will not file charges despite watchdog recommendations:


Manitoba prosecutors won't charge a Winnipeg police officer with perjury, despite a recommendation to do so from the province's law enforcement watchdog earlier this week — a common difference of opinion in dealings between the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba and the province's prosecution service, says the IIU's civilian director.

"The charging standard was met, but the prosecutorial standard was not. There's nothing surprising [about] that," Zane Tessler said in an interview Friday. "[The] system is working the way it's designed to work."

The IIU, which is mandated to investigate all serious incidents involving police in Manitoba, started investigating an allegation against Const. James William Macumber in May 2019, following a Court of Queen's Bench civil judgment against the Winnipeg Police Service officer and the City of Winnipeg.

The suit was brought forward by a family who were the targets of a 2014 assault perpetrated by Macumber and three other officers, who later tried to cover it up by charging the family members, the judge in that case found.

I also read that anything that was referred to the prosecution services had never proceeded. What's the point of having the prosecutors if they aren't going to prosecute offenses?

Here is what really bothers me about that incident. It was a simple disturbance call. The man was back in his room by the time the officers arrived. All they had to do was tell him to stay in his room or they would come back and arrest him, pass that message along to hotel staff, and they could have been on their way. Instead, they needlessly escalated that situation and made themselves unavailable to respond to actual threats to public safety.


Never Surrender in Portland Oregon


"There is a whole new generation of Americans who have decided that non-stop resistance is the only way to confront the lethal power structure that is bound and determined to tattoo obedience on their very souls. That relentless longevity of energy is being acted out in Portland Oregon like no other city across this nation. This has really become a profound awakening of historical precedence...."

Yes. It continues...


APCs for Edmonton: 'For Public and Officer Safety'


"If the Edmonton Police are buying a new armoured vehicle it would have had to have been done in secret..."


WATCH: "They fire at least 7 times on James Blake at point blank range in the back, while his children watch from the car-seats..."


Defund the Police!


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Doctors For Defunding Police

Policing is a public health crisis.

As a group of concerned physicians working in Toronto and beyond, we have come together to stand in solidarity with calls from Black and Indigenous communities to address systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, defunding the police, and reallocating funds to support response systems backed by public health research. There have been far too many Black and Indigenous people who have been the victims of police brutality in our communities. We recognize that our healthcare system is complicit in systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and often works in concert with police services, especially as it relates to mental health crises.


As healthcare providers committed to healthy, prosperous communities, we demand:

1) Full transparency of the Toronto Police Services budget, with full disclosure on how and why police budget allocations have been prioritized over mental health, housing, education, recreational, and healthcare resources.

2) An immediate change to use-of-force laws to forbid lethal force, bodily harm, and disarming of police forces during interactions with civilians.

3) Defunding of the police budget with reallocation towards:

a) the creation of new community emergency services to support the mental health needs of Black, Indigenous, racialized, disabled, poor, and other community members made vulnerable by structural violence.

b) the creation of non-police response teams trained in de-escalation and crisis support who root their work in transformative trauma- and community-informed practices.


UNCOVER: Dead Wrong: Season 7 (podcast)


"In its latest season, UNCOVER seeks accountability within Canada's most powerful institutions."
A shocking story of Canada's criminal injustice system at work. MUST HEAR.

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White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says

White supremacist groups have infiltrated US law enforcement agencies in every region of the country over the last two decades, according to a new report about the ties between police and far-right vigilante groups.

In a timely new analysis, Michael German, a former FBI special agent who has written extensively on the ways that US law enforcement have failed to respond to far-right domestic terror threats, concludes that US law enforcement officials have been tied to racist militant activities in more than a dozen states since 2000, and hundreds of police officers have been caught posting racist and bigoted social media content.

The report notes that over the years, police links to militias and white supremacist groups have been uncovered in states including Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

Police in Sacramento, California, in 2018 worked with neo-Nazis to pursue charges against anti-racist activists, including some who had been stabbed, according to records.

And just this summer, German writes, an Orange county sheriff’s deputy and a Chicago policeman were caught wearing far-right militia logos; an Olympia, Washington, officer was photographed posing with a militia group; and Philadelphia police officers were filmed standing by while armed mobs attacked protesters and journalists.

The exact scale of ties between law enforcement and militias is hard to determine, German told the Guardian. “Nobody is collecting the data and nobody is actively looking for these law enforcement officers,” he said.....

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Harsha Walia

Police conducting wellness checks are not an aberration of an otherwise 'just' policing system.

Wellness checks are SYMPTOM of the inherent violence of policing & all carceral institutions, (including involuntary detention under mental health acts). Abolish the RCMP.

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September 02 | 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM​

Join us for a digital teach-in bringing together organizers and lawyers from across the country to engage in a discussion around policing Black and Indigenous people in Canada.

Relying on their on-the-ground experience and legal expertise, speakers will address the role of policing in expanding the colonial state, the evidence of police violence and discrimination, current strategies for transformative change, and how people can get involved in the movement.


El Jones is a recipient of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Burnley “Rocky” Jones award and co-founder of the Black Power Hour, a radio show developed with prisoners.

Dr. Pam Palmater is a Mi’kmaw lawyer, professor, author, and social justice activist from Eel River Bar First Nation. Her extensive writing focuses on Indigenous law, politics, and governance.

Reakash Walters is a writer, community advocate, and articling student who is dreaming alternatives to policing and punishment.

Meenakshi Mannoe is the Criminalization and Policing Campaigner at PIVOT Legal Society.

Moderated by Latoya Farrell, BC Civil Liberties Association Policy Staff Counsel

This event is brought to you by the working group: Latoya Farrell of BCCLA, lawyer Avnish Nanda, and professor Asad Kiyani.

The event will be live streamed on YouTube. Register below to receive the link!

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What would Malcolm X have to say about police brutality and justice today?



I thought I understood how bad indigenous people in Canada are treated under our police state but the stats in this short video shocked me. It needs to be watched and shared across many platforms.

"Pam Palmater  In this video, we talk about the statistics behind systemic racism against Indigenous peoples. I decided to talk about racism by the numbers to share the research behind our calls to end racism "


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Artists defend anti-police slogan on mural funded by City of Victoria grant

Artists painted individual letters that together said “More justice, more peace.”

After nearly a fortnight after its inception, staff at the city’s arts and culture program noticed that one of the letters in the mural contained the acronym ACAB, for All Cops Are Bastards.

“It came as a surprise to us,” said Bill Eisenhauer, head of engagement at the city. “That wasn’t in the original concept and when we became aware of the acronym, we reached out to the artists to discuss.”

Before any conversations took place, a city crew was dispatched — “prematurely,” said Eisenhauer. “As more information came to light, it became clear that the acronym was placed on the work by the artists.”

Organizers say that they received an email at 9 a.m. Thursday demanding that they paint over one of the letters by noon, or the city would take on the task.

The artists quickly got the word out to supporters, and when a City of Victoria crew showed up to do the work, they were met by a group of 30 to 40 people intent on stopping them.

“The issue is more about racial justice than protecting artistic expression,” said Pam Buisa, one of the community organizers behind the mural. “Whether or not you agree with the artists’ message is not the point. It’s about the greater ‘More justice, more peace’ message we are trying to get out.”

The project was funded by a grant from the City of Victoria, with local businesses sponsoring the work.


The artists stress that they do not wish to speak on behalf of the Black community, but from their experiences as Black and Indigenous-identifying individuals.

“It was our impression that the City of Victoria allowed us this space as an acknowledgement of the oppressions we face. We understood this as a gesture of peace and care which makes it particularly disappointing to see that our opinions are now being censored by the City of Victoria and the Victoria Police Department,” they said.

Charity Williams, lead organizer of the mural, said supporters have indicated that they are willing to camp at the site overnight, if necessary, to protect the mural.

Eisenhauer said that the issue is all a misunderstanding and that the City of Victoria is both supportive of public art and pleased to have contributed to the creation of this mural.

“We look forward to conversations with the artists to seek a way forward. It is not our intent to paint over the piece and no action will be taken while conversations take place.”

Victoria Police Chief Del Manak said that the inclusion of ACAB is disrespectful to the department.

“I fully support the spirit behind the mural as I understand it to have been originally presented to the City of Victoria. The Victoria Police Department, and I personally, stand behind the call for “More Justice, More Peace,” said Manak in a statement. “Justice is not justice if it does not include all members of society. Excluding one group through harmful words seems counter to the very spirit of the mural itself.”


Victoria Police Chief Del Manak says All Lives Matter as long as they respect the police.

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Protesters in Montreal topple John A. Macdonald statue, demand police defunding

Protesters in Montreal toppled and defaced a statue of John A. Macdonald on Sunday as rallies were held in several cities to demand that police services be defunded and reformed.

A spokesman for the Montreal police confirmed the statue of Canada’s first prime minister was unbolted, pulled down and sprayed with graffiti at around 2:45 p.m. The statue’s head was disconnected from its body during the incident.

Jean-Pierre Brabant said police were on hand but did not intervene other than to ask the crowd to disperse on a loudspeaker.

He said no arrests were made.....

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Here is what Sir John A. Macdonald did to Indigenous people

“I have reason to believe that the agents as a whole … are doing all they can, by refusing food until the Indians are on the verge of starvation, to reduce the expense,” Macdonald told the House of Commons in 1882.